Outlaw Rogue DPS Gear and Best in Slot — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Outlaw Rogue in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3.



With the existence of Titanforged and Mythic+ dungeons, there is no such thing as a hard Best in Slot anymore. This is more of a guideline for the best pieces to keep an eye out for in your raid or dungeon (if applicable). Be smart, and if you find higher item level pieces with valuable stat combinations do not hesitate to upgrade to them.


Outlaw Rogue BiS Raiding Gear

Slot Item Source
Helm Gibbering Maw Icon Gibbering Maw Ra-den the Despoiled in Ny'alotha raid
Shoulders Pauldrons of the Great Convergence Icon Pauldrons of the Great Convergence N'Zoth the Corruptor in Ny'alotha raid
Chest Tortured Fleshbeast Cuirass Icon Tortured Fleshbeast Cuirass Carapace of N'Zoth in Ny'alotha raid
Cloak Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Icon Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve See our Legendary Cloak guide
Wrists Bracers of Dark Prophecy Icon Bracers of Dark Prophecy The Prophet Skitra in Ny'alotha raid
Gloves Chitinspine Gloves Icon Chitinspine Gloves The Hivemind in Ny'alotha raid
Belt Belt of Braided Vessels Icon Belt of Braided Vessels Il'gynoth, Corruption Reborn in Ny'alotha raid
Legs Macabre Ritual Pants Icon Macabre Ritual Pants The Prophet Skitra in Ny'alotha raid
Boots Corpuscular Leather Greaves Icon Corpuscular Leather Greaves Carapace of N'Zoth in Ny'alotha raid
Ring #1 Logic Loop of Division Icon Logic Loop of Division Mechagon Mythic+ chest, Mechagon Junkyard.
Ring #2 Overclocking Bit Band Icon Overclocking Bit Band Mechagon Mythic+ chest, Mechagon Workshop.
Weapon #1 Unguent Caress Icon Unguent Caress Ra-den the Despoiled in Ny'alotha raid
Weapon #2 Unguent Caress Icon Unguent Caress Ra-den the Despoiled in Ny'alotha raid
Trinket 1 Torment in a Jar Icon Torment in a Jar Dark Inquisitor Xanesh in Ny'alotha raid
Trinket 2 Void-Twisted Titanshard Icon Void-Twisted Titanshard Ra-den the Despoiled in Ny'alotha raid

Trinket Sims

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

Diver's Folly

Diver's Folly Icon Diver's Folly's effect is incredibly potent in multi-target situations and can provide a large amount of added damage if it procs during your cooldown windows. It is always recommended to play at least one of these for Mythic+ or any fight that has multiple targets on a regular basis.

This weapon might still be worth using in your off-hand on multi-target fights, even at a much lower item level than the new weapons you can get in Patch 8.3 content.


Corrupted Items

Corruption is a new Patch 8.3 feature that replaces Warforging and Titanforging for all gear in the patch. Every dropped item has a chance to drop as a Corrupted version, providing a random Affix and a specific amount of Corruption. The more Corruption you have, the more you are negatively impacted by several Corrupted affixes. For more information, see our guide on Corrupted Items. Some Affixes are a lot more powerful than others, and you can see a guideline ranking for them below.


Best Corruptions for Outlaw Rogue

  • Infinite Stars Icon Infinite Stars has incredibly high single-target potential, but it is possible for its stacks to be wasted in AoE scenarios, as they can go randomly out on AoE targets that may die quickly. Despite this, it is still the cookie cutter single-target/raiding Corruption.
  • Echoing Void Icon Echoing Void is a buff that can gain additional stacks as you hit your enemies. Your attacks can then trigger a "release" of these stacks, releasing at 1 stack per second, that deals a percentage of your maximum Health as damage to all targets around you. It is particularly useful in any kind of AoE situations, as well as in Mythic +.
  • Twisted Appendage Icon Twisted Appendage has a chance to spawn a tentacle that mindflays your target for single-target damage.
  • Gushing Wound Icon Gushing Wound is a single-target randomly procced DoT, but highly efficient and a solid choice.

Corruption Weapon for Outlaw Rogue

Unguent Caress Icon Unguent Caress is the Ny'alotha Corruption Weapon for Outlaw Rogues. It comes with the Lash of the Void Icon Lash of the Void Corruption Affix, which has a chance to deal a large amount of Shadow damage to your main-target and slowing its movement speed by 30%. This Corruption Affix is not as strong as some of the others, in particular Infinite Stars Icon Infinite Stars and Echoing Void Icon Echoing Void, and only about as good as Twisted Appendage Icon Twisted Appendage. Based on the tuning of the Corruption Affixes, it might be beneficial to use other Corrupted items and non-Corrupted weapons instead.


Corruption Simulations for Outlaw Rogue


Single-Target DPS per Corruption Point

The top chart is more generally useful. Corruption is a resource that we want to minimize wherever we can, and the top chart provides you with an idea of which Corruption affixes provide the most DPS for the Corruption they add to your gear. The bottom chart is more of a showcase of the DPS potential of the Corruption Affixes themselves.

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

Single-Target Corruption DPS Overall

We do not recommend making choices based off of this chart. We recommend using the "DPS per Corruption Point" chart instead.

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

AoE DPS per Corruption Point

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

AoE Corruption DPS Overall

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com

Tips for Dealing With Corruption Effects

  • Sprint Icon Sprint will counteract the effects of Grasping Tendrils Icon Grasping Tendrils slow.
  • Blind Icon Blind and Crippling Poison Icon Crippling Poison can be used to slow down the Thing From Beyond, which is spawned by Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions.
  • Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows and Feint Icon Feint can be utilized to negate some of the damage you might be taking from the negative Corruption Affixes. Keep in mind however, that you might need these abilities for boss-specific mechanics instead.

Operation: Mechagon Gear

Cyclotronic Blast Icon Cyclotronic Blast in particular can be very useful during progress, since it provides a powerful single target burst on a 2-minute cooldown.


Adding Sockets to Gear

Patch 8.3 added the Gouged Eye of N'Zoth Icon Gouged Eye of N'Zoth as a reward from Corrupted Mementos Icon Corrupted Mementos, after you have finished the We Have the Technology Icon We Have the Technology achievement. Once finished, you should get a Gouged Eye about once every two weeks, assuming you are doing all of your Horrific Visions with 5 masks active. The best item to use it on would be a high itemlevel item with BiS stats and a good corruption.


Dungeon Trinkets

Assuming equal item levels:

  1. Kul Tiran Cannonball Runner Icon Kul Tiran Cannonball Runner
  2. Dead-Eye Spyglass Icon Dead-Eye Spyglass
  3. Tiny Electromental in a Jar Icon Tiny Electromental in a Jar
  4. Lustrous Golden Plumage Icon Lustrous Golden Plumage
  5. Harlan's Loaded Dice Icon Harlan's Loaded Dice


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