Outlaw Rogue DPS Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities — Shadowlands 9.2.5

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General Information

On this page, you will learn how to optimize the rotation of your Outlaw Rogue in both single-target and multiple-target situations. We also have advanced sections about cooldowns, procs, etc. in order to minmax your DPS. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.2.5.

If you were looking for TBC Classic content, please refer to our TBC Classic DPS Rogue rotation.


Outlaw Rogue Rotation

Welcome to our Rotation page for Outlaw Rogues. Here you will find out more about your rotational priorities in both single-target and multi-target situations which you will apply in both Raiding and Mythic+ scenarios.


Easy Mode

If you are just starting out you might want to get more comfortable with your Outlaw Rogue by using a more simplified yet still effective build and rotation. You can find out more about it in our Easy Mode section.


Mythic+ Rotation

For information about Mythic+ as an Outlaw Rogue and the rotation you need to use in this game mode, please refer to our Mythic+ page.



The content on this page is purely PvE-related. If you are looking for PvP Rotation Tips, please visit our PvP page below.


Single Target Ability Priority List for Outlaw Rogue

We have provided rotation switches below that allow you to adjust the priority list based on your talent choices. Simply check the boxes to select the talents you intend on playing with.

  1. Use Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones on cooldown unless you have any of the desired buffs (see dedicated Roll the Bones section for details).
  2. Activate Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush.
  3. Cast Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice at maximum Combo Points. Use it with 4+ CP whenever you have Broadside Icon Broadside active.
  4. Cast Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes at maximum Combo Points. Use it with 4+ CP whenever you have Broadside Icon Broadside active.
  5. Use your Covenant ability.
  6. Cast Dispatch Icon Dispatch at maximum Combo Points. Use it with 4+ CP whenever you have Broadside Icon Broadside active.
  7. Cast Vanish Icon Vanish followed up by Ambush Icon Ambush.
  8. Cast Pistol Shot Icon Pistol Shot if you have an Opportunity Icon Opportunity proc and you have 4 or fewer Combo Points.
  9. Cast Sinister Strike Icon Sinister Strike to generate Combo Points.

Multi Target Ability Priority List for Outlaw Rogue

  1. Cast Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry if there are 2+ targets.
  2. Use Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones on cooldown unless you have any of the desired buffs (see dedicated Roll the Bones section for details).
  3. Activate Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush.
  4. Cast Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice at maximum Combo Points. Use it with 4+ CP whenever you have Broadside Icon Broadside active.
  5. Cast Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes at maximum Combo Points. Use it with 4+ CP whenever you have Broadside Icon Broadside active.
  6. Use your Covenant ability.
  7. Cast Dispatch Icon Dispatch at maximum Combo Points. Use it with 4+ CP whenever you have Broadside Icon Broadside active.
  8. Cast Vanish Icon Vanish followed up by Ambush Icon Ambush.
  9. Cast Pistol Shot Icon Pistol Shot if you have an Opportunity Icon Opportunity proc and you have 4 or fewer Combo Points.
  10. Cast Sinister Strike Icon Sinister Strike to generate Combo Points.

Opener Sequence for Outlaw Rogue

Depending on your talents, there are a handful of abilities you will want to use before the pull actually happens. Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones should be used right before engaging the enemy. When talented into Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death, you will want to use it ~10 seconds before pulling and then use the Combo Points for Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice as the fight begins.


Single-target Opening Sequence

  1. Use Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death ~10seconds before pull if talented.
  2. Cast Stealth Icon Stealth.
  3. Use Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones 2 seconds before pull.
  4. Cast Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice 1 second before pull.
  5. Cast Ambush Icon Ambush as well as Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush.
  6. Cast Vanish Icon Vanish followed by Ambush Icon Ambush.
  7. Use Blade Rush Icon Blade Rush.
  8. Use your Covenant ability.
  9. Use Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes with 5+ Combo Points, or Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice if you are playing without Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death.

After using Between the Eyes/Slice and Dice you follow the aforementioned single-target priority list.


Important Notes for Outlaw Rogue


Roll the Bones

Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones is a cooldown that grants one or more random buffs. The duration of the Roll the Bones (and the buffs it gives you) is affected by Pandemic (meaning you can safely refresh when Roll the Bones has less than 30% of its duration remaining). There are 6 different buffs you can potentially receive, and it is possible to receive multiple buffs from a single cast, although the chance to receive extra buffs is lessened per extra buff. The buffs are as follows:

The chance of receiving multiple buffs is as follows:

Order of buff value for an extended encounter (raid boss):

  1. Broadside Icon Broadside;
  2. True Bearing Icon True Bearing.
  3. Skull and Crossbones Icon Skull and Crossbones;
  4. Ruthless Precision Icon Ruthless Precision;
  5. Buried Treasure Icon Buried Treasure;
  6. Grand Melee Icon Grand Melee.

The value of each buff fluctuates somewhat depending on the combination with other buffs, your Covenant/Legendary choice and whether or not cooldowns are available, but this can be used as a rough reference.


Pro Tip: How to Roll the Bones

The basic rule to satisfy regarding Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones is to keep your buffs if:

If none of these conditions are met, you will want to re-roll Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones for a different buff or group of buffs as it comes off cooldown.


Vanish and Killing Spree/Blade Rush as DPS cooldowns

Vanish Icon Vanish is a useful DPS cooldown thanks to the Potency Conduit Count the Odds Icon Count the Odds. You should use it on cooldown for an Ambush Icon Ambush.

If you are using the Invigorating Shadowdust Icon Invigorating Shadowdust Legendary power, you will no longer use Ambush Icon Ambush. Just continue your regular rotation after using Vanish. In order to benefit the most from the cooldown reduction it provides, you should try to get your other spells on cooldown first before using Vanish. If the cooldown of your Flagellation Icon Flagellation or Echoing Reprimand Icon Echoing Reprimand is less than 5 seconds, you will want to delay your Vanish to reduce their cooldowns.

A key part of maximizing AoE DPS, will come from lining up Killing Spree Icon Killing Spree / Blade Rush Icon Blade Rush with time periods when they are able to hit the maximum number of targets, and making sure that you have Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry for those times. Since Blade Flurry does not have 100% uptime, it will need to be managed a lot more carefully, and sometimes you will need to miss out on some AoE/cleave, if it means you get better uptime on it, when there are more enemies.


Greenskin's Wickers Legendary

Using the Greenskin's Wickers Icon Greenskin's Wickers legendary does not change your rotation much. The only difference is that you will always want to spend 5 or more Combo Points on Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes to ensure you receive the damage buff. You do not need to hold onto your Opportunity Icon Opportunity procs, however, as this will lead to lower DPS compared to using them immediately whenever you get them.

You do not cast Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes if the buff from Greenskin's Wickers Icon Greenskin's Wickers is already active.


Combo Points and Energy

As a Rogue, most of your abilities need Energy to be used. Your Energy bar has a capacity of 100 Energy (150 with Vigor Icon Vigor chosen as your Tier 3 talent and 200 during Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush) and refills at a rate of 10 Energy per second. Your Energy regeneration is increased by:

  • Melee haste (Haste + Haste-enhancing buffs);
  • the Combat Potency Icon Combat Potency passive, which causes your off-hand attacks to have a chance to generate 10 Energy;
  • your Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush cooldown, which temporarily increases your Energy regeneration by 60%;
  • Vigor Icon Vigor, if chosen as your Tier 3 talent.

The faster you regenerate Energy, the more finishers you can cast, which (via True Bearing Icon True Bearing and Restless Blades Icon Restless Blades) will result in higher Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush uptimes.

Letting your Energy reach its maximum is something you want to avoid. You should always try to spend your Energy by (literally) spamming your buttons. Unlike Subtlety and Assassination Rogues, Outlaw Rogues generally do not benefit from Energy pooling. There are many situations when you will generate more Energy than you can spend (Haste trinket procs, Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust / Heroism Icon Heroism / Time Warp Icon Time Warp, etc.) and you should spam your buttons even harder than usual during such times.

Combo Point generation is increased by a variety of factors, such as:

You should never waste Combo Points. Never cast a Combo Point-generating ability when you are at maximum Combo Points. Be aware of situations where you are guaranteed to generate 2 Combo Points with your generators, for example during Broadside Icon Broadside or when using Pistol Shot Icon Pistol Shot with an Opportunity proc when talented into Quick Draw Icon Quick Draw.


Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush increases your Energy regeneration by 60%, maximum Energy by 50 and your attack speed by 20% for 20 seconds. It should be used on cooldown. Do not hesitate to stack it with Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust, Heroism Icon Heroism, or Time Warp Icon Time Warp as you will still benefit from the increased attack speed, though you will likely Energy cap (this is not a problem). Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush has a 3-minute cooldown, but this can be reduced by the True Bearing Icon True Bearing buff and Restless Blades Icon Restless Blades.


Optimizing Ghostly Strike

While Ghostly Strike Icon Ghostly Strike is the best choice for single-target, it bears mention that it slightly changes the rotational priorities. In order to maximize its benefits, you will want to consume your Opportunity Icon Opportunity procs only when you are below 70 energy.


Using Shiv as a DPS cooldown

With the more recent changes to Shiv Icon Shiv, it is now a very tiny DPS gain to use it in our DPS rotation. If you want to gain a handful of DPS (~10DPS), you can use it whenever it is available to hit the exact number of maximum Combo Points.


True Bearing Cooldown Reduction

True Bearing Icon True Bearing reduces the cooldowns of the following abilities by 2 seconds per Combo Point consumed by a finisher:


Blade Flurry

It is worth reiterating that the source of Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry cleave is you, not the target. Therefore, you can stand with one mob directly in front with another directly behind you, and your Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry will still cleave both, as the player is the source of the cleave.


Defensive Utility

All Rogues come ready made with a dizzying phalanx of defensive cooldowns, which make them the best candidate for soaking required mechanics and dealing with heavy incoming damage.

  • Feint Icon Feint reduces AoE damage taken by 40% for 6 seconds for only 35 Energy. When talented into Elusiveness Icon Elusiveness it also reduces all other damage by 30%. This is one of the most overpowered abilities in the game and a huge asset on fights with heavy raid damage.
  • Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows provides magic immunity for a second, followed by 4 seconds where all spells will miss. This spell is mostly used for clearing debuffs that might otherwise force you out of melee range. Cloak of Shadows is also a fantastic tool for soaking abilities that do not pierce immunities.
  • Cheat Death Icon Cheat Death is a talent that allows you to escape lethal damage once every 6 minutes. The damage cannot exceed more than twice your maximum health. Cheat Death is great for soaking mechanics that pierce immunities and damage reductions, as it guarantees your survival. It is also great for encounters with bursty damage that might take you by surprise, as you get a get out of jail free card once every 6 minutes.
  • Crimson Vial Icon Crimson Vial provides a respectable amount of healing on a very short cooldown. Use this often in boss encounters.
  • Evasion Icon Evasion provides a 100% increased chance to dodge enemy attacks as long as you are facing them. This can sometimes be used to avoid physical spells as well.


Your Lethal Poison should always be Instant Poison Icon Instant Poison.

You have two choices for your non-lethal poison, Crippling Poison Icon Crippling Poison and Numbing Poison Icon Numbing Poison. For raiding you will generally use Numbing Poison unless your raid wants you to slow a specific group of targets. For Mythic+ you will want to use the poison that best suits your tank's needs. Crippling Poison allows your tank to more easily kite enemies, whereas Numbing Poison slows their attack speed instead.


Core Concepts for Outlaw Rogue

This specialization involves a lot of fast finger work, particularly during cooldown periods. Learning to focus on what is important and master the core concepts of a specialization is what leads to strong overall performances on the damage charts. Outlaw features 2 major concepts that form the central tenets of optimizing for success:

  1. practical usage of Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones;
  2. resource management.

Practical Usage of Roll the Bones

You will want to re-roll for new Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones buffs once your previous ones are about to run out. Any 2-buff or 5-buff should be kept until they have run their full duration, with the exception of Grand Melee in combination with Buried Treasure.


Resource Management

Unlike the other Rogue specialization, Energy management is incredibly easy for Outlaw Rogues as you have a very high rate of regeneration. It can be very easy, however, to overcap Combo Points if you are not careful. Pay close attention to your current Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones buffs along with your Combo Point tracker. Do not waste Opportunity Icon Opportunity procs when you are already capped on Combo Points.


Extended Outlaw Rotation

The fully inclusive rotation, is a lot more extensive than the one listed above, but gives only marginal gains at best, as such, it is included here (in raw simc format), but it does not need to be memorized.

# Default consumables

# This default action priority list is automatically created based on your character.
# It is a attempt to provide you with a action list that is both simple and practicable,
# while resulting in a meaningful and good simulation. It may not result in the absolutely highest possible dps.
# Feel free to edit, adapt and improve it to your own needs.
# SimulationCraft is always looking for updates and improvements to the default action lists.

# Executed before combat begins. Accepts non-harmful actions only.
# Snapshot raid buffed stats before combat begins and pre-potting is done.

# Executed every time the actor is available.
# Restealth if possible (no vulnerable enemies in combat)
# Interrupt on cooldown to allow simming interactions with that
# Reroll single buffs early other than True Bearing and Broadside
# Ensure we get full Ambush CP gains and aren't rerolling Count the Odds buffs away
# Finish at max possible CP without overflowing bonus combo points, unless for BtE which always should be 5+ CP
# Always attempt to use BtE at 5+ CP, regardless of CP gen waste
# With multiple targets, this variable is checked to decide whether some CDs should be synced with Blade Flurry

# Builders
# Apply SBS to all targets without a debuff as priority, preferring targets dying sooner after the primary target
# Attempt to use when it will cap combo points and SnD is down, otherwise keep from capping charges
# Use Pistol Shot with Opportunity if Combat Potency won't overcap energy, when it will exactly cap CP, or when using Quick Draw

# Cooldowns
# Blade Flurry on 2+ enemies
# Using Ambush is a 2% increase, so Vanish can be sometimes be used as a utility spell unless using Master Assassin or Deathly Shadows
# With Master Asssassin, sync Vanish with a finisher or Ambush depending on BtE cooldown, or always a finisher with MfD
# Fleshcraft for Pustule Eruption if not stealthed and not with Blade Flurry
# If adds are up, snipe the one with lowest TTD. Use when dying faster than CP deficit or without any CP.
# If no adds will die within the next 30s, use MfD on boss without any CP.
# Attempt to sync Killing Spree with Vanish for Master Assassin
# Use in 1-2T if BtE is up and won't cap Energy, or at 3T+ (2T+ with Deathly Shadows) or when Master Assassin is up.
# Default conditions for usable items.

# Finishers
# BtE on cooldown to keep the Crit debuff up, unless the target is about to die

# Stealth


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