Outlaw Rogue DPS Mythic+ Tips — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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General Information

In this guide, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Outlaw Rogue in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.


Outlaw Rogue in Mythic+

The playstyle of Outlaw in Mythic+ stays almost the same in Battle for Azeroth. Your core gameplay is still doing pure single target rotation into the main target, and simply converting portion of the damage to cleave with Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry. As such, Outlaw is unable to gain single target damage from being able to AoE unlike Assassination or Subtlety, but it is the most straightforward in regards to converting its single target damage to AoE.


Rogue Shroud Skips

While at this stage many groups do different pulls due to different composition or preferences, some of the shroud skips in dungeons are still more common than others. As such, the most popular skips have been compiled on Shroud of Concealment Mythic+ guide for Rogues with diagrams showing each of the skips.


Outlaw Rogue Mythic+ Rotation

For the most part, Outlaw Rogue's rotation is the same as referred in the Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities page.


Outlaw Rogue Utility

  • Pick Lock Icon Pick Lock allows you to bypass a number of trash packs in Tol Dagor, and open cells providing permanent buffs.
  • Sap Icon Sap and Blind Icon Blind can be useful to hard crowd control multiple mobs in a single trash pack.
  • Shroud of Concealment Icon Shroud of Concealment grants you AoE Stealth Icon Stealth in a large radius. However, there are a lot more "see through stealth" enemies compared to previous expansions, so you need to know ahead of time if you can actually stealth past the packs you intend to skip.
  • Feint Icon Feint, Cheat Death Icon Cheat Death, Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows, Riposte Icon Riposte, and Vanish Icon Vanish make up an exceptionally strong combination of defensive abilities. While Vanish does not provide direct defensive value, you can use it to avoid a number of targeted casts, by waiting until the cast starts to Vanish.
  • Tricks of the Trade Icon Tricks of the Trade is not particularly strong on regular weeks, but becomes very helpful on Skittish weeks, since it greatly helps with threat management.
  • Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes became more potent in Battle for Azeroth, since a number of AoE stuns were pruned, and while it is single target, it is still one of the shortest cooldowns and longest duration stuns in game.

Mythic+ Talents for Outlaw Rogues

Below are the suggested talents for Mythic+. These talents are recommended for all groups and keys at the current time.

Level Choices
15 Weaponmaster Weaponmaster Quick Draw Quick Draw Ghostly Strike Ghostly Strike
30 Acrobatic Strikes Acrobatic Strikes Retractable Hook Retractable Hook Hit and Run Hit and Run
45 Vigor Vigor Deeper Stratagem Deeper Stratagem Marked for Death ? Marked for Death
60 Iron Stomach Iron Stomach Cheat Death Cheat Death Elusiveness Elusiveness
75 Dirty Tricks Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Blinding Powder Prey on the Weak Prey on the Weak
90 Loaded Dice Loaded Dice Alacrity Alacrity Slice and Dice Slice and Dice
100 Dancing Steel Dancing Steel Blade Rush Blade Rush Killing Spree ? Killing Spree

Mythic+ Affixes

The way Mythic+ affixes are tiered in Battle for Azeroth has changed quite a bit since their launch in Legion.

There are now three weekly affixes and one seasonal affix. The first affix is available instantly at level two and three, the second affix starts at level four, the third affix is enabled at level seven, and finally the seasonal affix is at level ten.


Tier One Affixes

On Tyrannical weeks, Outlaw Rogues might favor Blade Rush Icon Blade Rush over Dancing Steel Icon Dancing Steel and vice versa on Fortified weeks, however it will still depend on your group composition, and your planned pulls.


Tier Two Affixes

  • Bolstering Icon Bolstering is fairly easy to manage as Outlaw, since you can easily swap targets, and you do same cleave to all targets. This makes it easy to keep mob health even.
  • Sanguine Icon Sanguine weeks make it important to check prior to using Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes, as it can be very easy to accidentally stun inside a pool.
  • Bursting Icon Bursting debuff can be cleared off with Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows and prevent future applications for its duration. Due to this it is best to wait until a few enemies have died before using it.

Tier Three Affixes


Seasonal Affix

Beguiling Icon Beguiling adds new enemies that spawn in fixed locations of the dungeon.

  • Void-Touched Emissary — This is the priority target and should be burned down as fast as possible. Every cast that goes off applies a debuff that increases the damage taken by 50% from that cast, thus you want to find a spot where you will be able to line of sight the cast prior to pulling, as the later casts will have the potential to one-shot you.
  • Enchanted Emissary — This reflects the damage you deal to the mobs near it. After 20 seconds, it will teleport away.
  • Emissary of the Tides — This provides CC immunity to mobs near it, but it can be CC'd at a reduced duration. Due to this, you will most likely need assistance from other group members to keep it CC'd the entire time.

Mythic+ Azerite Traits

To learn how different Azerite traits perform on single-target and multi-target situations, refer to the Simulations page.



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