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Balance Druid DPS Gear and Best in Slot — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Balance Druid in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3.


Gearing in Battle for Azeroth


Gearing Outside of Raid


Mythic+ Gearing

Mythic+ chest and base rewards now scale up to a +15 key level up from a +10. Chest rewards can offer 475 gear at max completion and the end of a key can reward up to 465 gear. In season 4, this gear can also corrupt for additional effects.


World Quests

World Quest rewards will continue to scale up with your item level. This also includes the daily faction rewards.


Operation: Mechagon

Mechagon Mythic+ will be dropping along with the Ny'alotha release. This opens up additional Azerite from the vendor and the ability to get some of the special slots from the raid. Mechagon rings will now be able to scale up to 465, making them better than almost all non-corrupted rings.

Logic Loop of Division Icon Logic Loop of Division only procs the second ring's effect when behind the target. The second is Logic Loop of Recursion Icon Logic Loop of Recursion, which requires three different spells to be cast to proc the effect. This works similarly to Streaking Stars Icon Streaking Stars, as most spells are considered on impact, except Solar Wrath Icon Solar Wrath.

Mechagon Rings Simulations

The Nature damage proc is limited to melee range, so we do not advise using that ring over the Haste effect.



We recommend Leatherworking and Engineering. Engineering allows access up to the Charged A5C-3N-D3D Gearspun Goggles Icon Charged A5C-3N-D3D Gearspun Goggles. This provides a Streaking Stars Icon Streaking Stars traits as well as the Relational Normalization Gizmo Icon Relational Normalization Gizmo. While it is not the best trait, it is easily accessible before you can pick up your best piece, as well as allowing you to trade subpar Azerite to others.

Engineering also offers one of the only tangible PvE performance boosts in the form of the belt shield. A small little shield which can at times save your life. While generally not impactful, it is still the only profession which pays off in a raid.

Leatherworking lets you craft up to 440 item level legs and boots, which now contain sockets.



Corruption is the Titanforging replacement introduced in Patch 8.3. For general corruption information please visit our Corruption page. To briefly explain, corruption is a dual sided system which balances a positive effect with a negative stat value, which ramps up quickly. There are also items and effects which solely reduce the amount of corruption you have. These positive and negative effects are static and split into three tiers, granting corruption based on the positive affix. These positive affixes are split into three categories: static stat increases, stat procs, and unique effects. To round it off, some unique effects are automatically rolled on certain weapons and the weapon available to Balance Druid grants the passive Void Ritual.

There are 5 negative effects based on your corruption amount. In order of appearance, the effects are Grasping Tendrils Icon Grasping Tendrils, Eye of Corruption Icon Eye of Corruption, Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions, Cascading Disaster Icon Cascading Disaster, and finally Inevitable Doom Icon Inevitable Doom.

  • Grasping Tendrils Icon Grasping Tendrils can be shifted off.
  • Eye of Corruption Icon Eye of Corruption can be exited quickly by using Wild Charge Icon Wild Charge or you can waddle out, as the damage is not extremely high.
  • Grand Delusions Icon Grand Delusions spawn a Thing from Beyond, which can be rooted, stunned, or knocked, depending on your Level 60 talent choice and is not ordinarily a problem on its own. Multiple can spawn at once, so be wary of using all of your crowd control.
  • Cascading Disaster Icon Cascading Disaster builds upon Grand Delusions and, once again, you can crowd control the mob still.
  • Inevitable Doom Icon Inevitable Doom has no counterplay.

The amount of corruption you accrue is entirely up to you. You can cleanse pieces or socket them with certain currency, but you will lose positive effects in both cases. While it seems Balance Druid is extremely well equipped to climb the corruption charts, the unpredictability of the negative effects can be a huge detriment at times. Lets say your space is limited and you need to be tightly stacked for a fight, if you proc the Eye of Corruption, you could potentially die or waste valuable resources, such as defensive cooldowns or healer Mana. Is shifting out of a root or wasting globals running away from or crowd controlling a Thing from Beyond worth the boost in DPS? That is for you to decide.

Below are two graphs displaying simulations for single target corruption and one for multi-target. The first is the DPS value of each effect and each tier. The second and third are an average DPS per point corruption graph, which takes into account the corruption value in relation to how much DPS the effect gives. All tiers are relatively evenly balanced and do not require showing each tier.

DPS Corruption Value Sims
Average DPS per Corruption Sims
Average DPS per Corruption Sims (AoE)
Item Level Corruption Sims


Below is the list of all dungeon and Raid trinkets ordered by strength. Most trinkets are extremely close in value to each other at the same item levels. Each trinket shown is simmed at 475 with the exception of Manifesto of Madness.

In Patch 8.2, trinkets with on-hit effects received a sizeable buff which is taken into account in the simulation below.


Single-Target Trinkets

Single Target Trinket Sims


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