Devastation Evoker DPS Vault of the Incarnates Raid Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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General Information

On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Devastation Evoker for each boss of the following raid: Vault of the Incarnates. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7.



Below, you can find class and spec-specific advice for every fight in Vault of the Incarnates. If you are looking for a general overview of the Raid that is not spec-specific, check out our dedicated Vault of the Incarnates guides.

On this page, you will find Devastation Evoker-specific information to deal with each boss in the Vault of the Incarnates raid. These are not complete encounter guides but rather provide specific tips for doing the bosses as a Devastation Evoker.

This page assumes that you already understand most of the mechanics of each encounter. These can be found on the full raid guide, so what is contained here are details specifically tailored toward Devastation Evoker and how you can deal with each fight as best as possible.


Talent Cheatsheet

You can find a generic raid talent tree below; however, what you will be using changes on a boss-by-boss basis based on the encounter type and your role on the fight. You can easily import the talent tree into the game with the following string:





Although this boss does have adds that spawn at regular intervals, it is essentially a single target encounter, so we use the standard build.




  • Flamerift Icon Flamerift is cast every ~30 seconds; as a result, delaying Fire Breath Icon Fire Breath and casting it at higher empower ranks for cleave on the new adds can net you a fairly significant damage gain.
  • To maximize your add damage, delay your first Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage slightly to not throw your empowered spell cycle off. You will want to use this with the first set of adds that spawn and then roughly on cooldown after that.
  • In addition to the above with Onyx Legacy Icon Onyx Legacy you can Deep Breath Icon Deep Breath for the first and third, add wave in each set.
  • Emerald Blossom Icon Emerald Blossom will have a lot of value during the intermission. If you are out of range of the boss, this can be a slight DPS gain over simply just moving to the boss.
  • Zephyr Icon Zephyr will have a lot of value during intermissions as the raid will be taking AoE damage from all of the Collapsing Flame adds.

For more information, please refer to our Eranog guide.





As this is a pure single-target encounter you will run the same build as Eranog




  • Be mindful of where Awakened Earth Icon Awakened Earth pillars are and as the tanks will be aiming Concussive Slam Icon Concussive Slam at them to destroy them. If you are in a bad position, you will lose DPS from needing to move.
  • Use Hover Icon Hover during Shattering Impact Icon Shattering Impact to mitigate the DPS loss from having to move.
  • Zephyr Icon Zephyr is best used for Shattering Impact Icon Shattering Impact or the end of Resonating Annihilation Icon Resonating Annihilation.
  • Mythic: Infused Fallout Icon Infused Fallout will follow up both of the above mechanics, which will require even more movement.
  • You have three options of mobility during Resonating Annihilation Icon Resonating Annihilation; Rescue Icon Rescue can be used on a raid member to take them with you, Hover Icon Hover can be used to DPS while moving however is only worthwhile for the 2nd or 3rd intermission, as you can lower the movement by standing away from the previous closed segment, Deep Breath Icon Deep Breath can be used to hit the boss at the same time.

For more information, please refer to our Terros guide.


The Primal Council



This boss has multiple targets at all times and will be the only encounter across all 3 raids where you run the full AoE build.




  • Your Fire Breath Icon Fire Breath's should be level 2 or 3 on this encounter as the DoT extension from Everburning Flame Icon Everburning Flame will increase the uptime,and you will gain more DPS as a result.
  • Firestorm Icon Firestorm is recommended to be used on this encounter as it has constant multiple targets for AoE. Try to place Firestorm Icon Firestorm in a place where you know the bosses will remain for the full duration (i.e., after Meteor Axes Icon Meteor Axes you know the bosses will move around the room, so place Firestorm Icon Firestorm with this in mind).
  • Interrupt Kadros or Dathea when they are not with the other bosses with Quell Icon Quell.
  • Use Verdant Embrace Icon Verdant Embrace on the Meteor Axes Icon Meteor Axes player that is going to stack on ranged to both heal them and move to them quickly.
  • Avoid reaching 10 stacks of Primal Blizzard Icon Primal Blizzard by moving into Scorched Ground Icon Scorched Ground at 5+ stacks.
  • Zephyr Icon Zephyr is best used during the second Primal Blizzard Icon Primal Blizzard as this is the most damage intense period of the encounter.
  • Obsidian Scales Icon Obsidian Scales charges are best used during Primal Blizzard Icon Primal Blizzard.

For more information, please refer to our The Primal Council guide.


Sennarth, the Cold Breath



For this encounter, I would recommend the pure ST build, but there are situations where the two-target cleave build can be very beneficial here, so the choice will depend on your raid's dps needs.





  • Swap to the Frostbreath Arachnids as soon as they appear on each platform. They are the highest priority thing to kill, and swapping late may result in a DPS loss from not getting the full benefit from Mastery: Giantkiller Icon Mastery: Giantkiller.
  • Caustic Spiderlings spawn every ~30 seconds, Fire Breath Icon Fire Breath can be held and casted at a higher rank Empower similarly to Eranog to gain some burst AoE dps.
  • Shattering Star Icon Shattering Star should either be used on Sennarth or the Frostbreath Arachnid.
  • Try to use Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage near the Caustic Spiderlings to make Pyre Icon Pyre hit them.
  • You have two ways of mitigating Gossamer Burst Icon Gossamer Burst and Repelling Burst Icon Repelling Burst. You can use Rescue Icon Rescue on a raid member who does not have the necessary utility to prevent it, such as a Priest or you can use Hover Icon Hover and charge in the opposite direction.
  • Deep Breath Icon Deep Breath is another option but should only be used if there are multiple targets to hit.
  • Deep Breath Icon Deep Breath should be used for every other set of Caustic Spiderlings and on cooldown to gain the maximum benefit from Onyx Legacy Icon Onyx Legacy.
  • When Sennarth has reached the top of the room Chilling Blast Icon Chilling Blast will leave a knockback orb where it detonated. Be careful not to get pushed into these.
  • MythicMythic: You will likely be assigned to use Rescue Icon Rescue on a healer for the push/pulls on this encounter to allow them to carry on healing.

For more information, please refer to our Sennarth guide.


Dathea, Ascended



For normal mode, only one additional add spawns during the intermission; therefore, I recommend a Single Target focused build.

For Heroic/Mythic, I recommend a more AoE-focused build to deal damage on the platforms. This should allow your raid to send fewer players to the platform when you are on them, allowing for more boss DPS from the rest of the raid.

Normal mode build:


Heroic/Mythic build:




  • Zephyr Icon Zephyr is best used during Cyclone Icon Cyclone to both help with mitigating the damage and give a small speed boost to outrun the winds. You should also use Hover Icon Hover here to resume DPSing while moving away from the boss.
  • Intermissions are ~1:30 apart from each other; as such Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage will not cleanly line up for them. You may consider holding your 2nd use of it to be available for the intermission if your raid requires it.
  • Keep an eye on the locations of tornadoes and be mindful of where they are moving to when Crosswinds Icon Crosswinds is cast.
  • Heroic/Mythic: You will want to actively use this knockback to get to the platforms (when you are assigned) and kill all of the adds.
  • >Heroic/Mythic: You can get back to the main platform slightly earlier by jumping off and using Hover Icon Hover to land safely on the platform.

For more information, please refer to our Dathea guide.


Kurog Grimtotem



For this boss, you will want to use the 2-target cleave build as the vast majority of the encounter is 2 targets.




  • Zephyr Icon Zephyr is best used towards the end of your time within an altar. This will typically be when Kurog is on 12-14 stacks of that respective altars buff.
  • Hover Icon Hover is best used when dodging fire swirls during the fire altar or keeping up with Kurog as your tanks move him to a new area.
  • During intermissions, swap to your highest priority elemental as soon as it spawns. This will typically be Frost or Fire. Wait until they are stacked together before you use your first Eternity Surge Icon Eternity Surge.
  • Heroic/Mythic: Use Hover Icon Hover during Frigid Torrent Icon Frigid Torrent as there will be frequent movement.
  • MythicMythic: An elemental is spawned each time Kurog moves into a new altar. This turns the encounter into a constant 2-target cleave fight. The elemental has a higher priority than the boss and, once again, swaps to it instantly to benefit from Mastery: Giantkiller Icon Mastery: Giantkiller.

For more information, please refer to our Kurog Grimtotem guide.


Broodkeeper Diurna



For this boss, there are two roles to play, the boss group and the add group. The boss group moves around the room and breaks eggs to get the raid into Phase 2 cleanly. The add group roams around the edge of the room to kill add waves as they spawn.

If you are assigned to be a part of the boss group, I suggest you use the default ST build


If you are assigned to be a part of the add group, I suggest you use the below build.




  • Ideally, you should be assigned to be part of the add group as burst AoE scenarios like this are where Devastation Evokers Shine.
  • Add Group: The adds spawn around the edge of the room and will require you to move large distances. Use Hover Icon Hover here so you can keep attacking the boss while moving to them.
  • Add Group: Stop the casts from Mages and Stormbringers with Quell Icon Quell / Wing Buffet Icon Wing Buffet / Tail Swipe Icon Tail Swipe.
  • Phase 2: When Frozen Shroud Icon Frozen Shroud is cast, every player in the raid has an attackable shield that you must destroy before they can move. Move into melee and use your AoE to break others out.
  • Phase 2: Frozen Shroud Icon Frozen Shroud increases in power with every cast; as the fight continues, you will need to use defensives to survive. Renewing Blaze Icon Renewing Blaze should be used fairly early in the phase so it is available again for the end of the fight. Your healer team will likely assign Zephyr Icon Zephyr at this point in the fight.
  • MythicMythic: You will need to use Cauterizing Flame Icon Cauterizing Flame on your tank to remove the bleeds that are applied from the Juveniles.

For more information, please refer to our Broodkeeper Diurna guide.


Raszageth the Storm-Eater



For this boss, I recommend you pick up Unravel Icon Unravel as it will impact breaking the shields on the first intermission and Stormsurge Icon Stormsurge. Playing for single target or cleave will depend on your raid comp and what you can fill in with. I recommend starting with the build we used on Dathea but dropping Protracted Talons Icon Protracted Talons for Unravel Icon Unravel.




  • Your Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage should be roughly on cooldown. If your raid needs additional damage at any specific point in the encounter, you can save it slightly for those points. Examples of this include if you are pushing phase 1 quickly (Normal/Heroic), then you may want to save your 2nd use for Stormsurge Icon Stormsurge.
  • If you are using Dragonrage Icon Dragonrage in either intermission, save it for when the adds spawn to get benefit from the Pyre Icon Pyre casts that come from it. In the first intermission, this would be after the shield breaks, and in the second intermission, this would be after they teleport with Storm Break Icon Storm Break.
  • Tail Swipe Icon Tail Swipe and Wing Buffet Icon Wing Buffet both work very well on removing stacks from the Volatile Charges. Additionally, as they are AoE crowd control effects, they will remove stacks from multiple of these if they are positioned nearby to you.
  • Use Verdant Embrace Icon Verdant Embrace on your tank during Phase 2 to get out of Static Field Icon Static Field circles quickly (if they are not on you).
  • MythicMythic: Deep Breath Icon Deep Breath will place you at the end location of the cast. Use this at a minimum distance when you are pushed back. The momentum of being pushed back and arriving at the end location will cover all your movement needs in one cast. You will also be assigned to use Rescue Icon Rescue on a player, be sure to use a macro to improve efficiency here.

For more information, please refer to our Raszageth guide.



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