Beast Mastery Hunter DPS Uldir Raid Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Beast Mastery Hunter for each boss of the following raid: Uldir. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.5.



This page will be a rough outline of the bosses and mechanics in the Uldir raid. This page will focus primarily on how a Beast Mastery Hunter can optimize its performance on the raid bosses in Uldir, and not on an actual raid strategy for the bosses. Initially, this page will focus on Heroic mode and lower, however, as more bosses are being killed on Mythic, the guide will also include optimizations for Mythic bosses.


Beast Mastery in Uldir

Beast Mastery Hunters have always been a popular choice for raiding, and Uldir is likely to be no exception. The spec offers well-balanced single-target and cleave damage, and it is the only ranged spec to be completely mobile, making it excellent for doing mechanics without any DPS penalty.


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This encounter is moderately movement-heavy but for the most part it is pure single-target, so we recommend the usual spec.


Beast Mastery Hunter Playstyle on Taloc

You should be ready to instantly send in your pets to newly spawning adds using Kill Command Icon Kill Command. If there are no adds currently up, spam-click the center of the room while tapping your Kill Command to ensure maximum pet uptime.

If there are no adds up and your Barbed Shot Icon Barbed Shot is hitting 2 charges, then it is worth casting it on the boss to get the cooldown rolling and to give your pet some Frenzy Icon Frenzy stacks in preparation for add spawns.




Beast Mastery Hunter Playstyle on M.O.T.H.E.R.

This is mostly a single-target fight, and optimal performance is achieved by doing your single-target rotation as cleanly as possible, cleaving adds when possible (unless they are going to die in a second or so anyway), and saving your big cooldowns for the final boss room.


Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth


Beast Mastery Hunter Playstyle on Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth

You should save Stampede Icon Stampede and Aspect of the Wild Icon Aspect of the Wild for the first set of adds.

You should always attempt to cast A Murder of Crows Icon A Murder of Crows on the big adds that spawn.

Intimidation Icon Intimidation is a valuable stun for the big adds.

If you do not manage to cast your second Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath before 30 seconds of the fight has passed, then delay it until the first adds spawn.




Beast Mastery Hunter Playstyle on Vectis

Try to save Chimaera Shot Icon Chimaera Shot for when the add spawns throughout the fight.

Remember that Kill Command Icon Kill Command is a higher priority on the add than keeping up Beast Cleave Icon Beast Cleave all the time, but you should still attempt to do both as well as possible. Prioritize Kill Command especially when the add is under 35% health.

You should save A Murder of Crows Icon A Murder of Crows for all add spawns except the very first one, and cast it on the add as soon as it spawns.


Fetid Devourer


Beast Mastery Hunter Playstyle on Fetid Devourer

On Heroic, this is mostly a pure single-target fight with no special considerations, other than saving your cooldowns for when the boss reaches 35% health.

On Mythic, killing the adds quickly is a top priority and that is what these tips will be for.

Firstly, you should consider a Aqiri pet. They have 30% more movement speed than other pets, which is useful for moving your pet across long distances.

Since Aqiris are Cunning, they allow you to use Master's Call Icon Master's Call. This ability causes the pet to move to the target of the ability, which can be used to move your pet from one side of the room to another very quickly.

You should save Aspect of the Wild Icon Aspect of the Wild for the first set of adds. Unless you get extremely lucky on Barbed Shot Icon Barbed Shot resets, you should save your second Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath as well.

You can use your boss mod timers to anticipate the add spawns, and use your cooldowns 3 seconds ahead of time. This will allow you to focus entirely on killing the adds, instead of spending time casting your cooldowns which are on the global cooldown, when you should be killing the adds.

From the start of the fight, you should generally let Frenzy Icon Frenzy drop intentionally after you have refreshed the 3-stack once. Otherwise, if you get no procs, you will run out of Barbed Shot Icon Barbed Shot charges and have Frenzy expire when the adds spawn, which is when you need it the most. This rule does not apply as much if you got some good resets in the first minute.


Zul, Reborn


Beast Mastery Hunter Playstyle on Zul, Reborn

You can use Intimidation Icon Intimidation to stun the Congeal Blood Icon Congeal Blood cast by the Bloodhexers. This prevents them from spawning the Ichor add, and thereby saves your raid a lot of damage. It is a fairly quick cast, so you should try to anticipate it.

Heroic: Try to cleave the Crawgs from the boss, unless a Bloodhexer is very centered, in which case the Bloodhexer is the best target to cleave off of.

Mythic: If you have a lot of Rogues, which is common for this boss, then you should generally not be using Multi-Shot Icon Multi-Shot at all for the first phase, since Rogues require the Crawgs to stay alive in order to maximize their own single-target damage. In Phase Two, you can cleave for your tanks' sake, but still no more than necessary to achieve this.

The Crusher is not an extremely high priority. Do not bother sending your pet after it when it steps out of the raid. Bloodhexers and Crawgs are your main focus.

If Crawgs are about to spawn on Normal/Heroic, consider saving Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath a little bit.


Mythrax the Unraveler


Beast Mastery Hunter Playstyle on Mythrax the Unraveler

This fight is mostly a single-target encounter, with the add phase having some important cleave as well.

Phase One is straightforward from a DPS perspective. You want to maximize your single-target damage done to the boss while doing mechanics properly.

In Phase Two, you should use Kill Command Icon Kill Command to close the gap to the big add that spawns.

Be ready to cleave onto the smaller adds that spawn. You should use your Intimidation Icon Intimidation stun, Counter Shot Icon Counter Shot interrupt, and Freezing Trap Icon Freezing Trap aggressively to counter the adds that spawn. Cleaving off adds is generally better than cleaving off of the big add, especially if multiple small adds are clumped together.

Feign Death Icon Feign Death will stop the Mind Flay ability from the small adds casting on you.




Beast Mastery Hunter Playstyle on G'huun

This fight is primarily single-target, especially on Mythic, where the final phase's DPS check is what makes or breaks progression.

In the first phase, interrupt adds that are far away as much as possible. On Mythic, you should always try to have a Tar Trap set down in preparation for the adds dying. Try to have your pet focus on Tentacles, since it will lose a lot of DPS by trying to chase around Spawns of G'huun all the time. However, Spawns of G'huun are a high priority and should not be ignored. If they are getting too fast then you should be swapping to them.

For Phase One, you can also use a Aqiri pet to help target swap with less of a DPS loss. A Spirit Beast is invaluable for Phases Two and Three, however. You can spend some of the downtime between phases to dismiss your Aqiri and summon your Spirit Beast.

Depending on the timing of your Orb Runs in Phase Two, you can use some different strategies for Aspect of the Wild Icon Aspect of the Wild timing. Generally, using it when the Gibbering Horrors spawn is a good bet, especially if it will die soon enough that you get to have Aspect of the Wild for the small Spawns of G'huun that result from it.

Phase Three is all about single-target damage — and even more importantly, not dying to the numerous dangerous mechanics and their combinations throughout the phase. You can walk closer to the boss in order for Spirit Mend Icon Spirit Mend to work, but be careful not to stack when you are not supposed to.



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