Frost Mage DPS Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid Guide — Dragonflight 10.1.7

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On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Frost Mage for each boss of the following raid: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.1.7.



In this section, you will find information and guidance for each boss individually in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible as a Frost Mage. These are not complete encounter guides but provide specific tips for any Frost Mage on each boss.


Frost Mage Talents in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

Sadly, there are not many Mage-specific tips in this raid until the late bosses. The vast majority of the early fights are straightforward single-target burns where we have little class or spec utility.

Below, we list a base talent setup. Given most fights in Aberrus are single target; this should not change too drastically on an individual fight basis.

Keep in mind that many of the Mage tree talents are personal preference, so we highly suggest you read the talent page for a more detailed overview of the different choices available to you.

You can easily import the talent tree below into the game with the "Copy Export String" button.


Kazzara, the Hellforged



This is a fairly basic single-target fight. Blink Icon Blink and Alter Time Icon Alter Time are your friends for either running Dread Rifts Icon Dread Rifts out, or kiting Rays of Anguish Icon Rays of Anguish through said Dread Rifts.


The Amalgamation Chamber



Another functionally single-target fight. There is the possibility of a stacked P1, especially in higher DPS groups, but our cleave is passive, so this fight is fought as a single-target encounter.


The Forgotten Experiments



Single target fight with occasional adds that need to be killed quickly.

Time Warp Icon Time Warp second phase, to skip as many Unstable Essence Icon Unstable Essence casts as possible.


Assault of the Zaqali



Primarily an add fight. Use BAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIRQRDJ5AJpJgIREJRSCAAQSJhESkkkIJJJRSAAAAAAAAAgIA or some variant of your choice that runs Ice Caller Icon Ice Caller and Freezing Rain Icon Freezing Rain.

If your group is high enough damage that you skip the adds entirely, carry on using the default single target build.


Rashok, the Elder



A single target fight with hard enrage.

Pop a defensive when targeted by Searing Slam Icon Searing Slam, with Alter Time Icon Alter Time beforehand if available to get back to position. Do not try and stack Searing Slam on another Searing Slam, it will wipe the raid.


The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn



Primarily a single target fight with intermittent adds that should be slowed or knocked back from their destination. Blast Wave Icon Blast Wave and Volatile Detonation Icon Volatile Detonation should prove useful, assuming you can aim the adds at the boss.

Try and spread your slows across the ranged adds.

Watch the knockback timer; you do not want to lose a Ray of Frost Icon Ray of Frost cast due to it. Cast Ice Floes Icon Ice Floes for safety if you feel the timer is too close.





Another heavy single-target burn fight with a hard enrage.

You cannot drop Searing Heat Icon Searing Heat stacks with Ice Block Icon Ice Block.

Utilize Alter Time Icon Alter Time and Blink Icon Blink to negate the knockback on Overpowering Stomp Icon Overpowering Stomp. Alter Time is especially good here as you will instantly heal back the damage taken.

Blazing Breath Icon Blazing Breath is a 100-yard cone, even if the animation does not match it. Do not try and outrange it.

Watch the knockback timer; you do not want to lose a Ray of Frost Icon Ray of Frost cast due to it. Cast Ice Floes Icon Ice Floes for safety if you feel the timer is too close.


Echo of Neltharion



This is primarily a single target fight with cleave situations in the second and third phases. Depending on how much DPS your raid has in P3 will dictate how far into AoE talents you should spec.

Alter Time Icon Alter Time can be used to negate the knockback on Rushing Darkness Icon Rushing Darkness entirely without having to reposition to the wall.

Be careful to not have Glacial Spike Icon Glacial Spike going out as Corruption Icon Corruption is finishing its cast, as you will very likely kill someone on the cleave.

Umbral Annihilation Icon Umbral Annihilation is the dangerous cast, try and have some form of cooldown up for it going off on the later casts. Ice Barrier Icon Ice Barrier the first, combo Barrier with Mirror Image Icon Mirror Image the next, Greater Invisibility Icon Greater Invisibility the third, Ice Cold Icon Ice Cold the fourth. Ice Cold is a suitable cooldown on an earlier cast if you are low health, as to heal you up as well as protect you. This is also an ideal location to pop Mass Barrier Icon Mass Barrier.

Ebon Destruction Icon Ebon Destruction leaves a fairly deadly DoT, and you should pop some form of cooldown for it if you have them available, as nothing else is particularly dangerous in P3.


Scalecommander Sarkareth



This is the only fight where you have reliable add spawns in the 45-second range, so taking a point out of Slick Ice Icon Slick Ice and putting it in Coldest Snap Icon Coldest Snap to capitalize on that is the idea. Use something along these lines: BAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIRQRDJ5AJpJgIREJRSCAAgUSiESkkESSSSKJBAAAAAAAAAiA

For P2 and 3, hold onto Comet Storm Icon Comet Storm for add spawns to combo with Coldest Snap Icon Coldest Snap. They spawn roughly every 40 seconds, so it will not be a huge loss.

Ice Cold Icon Ice Cold the two Glittering Surge Icon Glittering Surge casts.

Blink Icon Blinking and Alter Time Icon Alter Timeing back to get into either ability to drop Oppressing Howl Icon Oppressing Howl is a good idea, as it lets you heal the actual ability impact damage back.

Embrace of Nothingness Icon Embrace of Nothingness can be soloed without Ice Block Icon Ice Block, but it will require stacking Ice Cold Icon Ice Cold, Greater Invisibility Icon Greater Invisibility, and Mirror Image Icon Mirror Image all at once to survive. It is not advised, but some strategies or emergencies will require you to sacrifice yourself otherwise, so it is good to be aware of this.



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