Vengeance Demon Hunter Torghast Guide and Best Anima Powers — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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On this page, we tell you all you need to know to prepare your Vengeance Demon Hunter before entering Torghast and then how to pick up the right Anima Powers once you are inside!


Torghast as a Vengeance Demon Hunter

Vengeance Demon Hunter plays well in Torghast due to being a tank with built in self-healing and Spirit Bomb Icon Spirit Bomb is not capped at 5 targets, like most other AoE abilities. For more in-depth details about Torghast, please visit the links below.


Vengeance Demon Hunter Talents for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

You can easily import the talent tree below into the game with the following string:


These are recommended talents to begin with. You will be able to change talents to match powers you get inside Torghast. Worth Noting that any Anima Power that corresponds with a talent may not work.


Vengeance Demon Hunter Anima Powers

Anima powers are special buffs that can be found on every level of the tower. They are random on which ones you will find on every run. Due to this randomness, some runs will be easier than others. The powers will stack in strength and choosing the best anima powers is paramount to a good run. The following list will be updated overtime and should only be used as a suggestion. The power selected should take in consideration on whether you are in a group, your current anima powers selected, what weakness you are trying to fix or a multitude of other variables. Overall, the anima powers are the best part of Torghast and will change the way you play your class every time you set foot into the tower. Experiment and have fun!

For a complete list of Anima Powers available to Demon Hunter (both generic and class-specific), please refer to the pages below.

Powers are separated into "Best", "Great", "Good", "Average", and "Terrible".


Best Anima Powers for Vengeance Demon Hunter

These picks are mandatory picks in every run. Make sure to only choose Covenant powers associated to your Covenant.

  • Bountiful Souls Icon Bountiful Souls
  • Branding Iron Icon Branding Iron (for Venthyr)
  • Fae Empowered Elixir Icon Fae Empowered Elixir (for Night Fae)
  • Glutton's Kerchief Icon Glutton's Kerchief
  • Mask of the Winged Dominator Icon Mask of the Winged Dominator (for Kyrian)
  • Searing Deathbrand Icon Searing Deathbrand (for Kyrian)
  • Demonic Bias Icon Demonic Bias
  • Immolation Flux Icon Immolation Flux
  • Grim Tinder Icon Grim Tinder
  • Sacrificial Soul-Ash Icon Sacrificial Soul-Ash (for Kyrian)

Great Anima Powers for Vengeance Demon Hunter

These powers can be picked without much thought. Make sure to only select Covenant powers that are associated with your Covenant.

  • Darkglare Medallion Icon Darkglare Medallion
  • Deadly Toll Icon Deadly Toll (for Necrolord)
  • Demonglass Curio Icon Demonglass Curio
  • Heart-Piercing Spine Icon Heart-Piercing Spine
  • Incriminating Ledger Icon Incriminating Ledger (for Venthyr)
  • Resonant Mawfang Icon Resonant Mawfang
  • Soarstone Icon Soarstone
  • Stalker Sling Icon Stalker Sling (for Night Fae)
  • Frostbite Wand Icon Frostbite Wand
  • Maldraxxian Repayment Icon Maldraxxian Repayment
  • Roots of the Dreamtree Icon Roots of the Dreamtree
  • Scouring Rags of Torghast Icon Scouring Rags of Torghast (for Kyrian)
  • Slayer's Mythos Icon Slayer's Mythos
  • Slayer's Ultimatum Icon Slayer's Ultimatum

Good Anima Powers for Vengeance Demon Hunter

These powers are a solid choice in every run of Torghast. Quite a few of them become great when combined with other powers in this list.

  • Dark Stalker's Draught Icon Dark Stalker's Draught
  • Darkglare Medallion Icon Darkglare Medallion
  • Demonic Resolve Icon Demonic Resolve
  • Fallen Comrade's Blindfold Icon Fallen Comrade's Blindfold
  • Felborn Shield Icon Felborn Shield
  • Fury Wrappings Icon Fury Wrappings
  • Furywing Icon Furywing
  • Manafeeder's Bib Icon Manafeeder's Bib
  • Perpetual Sinstone Icon Perpetual Sinstone (for Venthyr)
  • Cilice of Denathrius Icon Cilice of Denathrius
  • Crumbling Aegis Icon Crumbling Aegis
  • Dark Armaments Icon Dark Armaments
  • Dark Fortress Icon Dark Fortress
  • Disemboweler's Hook Icon Disemboweler's Hook
  • Ever-Beating Heart Icon Ever-Beating Heart
  • Fallen Armaments Icon Fallen Armaments
  • Flamestarved Cinders Icon Flamestarved Cinders
  • Gift of Ardenweald Icon Gift of Ardenweald
  • Hunting Bola Icon Hunting Bola (for Night Fae)
  • Icy Heartcrust Icon Icy Heartcrust
  • Irritating Moth Dust Icon Irritating Moth Dust
  • Obleron Endurance Icon Obleron Endurance
  • Obleron Endurance x2 Icon Obleron Endurance x2
  • Obleron Endurance x3 Icon Obleron Endurance x3
  • Obleron Ephemera Icon Obleron Ephemera
  • Obleron Ephemera x2 Icon Obleron Ephemera x2
  • Obleron Ephemera x3 Icon Obleron Ephemera x3
  • Obleron Spikes Icon Obleron Spikes
  • Obleron Spikes x2 Icon Obleron Spikes x2
  • Obleron Spikes x3 Icon Obleron Spikes x3
  • Obleron Venom Icon Obleron Venom
  • Obleron Venom x2 Icon Obleron Venom x2
  • Obleron Venom x3 Icon Obleron Venom x3
  • Obleron Winds Icon Obleron Winds
  • Obleron Winds x2 Icon Obleron Winds x2
  • Obleron Winds x3 Icon Obleron Winds x3
  • Overgrowth Seedling Icon Overgrowth Seedling
  • Phial of Pain Icon Phial of Pain (for Kyrian)
  • Ragehoof Icon Ragehoof
  • Scroll of Elchaver Icon Scroll of Elchaver (for Kyrian)
  • Slayer's Invocation Icon Slayer's Invocation
  • Soulrender of Zovaal Icon Soulrender of Zovaal
  • Soulward Clasp Icon Soulward Clasp
  • Spectral Oats Icon Spectral Oats
  • Suffused Noble Writ Icon Suffused Noble Writ
  • Swarm Form Icon Swarm Form
  • The Stone Ward Icon The Stone Ward
  • Tremorbeast Heart Icon Tremorbeast Heart
  • Venthyr's Gratitude Icon Venthyr's Gratitude
  • Vitality Guillotine Icon Vitality Guillotine

Average Anima Powers for Vengeance Demon Hunter

These powers are usable but not worth a lot of value.

  • Blindfold of Focus Icon Blindfold of Focus
  • Darkest Hour Icon Darkest Hour
  • Fleetwing Icon Fleetwing
  • Forcewing Icon Forcewing
  • Mark of the Ogre Icon Mark of the Ogre
  • Shield of Unending Fury Icon Shield of Unending Fury
  • Shifting Signet Icon Shifting Signet
  • Warden Shackles Icon Warden Shackles
  • Band of Deep Burns Icon Band of Deep Burns
  • Bottomless Chalice Icon Bottomless Chalice (for Kyrian)
  • Coffer of Spectral Whispers Icon Coffer of Spectral Whispers
  • Death-Triggered Anima Bomb Icon Death-Triggered Anima Bomb
  • Dreadsaddle Icon Dreadsaddle
  • Echo of Azeroth Icon Echo of Azeroth
  • Edgelurker Icon Edgelurker
  • Elethium Diffuser Icon Elethium Diffuser
  • Elongated Skeletal Arms Icon Elongated Skeletal Arms
  • Enchanted Thieves' Tools Icon Enchanted Thieves' Tools
  • Felborn Pendant Icon Felborn Pendant
  • Felborn Torch Icon Felborn Torch
  • Flail of Merkur Icon Flail of Merkur
  • Flask of Unbridled Darkness Icon Flask of Unbridled Darkness
  • Gnarled Key Icon Gnarled Key (for Venthyr)
  • Golden Idol Icon Golden Idol
  • Heart-Seeking Fang Icon Heart-Seeking Fang
  • Mawrat Stirrups Icon Mawrat Stirrups
  • Mobius Graft Icon Mobius Graft
  • Obleron Talisman Icon Obleron Talisman
  • Obleron Talisman x2 Icon Obleron Talisman x2
  • Obleron Talisman x3 Icon Obleron Talisman x3
  • Offer of Souls Icon Offer of Souls
  • Open Doors Icon Open Doors (for Venthyr)
  • Oversized Boots Icon Oversized Boots
  • Parliament Stone Icon Parliament Stone (for Kyrian)
  • Phial of Light Icon Phial of Light (for Kyrian)
  • Prisoner's Concord Icon Prisoner's Concord
  • Protective Phantasma Icon Protective Phantasma
  • Slayer's Legacy Icon Slayer's Legacy
  • Souleater's Claw Icon Souleater's Claw (for Kyrian)
  • Stoneflesh Figurine Icon Stoneflesh Figurine
  • Strigidium Icon Strigidium (for Kyrian)
  • Willbreaker Icon Willbreaker

Terrible Anima Powers for Vengeance Demon Hunter

These powers are either useless or even harmful if chosen.

  • Cadaverous Eye Icon Cadaverous Eye
  • Finely-Honed Bone Blades Icon Finely-Honed Bone Blades
  • Elethium Alembic Icon Elethium Alembic
  • Elethium Beacon Icon Elethium Beacon
  • Elethium Censer Icon Elethium Censer
  • Elethium Lantern Icon Elethium Lantern
  • Elethium Lifegourd Icon Elethium Lifegourd
  • Elethium Muzzle Icon Elethium Muzzle
  • Elethium Teardrop Icon Elethium Teardrop
  • Elethium Veil Icon Elethium Veil
  • Elethium Weights Icon Elethium Weights
  • Ephemeral Effigy Icon Ephemeral Effigy
  • Executor's Call Sheet Icon Executor's Call Sheet
  • Fel Scorched Contract Icon Fel Scorched Contract (for Necrolord)
  • Irresistible Cheese Icon Irresistible Cheese
  • Kyrian Blessing Icon Kyrian Blessing
  • Lumbering Form Icon Lumbering Form
  • Phantasmal Iris Icon Phantasmal Iris
  • Polymorbid Rat Liver Icon Polymorbid Rat Liver

There are missing anima powers and some are being overrated and some are being underrated. This is an evolving list that will change weekly with more testing and time in Torghast.


Phantasma Anima Powers

Phantasma powers are generally rated low overall. If given a choice to choose a phantasma generating power early in the run, it is normally worth it due to needing phantasma early for the vendor. As the run goes on, these powers lose their value.


Vengeance Demon Hunter in Torghast

Vengeance has great self sustain, which puts the spec in a good position at surviving. With Spirit Bomb Icon Spirit Bomb and Elysian Decree Icon Elysian Decree, our damage output is decent to pull bigger and survive. Grabbing powers that boost overall stats (besides Mastery assuming it is not the best pick in the options) and other anima powers that heals during movement or gliding are strong. Stacking health will boost survival while in Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis. Overall, the playstyle feels like Mythic+ and is played like Mythic+. Pull as much as you can self sustain if solo, build souls, spirit bomb, and continue.



  • 24 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight Pre-Patch.
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