How to Farm Soul Cinders in Patch 9.1

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In the following guide, you will learn more about Soul Cinders, the new Torghast currency used to upgrade Runecarving armor in Patch 9.1.


What Are Soul Cinders?

Soul Cinders are a new Torghast currency added in Patch 9.1, used to upgrade Legendary Items to Rank 5 and 6.


How Much Soul Cinders Do You Need to Upgrade Legendary Armor?


Where Can You Farm Soul Cinders?

You can obtain Soul Cinders from the following sources:


How Much Soul Cinders Can You Obtain from Torghast?

The amount of Soul Cinders from Torghast is limited, because not all Layers are currently open. Completing a higher layer provides you with Soul Cinders from all lower layers, meaning if you complete Layer 12, you will receive 180 Soul Cinders.

  • Layer 9 rewards 60 Soul Cinders.
  • Layer 10 rewards 50 Soul Cinders.
  • Layer 11 rewards 40 Soul Cinders.
  • Layer 12 rewards 30 Soul Cinders.

How Much Soul Cinders Can You Get from Tormentors of Torghast?

The Tormentors of Torghast world event gives you 50 Soul Cinders per week.


How Much Soul Cinders Can You Get from Covenant Assaults?

You can complete Covenant Assaults twice a week. Each assaults gives you 50 Soul Cinders, for a total of 100 Soul Cinders each week.


How Much Soul Cinders Can I Get This Week? (July 20)?

The maximum amount of Soul Cinders you can get this week is 510.

  • Completing Layer 9-12 provides you with 360 Soul Cinders.
  • The Tormentors of Torghast world event rewards 50 Soul Cinders.
  • Completing both Covenant Assaults gives you 100 Soul Cinders.

If you completed all weekly objectives since Patch 9.1 launched, you should have 1,700 Soul Cinders this week, which is enough to upgrade your Legendary armor piece to Rank 6.



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