How to Unlock Flying in Shadowlands (Patch 9.1)

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In this guide, you will learn more about riding skill changes and how to unlock flying in Chains of Domination, the first major content patch of the Shadowlands expansion.


Will Flying Be Unlocked in Shadowlands?

Yes, players will be able to unlock flying in Shadowlands.


When can you fly in Shadowlands?

You will be able to unlock flying in Chains of Domination (Patch 9.1), which is the first major content patch of the expansion.


Will Shadowlands Have a Pathfinder?

Shadowlands will have just 1 Pathfinder achievement that will be account-wide, making flying available to alts at Level 50 and above.


How Do You Unlock Flying in Shadowlands?

You only need to complete the Covenant Campaign in Chains of Domination to unlock flying in the 4 Shadowlands zones. However, you will not be able to fly from one to the other, because they are not close to one another. Flying will not work in the The Maw.


Covenant-Themed Flying Mounts

Unlocking flying in Shadowlands rewards a Covenant-themed mount for your character.


Kyrian Covenant-Themed Mounts


Necrolord Mounts


Night Fae Mounts


Venthyr Mounts


Flightmaster's Whistle

Flight Master's Whistle Icon Flight Master's Whistle will not be returning for Shadowlands due to how the new zones are laid out. They are too far away from each other, and Oribos, serves as a main hub.


Riding Skill Changes in Shadowlands

Due to the leveling revamp and the Shadowlands squish, Draenor and Legion Pathfinders are now purchasable directly from flying trainers. Riding Skills have been revisited, and changed as follows:


Apprentice Riding

Apprentice Riding increases your ground speed by 60% and you will unlock this automatically upon reaching Level 10 with your character.


Journeyman Riding

Journeyman Riding increases your ground speed by 100%. You can learn the skill at Level 20, and it will cost you 50 Gold.


Expert Riding

Expert Riding teaches you how to ride flying mounts at a 150% speed. The skill is available to learn at Level 30 and costs 250 Gold. Druids no longer get free Expert Riding and must buy it for 250 Gold at level 30.


Draenor Pathfinder

Draenor Pathfinder allows you to ride flying mounts in Draenor. You can learn the Riding Skill at Level 30 for 250 Gold.


Broken Isles Pathfinder

Broken Isles Pathfinder allows you to fly in the Broken Isles. The Riding Skill is available at Level 30 for 250 Gold.


Artisan Riding

Artisan Riding has been removed in Shadowlands.


Master Riding

The final Master Riding skill becomes available at Level 40 and costs 5,000 Gold. It allows you to ride at the highest possible speed on your flying mount.


Faction Discounts

All vendors associated with a faction provide discounts at all levels above Neutral and that includes Riding.

  • 5% discount at Friendly;
  • 10% discount at Honored;
  • 15% discount at Revered;
  • 20% discount at Exalted.

Flying Trainers

There are many flying trainers in the outdoor world, but for consistency, we assume you will be using one of the faction hubs to learn riding. Both are conveniently located near Flight Masters.

The Alliance Flying Trainer is Bralla Cloudwing you can find her in Stormwind at 70,74.

The Horde Flying Trainer is called Maztha. She can be found in Orgrimmar at 49, 59.


Draenor and Legion Pathfinder Changes

Draenor Pathfinder Icon Draenor Pathfinder and Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two Icon Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two are no longer required for flying in Draenor or the Broken Isles content.

Earning Draenor Pathfinder Icon Draenor Pathfinder still rewards Soaring Skyterror Icon Soaring Skyterror, while Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two Icon Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two will continue to reward increased mount speed in the Broken Isles.



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