Balance Druid DPS Gear and Best in Slot — Shadowlands 9.0.5

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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Balance Druid in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.0.5.

If you were looking for WoW Classic content, please refer to our Classic Balance DPS Druid gear and best in slot.


Gearing a Balance Druid

A large portion of gearing is reliant on item level. Try not to overthink gearing as most upgrades should be easily identifiable. After item level you can further scrutinize the Secondary Stats looking for Mastery gear and items with sockets.

For more information on stats you can check our our comprehensive Stats page as well as our Gems and Enchants page.


The Importance of Simming

It is important to use Raidbots to get an accurate idea of what gear is good and what gear is bad. There are so many variables which can change which pieces you would equip. While a cursory glance can be enough to determine what is usable, deciding what is best among what is good is a more nuanced decision.



If you have gold, there is no real PvE profession. You can purchase base pieces for legendary gear from Leatherworkers or Jewelcrafters to use in crafting. We recommend taking one gathering profession to help with raid prep. Herbalism and Skinning would be preferred, as they are concrete money-makers as well as also helping us reduce the cost of entry to Mythic raiding.

If you are a bit low on funds, just go Skinning and Leatherworking. Skin the mobs and craft your own gear and save yourself the gold. Use extra mats to fund your Raiding and dungeoneering habits.

Engineering also offers one of the only tangible PvE performance boosts in the form of the belt shield, a small little shield which can at times save your life. While generally not impactful, it is still the only profession which pays off in a raid.


Early Gearing in Shadowlands

Once you hit level 60, you need to get some gear so you can play the game. World Quests are supplemental, but the daily callings are a good source of conduits. Once you get enough item level to run through Heroics, fill in the rest of your poor pieces there.

If you are confident you do not need Heroic dungeon gear, you can head into Mythic 0s or even low level keys to start gearing up. When possible, try to do some raiding, as it can offer more powerful rewards than any other content at the high end level.

Luckily, Balance Druids do not have to do much farming for their Legendary Powers. The Wrath of the Jailer Maw weekly quest drops our best in slot multi-target piece (Primordial Arcanic Pulsar Icon Primordial Arcanic Pulsar) and Skoldus Halls in Torghast drops our best single-target Legendary Power (Balance of All Things Icon Balance of All Things). Craft both of these and then prioritize leveling up the one you will use more often in your content of choice.


DISCLAIMER: Please take this loot list with a grain of salt, there are still changes happening with trinkets, Covenants, classes, and more. This is a basic list prioritizing the more reliable gear from Raiding. Several dungeon and PvP pieces can be used supplementally.

Slot Item Source
Helm Sadist's Sinister Mask Icon Sadist's Sinister Mask Sire Denathrius
Necklace Charm of Eternal Winter Icon Charm of Eternal Winter Huntsman Altimor
Shoulder Wicked Flanker's Gorget Icon Wicked Flanker's Gorget Stone Legion Generals
Cloak Crest of the Legionnaire General Icon Crest of the Legionnaire General Stone Legion Generals
Chest Corset of the Deft Duelist Icon Corset of the Deft Duelist The Council of Blood
Wrists Precisely Calibrated Chronometer Icon Precisely Calibrated Chronometer Artificer Xy'Mox
Gloves Gloves of Phantom Shadows Icon Gloves of Phantom Shadows Lady Inerva Darkvein
Belt Heedless Pugilist's Harness Icon Heedless Pugilist's Harness Sludgefist
Legs Volatile Shadestitch Legguards Icon Volatile Shadestitch Legguards Hungering Destroyer
Boots Balance of All Things Icon Balance of All Things (Haste/Mastery for Kyrian & Versatility/Mastery for Night Fae Runecarver Legendary Power
Ring #1 Signet of the False Accuser Icon Signet of the False Accuser Lord Chamberlain in Halls of Atonement
Ring #2 Most Regal Signet of Sire Denathrius Icon Most Regal Signet of Sire Denathrius Sire Denathrius
Trinket #1 Cabalist's Hymnal Icon Cabalist's Hymnal Sire Denathrius
Trinket #2 Inscrutable Quantum Device Icon Inscrutable Quantum Device Dealer Xy'exa in De Other Side
Weapon Vesiphone's Vesper of Reflection Sire Denathrius

Trinket Rankings

Bloodmallet gives us a good basic look at the power of each trinket. Certain conditions can make some trinkets more favorable or less based on your stats, settings, and more. Always make sure to fully sim trinkets and all upgrades based on your gear as that can change results.

For the complete simulation results, check out

Notable Trinket Mentions

There are a few trinkets that may not show as accurately in the single sim on Bloodmallet.

  • Empyreal Ordnance Icon Empyreal Ordnance is only used in the double on-use setup with optimal gear. Pair it with Inscrutable Quantum Device Icon Inscrutable Quantum Device or Instructor's Divine Bell.
  • Cabalist's Hymnal Icon Cabalist's Hymnal scales up with other members in the party also equipping this trinket. When a full group has this trinket on, it is a suitable replacement for double on-use and easier to use.
  • Instructor's Divine Bell is a World Quest or Mission table trinket. This is the more consistent of all the on-use trinkets as it is not an enabler like Empyreal Ordnance Icon Empyreal Ordnance, nor has odd interactions like Inscrutable Quantum Device Icon Inscrutable Quantum Device.

Inscrutable Quantum Device

The Inscrutable Quantum Device Icon Inscrutable Quantum Device or the ??? trinket is a three minute cooldown trinket which has different effects based on the situation.

  • If someone is below ~30% Health, it will heal them.
  • If a Healer is below ~20% Mana, it will restore their Mana.
  • If you are crowd controlled, it will remove it.
  • If your target is below ~20%, it will execute them or deal a large portion of damage.
  • If none of those are applicable, it grants you a large amount of your highest secondary stat.
  • If under the effects of Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust or Heroism Icon Heroism, the stat buff will last an additional 5 seconds.

As mentioned above, this trinket is not always optimal on fights that will lose uses to low Health, low Mana, or in execute phases and this may lose out to some of the other trinkets.



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