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Enhancement Shaman DPS Simulations — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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General Information

On this page, you will find a number of useful simulation results for your Enhancement Shamans in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.


Disclaimer Page

With the advent of certain tools such as Raidbots, simulating your character has now become simple enough that we can recommend even the average player to sim their own character. It is through advanced simulations that many of the recommendations in this guide are found, and by doing your own you can easily figure out what talents you should be using with your particular gearing combination, what gear to equip, what Azerite armor to equip and more. Below there is a video guiding you on how to sim your character. Underneath that, you will find some generic simulations that apply to most people.


Enhancement Shaman Racial Bonus Simulation

Highmountain Tauren11624+0.92%
Enhancement Base11518 
The original results can be found on raidbots.com

Enhancement Shaman Azerite Outer Ring Simulation

Thunderous Blast 34011124+4.01%
Dagger in the Back 34011122+3.99%
Laser Matrix 34011089+3.68%
Rezan's Fury 34011003+2.88%
Blightborne Infusion 34010997+2.82%
Tidal Surge 34010996+2.81%
Unstable Catalyst 34010987+2.73%
Champion of Azeroth 34010987+2.73%
Filthy Transfusion 34010968+2.55%
Swirling Sands 34010963+2.51%
Ancestral Resonance 34010947+2.36%
Archive of the Titans 34010935+2.24%
Meticulous Scheming 34010928+2.18%
Roiling Storm 34010917+2.07%
Secrets of the Deep 34010914+2.05%
Primal Primer 34010911+2.02%
Tradewinds 34010908+1.99%
Incite the Pack 34010897+1.88%
Strength of Earth 34010884+1.76%
Natural Harmony 34010882+1.75%
Blood Rite 34010881+1.74%
Ruinous Bolt 34010877+1.7%
Rumbling Tremors 34010832+1.28%
Lightning Conduit 34010827+1.23%
Enhancement Base10695 
The original results can be found on raidbots.com

Enhancement Shaman Azerite Middle Ring Simulation

Heed My Call10835+1.29%
Overwhelming Power10828+1.23%
Elemental Whirl10795+0.92%
Unstable Flames10790+0.88%
Azerite Globules10789+0.87%
On My Way10777+0.76%
Blood Siphon10773+0.72%
Enhancement Base10696 
The original results can be found on raidbots.com

Enhancement Shaman Trinket Simulations

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

Enhancement Shaman Weapon Enchant Simulations

Gale-Force + Quick Nav.11043+5.13%
Quick Nav. + Master Nav.11016+4.87%
Master Nav. + Deadly Nav.11000+4.72%
Quick Nav. + Deadly Nav.10990+4.63%
Master Nav. + Vers. Nav.10990+4.62%
Quick Nav. + Vers. Nav.10977+4.5%
Vers. Nav. + Deadly Nav.10967+4.41%
Dual Gale-force10958+4.33%
Dual Masterful Nav.10855+3.34%
Dual Quick Nav.10830+3.1%
Dual Deadly Nav.10823+3.04%
Dual Versatile Nav.10818+2.99%
Dual Torrent10695+1.82%
Enhancement Base10504 
The original results can be found on raidbots.com

Launch Disclaimer

Note that during launch, many of these simulations are preliminary, and as such are subject to change as alterations occur within APLs, community tool updates and SimulationCraft updates. This page will be maintained as much as possible to reflect this.



  • 25 Jun. 2019: This page has been reviewed for the release of Patch 8.2 and no changes are necessary.
  • 26 Aug. 2018: Updated for Gale-Force Striking buff.
  • 13 Aug. 2018: Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.
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