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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Outlaw Rogue in World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.0.7.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Combat Rogue gear and best in slot.


Gearing a Outlaw Rogue in Dragonflight

This section will cover everything you need to know about equipping your character correctly.

If you have a new piece of gear for which you need gems and enchant advice, you can find everything on our dedicated page below.


The Importance of "Simming Yourself" as a Outlaw Rogue

With all the different layers of gearing currently available to players, it is pretty much impossible to cover all edge cases and individual recommendations in a guide. We therefore highly recommend simming your own character by using Raidbots. This website allows for precise and individualized recommendations that consider your exact talents, gear, trinket, and all the other layers of gearing that the game has to offer. Learning to use this tool is essential to maximizing your potential, as it is the only reliable way to get information on which piece of gear, enchant, gem, or trinket is the best for your character.



The Droptimizer feature from Raidbots lets you identify which dungeons and Raid Bosses you should spend your Bonus Rolls on. It simulates all of the potential upgrades in a raid or a dungeon, and lists the bosses/dungeons by rank order of how much DPS you can expect to gain from bonus rolling on it. We have a guide for it that you can access using the link below.


Gearing your Outlaw Rogue in Season 1

With the start of Season 1, Vault of the Incarnates is opening its gates, and you can acquire gear from the raid again. Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 is also starting, same as the new PvP season, and this serves as a soft-reset for most of the gear, you acquired during the first two weeks of Dragonflight.

The gear-drops in raids have changed a bit, with BoE items dropping from specific trash mobs in the raid now, and depending on how far in a boss is in the raid, it will drop a higher ilvl item than the first handful of bosses.

Mythic+ and Valor are back again as well. You can upgrade any dungeon piece, even those dropping in regular Mythic dungeons, up to 13 times. These upgrades require a specific Mythic+ score at certain thresholds, and the ability to generate Valor will have a weekly cap at the start of the season.

You will also be able to acquire Primal Infusion Icon Primal Infusion and Concentrated Primal Infusion Icon Concentrated Primal Infusion to boost the item level of your crafted items or have someone else do it for you. These items can drop from raid bosses or when completing Mythic+ dungeons past +10, so keep an eye out for these. Crafted items are an excellent way to fill in the gaps in your gear.

Great Vault is back as well, and it will once again provide you with a selection of items each week based on which type of content you engaged with. It will be much harder to acquire high-end items from Mythic+, but you can upgrade them further with Valor points.


Primordial Stone Gems

Patch 10.0.7 introduced a new gearing-layer to the game by adding Primordial Gemstones that can be socketed into the Onyx Annulet Icon Onyx Annulet, a new ring you can receive after finishing a few quests in the new area, The Forbidden Reach.

For more information regarding the Onyx Annulet, the Primordial Gemstones, and how to obtain them, check out our dedicated guide for it below.

As for the effect of the gems themselves, many of them provide different procs or bonuses, and Outlaw is one of the few specs that will see some minor DPS increases as a result. We have compiled a list of the most useful ones on our Enchants and Gem page.


Vault of the Incarnated Tier Set

Vault of the Incarnates once again offers us the choice of 5 tier-set items that grant powerful bonuses once you wear 2 or 4 pieces of the set.

If given a choice, try to prioritize the Helmet, Chest, Gloves, and Leg slots for this, although getting the Shoulders to complete one of the bonuses is still better than any other gearing choice. However, the Shoulders offer the worst combination of stats for Outlaw.


Professions and Crafted Gear

Professions are a great way to gear up with your optimal secondary stats, as generating specific secondary stat combinations is now possible when adding special items to the crafting process. With the heavily reworked crafting system in Dragonflight, exploring the new professions will help you gear up not only at the beginning of Dragonflight, but the benefits will continue through the expansion, as you will be able to craft some Mythic Raid item-level pieces further down the line.

If you want to find out more about the reworked professions, make sure to check out our Dragonflight Profession guide!


Adding Sockets to Gear

You can add sockets to your necklace by using a Tiered Medallion Setting Icon Tiered Medallion Setting on it. Depending on the rank of the Medallion, you can add up to 3 sockets to any necklace you own.



Embellished items are a new type of crafted gear. These are the same as regular crafted items, with one distinction - they were created using an embellishment optional crafting reagent. These can add special effects to your gear, and some crafted items come with them by default. You can only wear two crafted items with these bonus effects.

For Outlaw Rogue, you will want to get a weapon with a Bronzed Grip Wrappings Icon Bronzed Grip Wrappings embellishment, and the Elemental Lariat Icon Elemental Lariat neck.



Which gems to use heavily depends on your current stat priority. As previously mentioned, this priority can shift and change whenever you acquire new gear, so simming yourself to figure out the best use of your newly acquired socket is highly recommended. The general rule is to prioritize Versatility and Critical Strike on as many pieces of gear as possible, and prioritizing those stats for any consumables as well.


Best in Slot Items for Outlaw Rogue from Dragonflight Dungeons

The list below shows the best gear for each slot you can acquire in any Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight. It does not take into account any items from other sources. Furthermore, the below pieces are considered ideal for raiding and not necessarily for doing dungeons or other types of content.

Disclaimer: Due to multiple difficulties dropping different item levels in raids, we do not provide a raid-exclusive BiS list. We highly recommend that you utilize Raidbots Top Gear and Droptimizer to check which raid items are an upgrade over your current gear or might be "BiS" for the gear you already have.

Slot Item Source
Head Crown of Roaring Storms Icon Crown of Roaring Storms Ruby Life Pools
Neck Custodian's Medallion of Delusion Icon Custodian's Medallion of Delusion The Azure Vault
Shoulders Felbat Leather Pauldrons Icon Felbat Leather Pauldrons Court of Stars
Cloak Cape of Valarjar Courage Icon Cape of Valarjar Courage Halls of Valor
Chest Chestguard of Despair Icon Chestguard of Despair Temple of the Jade Serpent
Wrists Mirage Bindings Icon Mirage Bindings The Azure Vault
Gloves Subjugator's Chilling Grips Icon Subjugator's Chilling Grips Ruby Life Pools
Belt Bjorn's Hunting Strap Icon Bjorn's Hunting Strap Halls of Valor
Legs Leggings of Whispered Dreams Icon Leggings of Whispered Dreams Temple of the Jade Serpent
Boots Footpads of the Swift Balestra Icon Footpads of the Swift Balestra Court of Stars
Ring 1 Crystallized Droplet Icon Crystallized Droplet Temple of the Jade Serpent
Ring 2 Jeweled Signet of Melandrus Icon Jeweled Signet of Melandrus Court of Stars
Trinket #1 Hunger of the Pack Icon Hunger of the Pack Halls of Valor
Trinket #2 Bottle of Spiraling Winds Icon Bottle of Spiraling Winds The Nokhud Offensive
Weapon (Main-Hand) Refraction's Edge Icon Refraction's Edge The Azure Vault
Weapon (Off-Hand) Skyferno Rondel Icon Skyferno Rondel Ruby Life Pools

Trinket Rankings

These are the rankings for some of the trinkets available to you from dungeons. It is always recommended to sim yourself for the most accurate results.

  1. Windscar Whetstone Icon Windscar Whetstone
  2. Hunger of the Pack Icon Hunger of the Pack
  3. Eye of Skovald Icon Eye of Skovald (can only be acquired by ranged DPS)
  4. Windswept Pages Icon Windswept Pages
  5. Gift of Radiance Icon Gift of Radiance (can only be acquired by Tanks)

Most of the pure DPS raid trinkets are very good, depending on the item-level you get tham at. Strictly looking at maximum possible itemlevel, these are the best ones available:

  1. Manic Grieftorch Icon Manic Grieftorch (424)
  2. Controlled Current Technique Icon Controlled Current Technique (421)
  3. Whispering Incarnate Icon Icon Whispering Incarnate Icon (421)
  4. Storm-Eater's Boon Icon Storm-Eater's Boon (421)
  5. Spiteful Storm Icon Spiteful Storm (424)

We highly recommend that you sim yourself to compare items of a lower item-level to one another, especially when comparing to Mythic+ trinkets.



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