Balance Druid Frequently Asked Questions — The War Within Pre-Patch

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On this page, we go over several of the most frequently asked questions regarding Balance Druid in World of Warcraft — The War Within Pre-Patch. This will be updated as more common repeated questions surface over the course of the expansion.


How good is Balance Druid in Dragonflight?

In raid encounters, Balance Druids excel at dealing sustained damage to a single target and have strong AoE damage as well. They bring utility to the raid group through their crowd control abilities like Typhoon Icon Typhoon, Solar Beam Icon Solar Beam, as well as their Innervate ability that can restore mana to healers.

Overall, Balance Druids are a versatile class that can adapt to a variety of situations and playstyles. They require a moderate level of skill to play effectively but can be very rewarding in the right hands.

One drawback of the Balance Druid class is its ineffectiveness in what can be referred to as "lower difficulty content." This mainly applies to dungeons, as raid encounters can only get so short. Many classes have many instant damage spells and abilities at their disposal that Balance Druid does not. If you are running content that is outgeared or of lower level, you may not find Balance Druid as competitive with other classes.


What are the best Balance Druid races?

On Horde, Troll performs better on the Horde side, and Night Elf is the best for Alliance. There are some more utility-driven choices, such as Highmountain Tauren or Worgen for additional mobility.


Is There A Haste Cap for Balance Druids?

There are no Haste caps for Balance Druids. All damage-over-time effects scale dynamically with your Haste and other stats. Due to a limited duration buff in Eclipse Icon Eclipse, there can be minor Haste breakpoints, but they happen so frequently that they can largely be ignored.

You can learn more about Haste and the other stat priority for Balance Druid on our stats page.


What is "Double-Dipping"?

Double-dipping is when a spell or ability gets to gain the same benefit twice. The reason this is relevant to Balance Druid is because of our Mastery effect and the Astral damage type.

Our Mastery increases the damage of our Eclipse, but it only affects the active damage Eclipse type. So, in Lunar Eclipse, you gain an Arcane damage buff , and in Solar, you gain a Nature damage buff. When you use Celestial Alignment Icon Celestial Alignment, you gain the benefits of both Eclipses simultaneously.

Astral damage is the combination of both Arcane and Nature damage, meaning when we have both Eclipses up, we gain the Mastery effect twice, thus "Double-dipping". Starsurge Icon Starsurge, Starfall Icon Starfall, Stellar Flare Icon Stellar Flare, Shooting Stars Icon Shooting Stars, Fury of Elune Icon Fury of Elune, and New Moon Icon New Moon are all considered Astral damage.



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