Outlaw Rogue DPS Mythic+ Tips — Shadowlands 9.1.5

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In this guide, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Outlaw Rogue in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.1.5.


Outlaw Rogue in Mythic+

The playstyle of Outlaw in Mythic+ is almost exactly the same as your regular single-target rotation. As almost all of your damage cleaves onto additional targets whenever Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry is active, maintaining a high uptime on Blade Flurry without wasting it when enemies are about to die is key to performing well as Outlaw. As such, there are no major gameplay changes, and your stat priority, rotational priorities, as well as Legendary and Covenant benefits stay the same for Mythic+.

If you are unfamiliar with Mythic+ and its associated general mechanics, you can read more about it on our Shadowlands Mythic+ Season 2 page below.


Tormented Anima Powers Quick Guide

You will want to grab these 4 Anima Powers:


Rogue Shroud Skips

While at this stage many groups do different pulls due to different compositions or preferences, some of the shroud skips in dungeons are still more common than others. As such, the most popular skips have been compiled on Shroud of Concealment Mythic+ guide for Rogues with diagrams showing each of the skips.


Mythic+ Legendary

Celerity Icon Celerity is still the best Legendary for your consistently-high damage output. Greenskin's Wickers Icon Greenskin's Wickers can outperform Celerity on multi-target fights, and you should sim yourself to figure out which might offer better damage. Celerity will continue being stronger on single-target.

Mark of the Master Assassin Icon Mark of the Master Assassin is very strong on trash-fights, in particular due to the frequent re-stealths you will be getting between packs. It is, however, weaker on single-target and as we gain more critical strike when upgrading our gear in Patch 9.1, Master Assassin becomes less and less competitive. Celerity Icon Celerity is therefore the recommended Legendary for Mythic+.


Mythic+ Covenant and Conduits

There is no Covenant that outperforms all the others in Mythic+. While there are certain benefits to individual Soulbinds or Covenant abilities, they are all highly situational and their impact is ultimately very small. DPS differences are usually within a margin of 2-4% and can shift quickly based on the type of fight you find yourself in.

For your Conduits you will want to play the following setup:

The covenant specific Conduits Reverberation Icon Reverberation, Sudden Fractures Icon Sudden Fractures and Lashing Scars Icon Lashing Scars should be played as the second potency conduit if you play any of the corresponding covenants.

For more information on each individual Covenant and a general recommendation, you can head over to our dedicated Covenant section to find out more about each individual covenant.


Master Assassin and Killing Spree

An alternative build to the one recommended previously is to run the Mark of the Master Assassin Icon Mark of the Master Assassin Legendary together with the talent Killing Spree Icon Killing Spree. This build has slightly higher potential for overall AoE damage, at the cost of a bit of single-target. It is also riskier to play, as the random nature of Killing Spree can put you in harm's way at inopportune moments. It does offer a bit of variety, and when you can negate the downsides it will allow for slightly higher overall DPS.

The general gameplay for this build is very similar to the regular Outlaw multi-target rotation. The only major difference, is that you will want to line up your Vanish Icon Vanish and Killing Spree Icon Killing Spree at all times, to always benefit from the Critical Strike chance increase during Killing Spree.

Your Stealth opener should look like this:

  1. You should always have 2 or more Combo Points from the previous pack leftover.
  2. Use Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones before opening.
  3. Open with Ambush Icon Ambush.
  4. Use Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry.
  5. Cast Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes if ready, or Dispatch Icon Dispatch, with 4+ Combo Points.
  6. Use Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death.
  7. Cast Dispatch Icon Dispatch.

This is your first Mark of the Master Assassin Icon Mark of the Master Assassin window. You will then follow up with a Vanish Icon Vanish-based burst window whenever Vanish and Killing Spree Icon Killing Spree are available to you, which should look like this:

  1. Make sure to have Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry active for at least 4 more seconds, and 4+ excess Combo Points before using Vanish Icon Vanish.
  2. Use Vanish Icon Vanish.
  3. Cast Dispatch Icon Dispatch.
  4. Use Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death.
  5. Use Killing Spree Icon Killing Spree.
  6. Cast Dispatch Icon Dispatch or Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes if available.

If you do not have Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death available before using Vanish Icon Vanish, you just use Ambush Icon Ambush > Dispatch Icon Dispatch > Killing Spree Icon Killing Spree. You only need 2+ Combo Points before using Vanish in this case.


Outlaw Rogue Mythic+ Rotation

For the most part, Outlaw Rogue's rotation is the same as referred in the Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities page.

Outlaw currently serves as more of a utility/support spec and is very sought after for its ability to disrupt enemies by utilizing Gouge Icon Gouge. Since your entire single-target output will be spread on all nearby targets the moment you use Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry, the rotational gameplay does not change all that much. Good use of your disruptive abilities is the key to excelling as an Outlaw Rogue and learning when to use Combo Points on Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot because an important cast needs to be interrupted soon can be beneficial for the group, at the detriment of lowering your overall DPS a bit. This sacrifice is well worth it, however, whenever it allows the rest of the group to focus on other things while you do the heavy lifting on disrupts and interrupts.

Learning and communicating which abilities you will have to disrupt and how to achieve this most efficiently will be key to fulfilling your duties while also maintaining a high overall DPS that is still one of the strongest in the game. While DPS is not your main priority, knowing when you are free to use resources for DPS instead of holding onto them to use on disrupting abilities is a learning process that differs from dungeon to dungeon and from pull to pull. Always remember that it is better to do a little bit less DPS than to miss an important disrupt that could potentially wipe your group.


Outlaw Rogue Utility

  • Gouge Icon Gouge can be used to disrupt enemies from casting otherwise uninterruptible spells. This requires you to stand in front of the enemy, but can be used in many situations to keep enemies from using some of their most lethal abilities. Many of these abilities go on cooldown once used, so disrupting them with Gouge, Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot or Blind Icon Blind will keep these mobs from re-casting these abilities for a while.
  • Sap Icon Sap and Blind Icon Blind can be useful to hard crowd control multiple mobs in a single trash pack.
  • Shroud of Concealment Icon Shroud of Concealment grants you AoE Stealth Icon Stealth in a large radius. However, there are a lot more "see through stealth" enemies compared to previous expansions, so you need to know ahead of time if you can actually stealth past the packs you intend to skip.
  • Feint Icon Feint, Cheat Death Icon Cheat Death, Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows, Evasion Icon Evasion, and Vanish Icon Vanish make up an exceptionally strong combination of defensive abilities. While Vanish does not provide direct defensive value, you can use it to avoid a number of targeted casts, by waiting until the cast starts to Vanish.
  • Tricks of the Trade Icon Tricks of the Trade greatly helps with Threat management.
  • Shiv Icon Shiv can be used to dispell enrage effects

Mythic+ Talents for Outlaw Rogues

Below are the suggested talents for Mythic+. These talents are recommended for all groups and keys at the current time.

Level Choices
15 Weaponmaster Weaponmaster Quick Draw Quick Draw Ghostly Strike Ghostly Strike
25 Acrobatic Strikes Acrobatic Strikes Retractable Hook ? Retractable Hook Hit and Run Hit and Run
30 Vigor Vigor Deeper Stratagem ? Deeper Stratagem Marked for Death Marked for Death
35 Iron Stomach Iron Stomach Cheat Death Cheat Death Elusiveness ? Elusiveness
40 Dirty Tricks Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Blinding Powder Prey on the Weak ? Prey on the Weak
45 Loaded Dice Loaded Dice Alacrity Alacrity Dreadblades Dreadblades
50 Dancing Steel Dancing Steel Blade Rush Blade Rush Killing Spree ? Killing Spree

Blade Rush Icon Blade Rush is strictly superior to Dancing Steel Icon Dancing Steel in terms of DPS, but Dancing Steel can help maintain higher uptime on Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry. We recommend using Blade Rush and adjusting in case you notice your Blade Flurry uptime is too low.

Killing Spree Icon Killing Spree has a higher DPS potential than Blade Rush but comes at the risk of potentially dying to a cleave or ground effect while you use this ability.

Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death outperforms the other options in the same tier even when not getting optimal resets on a consistent basis, but it is much more complex to play. It is only recommended to play Marked for Death when you are already familiar and comfortable with the general Outlaw gameplay in Mythic+ dungeons.


Mythic+ Affixes

There are now three weekly affixes and one seasonal affix. The first affix is available instantly at levels two and three, the second affix starts at level four, the third affix is enabled at level seven, and finally the seasonal affix is at level ten.


Tier One Affixes

There is not much to say about Fortified Icon Fortified and Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical. The most important part is to ensure that you have all your single-target cooldowns ready whenever you fight any boss.


Tier Two Affixes

  • Bolstering Icon Bolstering is fairly easy to manage as Outlaw, since you can easily swap targets, and you do same cleave to all targets. This makes it easy to keep mob Health even.
  • Bursting Icon Bursting debuff can be cleared off with Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows and prevent future applications for its duration. Due to this it is best to wait until a few enemies have died before using it.
  • Sap Icon Sap and Blind Icon Blind are useful tools to keep Inspired enemies controlled during Inspiring Icon Inspiring weeks.
  • Using Pistol Shot Icon Pistol Shot can help to kite the adds that fixate you during Skittish Icon Spiteful weeks.

Tier Three Affixes

  • Quaking Icon Quaking damage can be reduced by Feint Icon Feint, which will help your healers.
  • Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry will not hit the Explosive Orbs from Explosive Icon Explosive, but hitting the Orbs themselves will allow your Blade Flurry to hit all surrounding non-orb targets, so you need to make sure you are targeting them directly. Running Vigor Icon Vigor instead of Deeper Stratagem Icon Deeper Stratagem can be helpful to not get overwhelmed with Explosive Orbs if you catch yourself running out of Energy too often.
  • Skittish Icon Storming can be avoided by using Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows.

Season 4 Affix: Tormented


Incinerator Arkolath

You can remove the Melt Soul Icon Melt Soul debuff with Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows, allowing your healer to dispel a different player instead.

After killing Arkolath, you will want to pick the Champion's Brand Icon Champion's Brand Anima Power.


Oros Coldheart

Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows removes the Biting Cold Icon Biting Cold debuff.

After killing Oros, you will want to pick the Vial of Desperation Icon Vial of Desperation Anima Power. Alternatively, Regenerative Fungus Icon Regenerative Fungus can be a good choice if the dungeon has a lot of sustained damage encounters left when you get to this Tormentor.


Soggodon the Breaker

You may want to move out of Massive Smash Icon Massive Smash on higher key levels, even with Feint Icon Feint active. Evasion Icon Evasion lets you avoid the hit completely.

After killing Soggodon, you will want to pick The Stone Ward Icon The Stone Ward Anima Power.


Executioner Varruth

You can avoid the Carnage Icon Carnage bleed DoT by running a short distance away from the boss and using Vanish Icon Vanish while he is charging toward you. Using it too early will instead make him re-cast the ability. Using Evasion Icon Evasion also avoids both the hit and the bleed.

After killing Varruth, you will want to pick the Dagger of Necrotic Wounding Icon Dagger of Necrotic Wounding Anima Power. You can choose to pick Volcanic Plumage Icon Volcanic Plumage instead, if your group prefers having multiple of these to disrupt trash mobs more regularly.


Legion Timewalking Affix: Infernal

Whenever the Legion Timewalking is active, you will be able to venture into a specific set of Legion dungeons that have pre-set affix combinations, as well as a new Affix called Infernal Icon Infernal. It functions similarly to the current seasonal Affix of Tormented Icon Tormented, as you will find Infernal Beacons that you can interact with. These Beacons are close to regular dungeon bosses, and engaging the boss without triggering the beacon first will force you to fight both at the same time.

Clicking a beacon will spawn one of multiple Legion Commanders, and all of them have their own individual mechanics that require you to deal with soaking mechanics as well as a constant stream of smaller adds that can quickly overwhelm the tank if the corresponding Commander is still alive.

If you would like to learn more about these seasonal affixes or any others, please consult our Mythic+ Affix Guide below.



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