Holy Priest Healing Spec, Builds, and Talents — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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On this page, you will find out the best talents for each tier for your Holy Priest in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7. We also have default talent lists for various types of content, such as raiding or Mythic+. If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Holy Priest talents.


Best Dragonflight Talents for Holy Priest

While optimizing talents on a contextual basis is the highly recommended method of setting up your build, the Talent builds listed below work great for specific purposes.

Depending on the talents you end up choosing, your playstyle may be slightly altered. To properly understand the impact talents have on your rotation and to utilize them alongside the rest of your toolkit, have a look at the rotation page below.


Best Talents for Holy Priest

Raid Talents Mythic+ Talents Talents Explained

Best Raid Talents for Holy Priest

For Holy Priest, there is one primary raid healing build, focused on using multiple short-cooldown spells for general-purpose healing. This is supported by by Prayer of Healing Icon Prayer of Healing in between to reduce the cooldown on Holy Word: Sanctify Icon Holy Word: Sanctify.

You can easily import the talent tree below by clicking 'Copy Export String' and then importing it in-game.

The Holy Priest tree has several talent points or groups of talent points that can be moved around without affecting the core playstyle:

  • Enlightenment Icon Enlightenment gains you a point if the added mana isn't required.
  • Epiphany Icon Epiphany can be swapped for Light of the Naaru Icon Light of the Naaru depending on personal preference.
  • Answered Prayers Icon Answered Prayers can be swapped for Voice of Harmony Icon Voice of Harmony if more consistent healing is desired.

To spend any of these recovered talent points, you should look at:

  • Prayerful Litany Icon Prayerful Litany to increase the strength of your Prayer of Healing Icon Prayer of Healing.
  • Revitalizing Prayers Icon Revitalizing Prayers for addition healing from Prayer of Healing Icon Prayer of Healing.

The Class Tree has a lot of flexibility, and there are multiple different talents you can change around depending on the encounter and your personal preference. The following are all great candidates to be situationally removed without altering your playstyle:

  • Mass Dispel Icon Mass Dispel, particularly in raid encounters, can have limited usage. If Mass Dispel does not fit well with the boss you will be fighting, swapping it out will save you one point.
  • Light's Inspiration Icon Light's Inspiration is an option when you do not need the added survivability, you can Talent out of it to spend points elsewhere.
  • Holy Nova Icon Holy Nova is very situational and is only worth pressing with Rhapsody Icon Rhapsody. It is a very small healing increase, even when used properly, and you can save 2 points by swapping out of these and using another healing spell in that situation instead.
  • Halo Icon Halo can be swapped for Divine Star Icon Divine Star for fights where the raid is stacked or requires heavy movement.
  • Power Word: Life Icon Power Word: Life can be swapped for Benevolence Icon Benevolence if you are struggling to use Power Word: Life reliably and prefer the passive healing increase.

To spend any of these recovered talent points, you should look at:

  • Dispel Magic Icon Dispel Magic and Improved Purify Icon Improved Purify if an offensive purge or disease dispel is required.
  • Phantasm Icon Phantasm if snare removal is beneficial on a particular encounter.
  • Shackle Undead Icon Shackle Undead, Psychic Voice Icon Psychic Voice, Mind Control Icon Mind Control and Void Tendrils Icon Void Tendrils all have very niche usage, but you should still be aware they exist in case there is a specific need for them.

Best Dungeon Talents for Holy Priest

For dungeons, see our Mythic+ guide linked below for a starter build that you can work from and tailor to your requirements. Our Mythic+ guide also goes into more detail about potential talent changes to help you adapt to your group's requirements.


Talent Explanations for Holy Priests

Note that we do not explain EVERY Talent in the tree on this page. We only explain Talents that are part of our optimal builds for raiding and Mythic+. For full details and explanations of every Talent, please visit our Spells page via the button below.


Class Talents

The class tree is somewhat split into 3 "columns" with the left-hand side of the tree providing additional healing, the center of the tree containing group utility and buffs to your allies, and the right-hand side primarily focused on damage-dealing abilities.


Upper Talent Rows (1-4)

The upper section of the tree introduces us to Renew Icon Renew and Prayer of Mending Icon Prayer of Mending, which are core mechanics to healing as a Holy Priest. You also pick up some healing increases and have access to utility options. Typically, most builds will include:

  • Focused Mending Icon Focused Mending and Improved Flash Heal Icon Improved Flash Heal for the increases to their respective spells.
  • Angelic Feather Icon Angelic Feather as a mandatory pick. It is our main source of increased movement.
  • Shadowfiend Icon Shadowfiend is worth taking for the mana return and some additional damage.
  • Picking up Improved Purify Icon Improved Purify gives you a disease dispel, which is useful in all forms of content.
  • Pathing through Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith for some extra utility, and it also provides access to valuable middle-row talents.

Crowd control and their enhancements like Shackle Undead Icon Shackle Undead, Psychic Voice Icon Psychic Voice, Sheer Terror Icon Sheer Terror, and Void Tendrils Icon Void Tendrils will depend on the content you are doing and what makes the most sense there.

There are some defensive options in Protective Light Icon Protective Light and Spell Warding Icon Spell Warding, which should be considered. Their strength will depend on the content you are healing in.

For additional damage, there is Shadow Word: Death Icon Shadow Word: Death, which hits quite hard. You should consider pathing on to Tithe Evasion Icon Tithe Evasion in the middle section to reduce the damage taken from regular Shadow Word: Death casts.


Middle Talent Rows (5-7)

This section starts with more group utility abilities and leads into two strong healing and damage throughput talents Unwavering Will Icon Unwavering Will and Twist of Fate Icon Twist of Fate. You will typically take the following in all forms of content:

  • Love it, or hate it, Power Infusion Icon Power Infusion should be taken in all forms of content and used on an ally as you will also path through Twins of the Sun Priestess Icon Twins of the Sun Priestess to access the tree below.
  • Twist of Fate Icon Twist of Fate provides a nice healing and damage bonus in all forms of content.
  • Unwavering Will Icon Unwavering Will is the other big throughput talent in this section of the tree and should be taken in all builds as well.

Some of the more situational utility includes Mass Dispel Icon Mass Dispel and its supporting talent Mental Agility Icon Mental Agility, which is great as a backup dispel, or for dealing with specific mechanics in Raid and Mythic+. This will be taken more often than not as the method of pathing down towards Unwavering Will Icon Unwavering Will.

There is some good value in Inspiration Icon Inspiration, especially if you are using a more single-target healing-focused build. Other more situational utility options are Move with Grace Icon Move with Grace and Body and Soul Icon Body and Soul.


Lower Talent Rows (8-10)

The lower talent area has a lot of good choices, with nearly every Talent having a situation that can be useful. The nodes you should consider using more often than not are:

  • Choice node of Divine Star Icon Divine Star and Halo Icon Halo will be a mandatory pick, with your choice depending on the encounter. Divine Star is great when your whole group is stacked together, and for the added damage. Halo excels where the group is more spread out, and damage is not as much of a priority.
  • Angel's Mercy Icon Angel's Mercy and Binding Heals Icon Binding Heals are both attractive defensive options and will largely be personal preference. The value of Binding Heals, in particular, is reduced if you are not running a heavy Heal Icon Heal or Flash Heal Icon Flash Heal build.
  • Surge of Light Icon Surge of Light is a great addition to single target-focused healing builds, and even in builds centered around Prayer of Healing Icon Prayer of Healing provides some free, instant healing.
  • On-demand defensive capability provided by Translucent Image Icon Translucent Image is too good to pass up for just one talent point.

Power Word: Life Icon Power Word: Life is a strong ability when the situation allows for regular usage of it. While this should be a default choice in dungeons, in a raid, it can be much more difficult to use, and instead, choosing Benevolence Icon Benevolence may be a better choice, depending on the encounter.

Multiple defensive options can be taken depending on your personal preference. Light's Inspiration Icon Light's Inspiration turns Desperate Prayer Icon Desperate Prayer into a very potent personal defensive. This leads to a passive defensive option, Angelic Bulwark Icon Angelic Bulwark. Finally, Improved Fade Icon Improved Fade can be good to increase the uptime of Translucent Image Icon Translucent Image.

There may be some specific usage for Void Shift Icon Void Shift that makes it desirable for some encounters, but it is not a common talent to take outside of niche situations where it helps bypass a difficult mechanic. Essence Devourer Icon Essence Devourer doesn't do enough healing to warrant taking when compared to other talent options available.

Lastly, Mindgames Icon Mindgames can be taken for some additional damage and healing, but it requires pathing through some undesirable nodes. This is particularly true for a raid build where you are not already pathing nearby and will gain significantly less from the talents leading up to it.


Spec Talents

The spec tree starts in the upper half, introducing you to the remaining core spells that will form your rotation. The left-hand side of the tree focuses on augmenting Circle of Healing Icon Circle of Healing; the center-left portion is Single Target focused, buffing Heal Icon Heal and Flash Heal Icon Flash Heal. The center column of the tree provides powerful cooldowns in Divine Hymn Icon Divine Hymn, Holy Word: Salvation Icon Holy Word: Salvation, Apotheosis Icon Apotheosis and Divine Word Icon Divine Word. The right-hand portion of the tree focuses on synergies for Renew Icon Renew and Prayer of Mending Icon Prayer of Mending along with some damage increases through Holy Fire Icon Holy Fire benefits.


Upper Talent Rows (1-4)

Several talents should be chosen in all situations, and then some decisions should be made about the direction you want your build to head. The default talents are:

  • Prayer of Healing Icon Prayer of Healing
  • Holy Word: Sanctify Icon Holy Word: Sanctify
  • Guardian Spirit Icon Guardian Spirit

After these, where your path depends on the goal of your build.

For Single Target focused healing, you will pick up Cosmic Ripple Icon Cosmic Ripple as it opens up the column of single target-focused talents.

For AoE healing, Circle of Healing Icon Circle of Healing is an obvious choice and Sanctified Prayers Icon Sanctified Prayers is a great boost to your Prayer of Healing Icon Prayer of Healing which you will be casting regularly. Renewed Faith Icon Renewed Faith leads later on into Benediction Icon Benediction, which is great for passive group healing.

For increased damage, pathing through Holy Word: Chastise Icon Holy Word: Chastise and Empyreal Blaze Icon Empyreal Blaze to Burning Vehemence Icon Burning Vehemence, which, when combined, greatly increase your damage potential.


Middle Talent Rows (5-7)

The middle section contains most of the talents that buff the spells your build centers around. It also has the desirable cooldowns Divine Hymn Icon Divine Hymn and Symbol of Hope Icon Symbol of Hope. These two talents are the only real mandatory talents in the middle section, with the rest changing depending on your playstyle.

Single target builds utilize Trail of Light Icon Trail of Light, Everlasting Light Icon Everlasting Light and Crisis Management Icon Crisis Management to buff Flash Heal Icon Flash Heal and Heal Icon Heal to provide more healing and be more mana efficient. It also enables you to path into the better single-target talents in the lower part of the tree later on.

AoE builds take Healing Chorus Icon Healing Chorus and Orison Icon Orison from the left side of the tree to buff Circle of Healing Icon Circle of Healing. Gales of Song Icon Gales of Song provides a valuable boost to Divine Hymn Icon Divine Hymn healing and Prismatic Echoes Icon Prismatic Echoes is a flat increase to all your healing done through increased Mastery: Echo of Light Icon Mastery: Echo of Light.

The right-hand side is centered around buffing Prayer of Mending Icon Prayer of Mending through Divine Service Icon Divine Service and Prayers of the Virtuous Icon Prayers of the Virtuous. The extra bounces from Prayers of the Virtuous, which also lead into the lower section talent Say Your Prayers Icon Say Your Prayers, synergize well with Benediction Icon Benediction, applying additional renews to your allies and increasing your overall healing for no additional time or mana spent. Taking these talents emphasizes the importance of casting the Prayer of Mending as often as possible.

Enlightenment Icon Enlightenment is a bit more situational and can be taken for the extra regen if there are encounters you find yourself running out of mana. Before leaning on this Talent, though, be sure you are using your mana well.


Lower Talent Rows (8-10)

The lower section of the tree contains the more powerful capstone talents on the bottom row of the tree. The only mandatory node in all forms of content is the Apotheosis Icon Apotheosis (dungeons) and Holy Word: Salvation Icon Holy Word: Salvation (raid) choice node. For your remaining points, it will depend on the playstyle you have chosen.

For nearly all builds, the powerful Holy Word improvement Miracle Worker Icon Miracle Worker provides your Holy Word: Serenity Icon Holy Word: Serenity and Holy Word: Sanctify Icon Holy Word: Sanctify with an additional charge. This change helps you make the most of your cooldown reduction from a variety of sources. Divine Image Icon Divine Image is a staple for all builds with strong passive healing due to the large amount of Holy Words you will be casting.

Enhancing single-target builds are Pontifex Icon Pontifex, Resonant Words Icon Resonant Words and Lightweaver Icon Lightweaver, which are all strong increases to both Flash Heal Icon Flash Heal and Heal Icon Heal, and also other spells. These talents synergize well with other single target talents taken further up the Holy tree and in the Class tree. Coupled with Apotheosis Icon Apotheosis and either Divine Word Icon Divine Word or Miracle Worker Icon Miracle Worker, you have many tools for triage healing in both dungeons and raids.

For builds emphasizing the Prayer of Mending Icon Prayer of Mending talents, both Epiphany Icon Epiphany and Say Your Prayers Icon Say Your Prayers provide good additional value. Answered Prayers Icon Answered Prayers has the potential to provide healing and damage value, but the randomness of the Apotheosis Icon Apotheosis buff triggering means the bonus can often be wasted.

Builds focusing on additional damage will want to pick up Divine Word Icon Divine Word and Divine Image Icon Divine Image.

Desperate Times Icon Desperate Times is not a bad talent, but depending on the difficulty of your content, it may not provide enough benefit to warrant being taken.

Restitution Icon Restitution has situational use in all forms of content and is more of a personal preference. While planning to get more healing benefits from talent can be extremely difficult; having the safety of a cheat death can be desirable, especially in extremely difficult content where you are likely to accidentally die.

Lightwell Icon Lightwell is a solid choice in capstone, providing excellent healing presuming all charges are used, and you are casting Lightwell as often as practical.


Rotation for Holy Priest Talents

Some talents will require you to play in a particular way to get the most out of them. You can find more information on how your rotation will look after selecting your talents on our rotation page below.



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