Druid Anima Powers for Torghast in Shadowlands

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On this page, you will find all Druid Anima Powers from Torghast (which only work in Torghast). We divided them into 3 categories:


Best Anima Powers for Druids

As you can see below on this page, there are many Anima Powers available to Druids (to which you must also add the generic Anima Powers that all classes can use), and they rank differently according to the spec you are playing. For that purpose, we have pages ranking these powers for each spec.


Druid Talent-Granting Anima Powers

These Anima Powers grant you access to additional talents in the same row. If you already have that talent, you may select another talent in the same row.

  • Archdruid's Cypher Icon Archdruid's Cypher — Gain the Nature's Balance Icon Nature's Balance (Balance), Predator Icon Predator (Feral), Brambles Icon Brambles (Guardian), Abundance Icon Abundance (Restoration) talent.
  • Archdruid's Gift Icon Archdruid's Gift — Gain the Tiger Dash Icon Tiger Dash talent.
  • Archdruid's Invocation Icon Archdruid's Invocation — Gain the Mighty Bash Icon Mighty Bash talent.
  • Archdruid's Legacy Icon Archdruid's Legacy — Gain the Soul of the Forest talent.
  • Archdruid's Lesson Icon Archdruid's Lesson — Gain the Feral Affinity Icon Feral Affinity (Balance), Balance Affinity Icon Balance Affinity (Feral/Guardian/Restoration) talent.
  • Archdruid's Mythos Icon Archdruid's Mythos — Gain the Stellar Drift Icon Stellar Drift (Balance), Scent of Blood Icon Scent of Blood (Feral), Earthwarden Icon Earthwarden (Guardian), Inner Peace Icon Inner Peace (Restoration) talent.
  • Archdruid's Ultimatum Icon Archdruid's Ultimatum — Gain the Shooting Stars Icon Shooting Stars (Balance), Moment of Clarity Icon Moment of Clarity (Feral), Rend and Tear Icon Rend and Tear (Guardian), Photosynthesis Icon Photosynthesis (Restoration) talent.

Druid Covenant Anima Powers

These Anima Powers empower your Druid's Covenant Abilities in various ways.

You can learn more information about Signature and Covenant Abilities in our guide linked below.


Kyrian Druid Anima Powers

  • Coil of Wire Icon Coil of Wire — While Kindred Spirits Icon Kindred Spirits is empowered, the less injured partner will transfer up to 5% health to the more injured partner every 1 seconds.
  • Hardened Bark Sliver Icon Hardened Bark Sliver — Activating Kindred Spirits Icon Kindred Spirits applies Barkskin Icon Barkskin to you and Ironbark Icon Ironbark to your partner.
  • Twin Friendship Ring Icon Twin Friendship RingKindred Spirits Icon Kindred Spirits is empowered for an additional 4 seconds.

Night Fae Druid Anima Powers

  • Coalesced Spirit Droplet Icon Coalesced Spirit Droplet — The cooldown of Convoke the Spirits Icon Convoke the Spirits is reduced by 20 seconds.
  • Energy Focusing Crystal Icon Energy Focusing Crystal — While channeling Convoke the Spirits Icon Convoke the Spirits, your damage and healing are increased by 50%.
  • Sealed Essence Sphere Icon Sealed Essence SphereConvoke the Spirits Icon Convoke the Spirits will use an exceptional spell significantly more often.

Necrolord Druid Anima Powers

  • Dried Flower Petal Icon Dried Flower Petal — When Adaptive Swarm Icon Adaptive Swarm arrives at a target, it applies Moonfire Icon Moonfire or Rejuvenation Icon Rejuvenation.
  • Perfectly Preserved Insect Icon Perfectly Preserved InsectAdaptive Swarm Icon Adaptive Swarm has a 30% chance to split into two Swarms each time it jumps.
  • White Pollen Mote Icon White Pollen MoteAdaptive Swarm Icon Adaptive Swarm increases periodic effects by an additional 20%.

Venthyr Druid Anima Powers

  • Dried Blood of the Beast Icon Dried Blood of the Beast — The bonuses and backlash damage of Ravenous Frenzy Icon Ravenous Frenzy are increased by 100%.
  • Mote of Blood Thirst Icon Mote of Blood Thirst — 50% of Ravenous Frenzy Icon Ravenous Frenzy's bonuses are applied to your party.
  • Shard of Silvered Glass Icon Shard of Silvered GlassRavenous Frenzy Icon Ravenous Frenzy's duration is increased by 4 seconds.

Other Druid Anima Powers

Anima Powers listed here drastically empower your class abilities and allow for unique interactions between them.

  • Affinity Stones Icon Affinity Stones — You have all of the Affinity passive bonuses, and their effects are increased by 100%.
  • Blood-Tinged Teeth Icon Blood-Tinged TeethGrowl Icon Growl increases the target's damage taken by 15% for 8 seconds.
  • Bottle of Moonshine Icon Bottle of Moonshine — Enemies affected by Moonfire Icon Moonfire deal 20% less damage.
  • Circlet of Weeds Icon Circlet of Weeds — Your damage and heal over time effects occur 33% more quickly.
  • Cloak of Thorns Icon Cloak of ThornsBarkskin Icon Barkskin and Ironbark Icon Ironbark deal [ 50% of Spell Power ] damage to all attackers.
  • Curious Bramblepatch Icon Curious BramblepatchEntangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots deals [ 150% of Spell Power ] Nature damage every 2 seconds.
  • Draught of Midday Calm Icon Draught of Midday Calm — When Moonfire Icon Moonfire, Rake Icon Rake, Rip Icon Rip, or Rejuvenation Icon Rejuvenation are active on a single target, their effects are increased 60%.
  • Draught of Midnight Blazes Icon Draught of Midnight Blazes — While Moonfire Icon Moonfire or Rake Icon Rake are on at least 3 targets, your damage and healing are increased by 50%.
  • Draught of Waning Twilight Icon Draught of Waning Twilight — When you have 3 periodic effects on a target, your damage and healing on them are increased by 50%.
  • Grasping Tendrils Icon Grasping Tendrils — The first 3 melee attacks into Barkskin Icon Barkskin or Ironbark Icon Ironbark cause Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots to appear on the attacker.
  • Leaf on the Water Icon Leaf on the WaterClearcasting Icon Clearcasting and Gore Icon Gore trigger 100% more often, and Eclipse takes 1 fewer spells to trigger.
  • Lycara's Bargain Icon Lycara's Bargain — Your damage and healing are increased by 50%, but every time you deal damage or healing, your movement speed is reduced 1%.
  • Lycara's Sash Icon Lycara's Sash — You automatically cast a spell when you shapeshift: Barkskin Icon Barkskin (No Form), Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar (Cat Form), Frenzied Regeneration Icon Frenzied Regeneration (Bear Form), Starfall Icon Starfall (Moonkin Form).
  • Lycara's Twig Icon Lycara's Twig — Shapeshifting increases the damage or healing of your next Shred Icon Shred, Mangle Icon Mangle, Wrath Icon Wrath, or Regrowth Icon Regrowth by 200%.
  • Moon-Spirit Essence Icon Moon-Spirit Essence — The cooldowns of Berserk Icon Berserk, Celestial Alignment Icon Celestial Alignment, Tranquility Icon Tranquility, and Incarnation are reduced by 30%.
  • Oath of Druids Icon Oath of Druids — You permanently have the benefits of Heart of the Wild Icon Heart of the Wild.
  • Orbit Breaker Icon Orbit Breaker — Every 20th Moonfire Icon Moonfire tick calls down a Full Moon upon its target.
  • Petrus Ring Icon Petrus RingEntangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots can withstand 300% more damage before breaking.
  • Plague-Hardened Hide Icon Plague-Hardened HideIronfur Icon Ironfur lasts 3 seconds longer and persists outside of Bear Form.
  • Preserved Ironwood Seed Icon Preserved Ironwood SeedRebirth Icon Rebirth has no cooldown.
  • Revitalizing Spirit Icon Revitalizing Spirit — Periodic healing from Regrowth Icon Regrowth reduces the cooldown of a major ability of the target by 1 second.
  • Rootwood Scarab Icon Rootwood Scarab — When Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots breaks, it explodes for [ 150% of Spell Power ] Nature damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Silent Spirit Icon Silent Spirit — You deal 25% increased damage for 5 seconds after exiting Prowl Icon Prowl.
  • Soulborne Clasp Icon Soulborne Clasp — When a target dies, your damage over time effects on them jump to another target within 15 yards.
  • Steelwood Slab Icon Steelwood SlabBarkskin Icon Barkskin's duration is increased by 100%.
  • String of Fangs and Talons Icon String of Fangs and TalonsStarsurge Icon Starsurge, Swiftmend Icon Swiftmend, Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite, and Thrash Icon Thrash deal 20% increased damage and healing.
  • Sylvatican Charm Icon Sylvatican Charm — Your periodic heals have a very high chance to apply Ironbark Icon Ironbark to the target.
  • Writings of Lycara Icon Writings of Lycara — You gain 43 of a secondary stat while in each form: Haste (No Form), Critical Strike (Cat Form), Versatility (Bear Form), Mastery (Moonkin Form).

Other Class-Specific Anima Powers

Below, you will find links to other class-specific Anima Powers coming in Shadowlands.



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