Enhancement Shaman Best Legendaries in Shadowlands — Shadowlands 9.1.5

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General Information

Legendary Powers are targetable, unique effects that you can imbue certain base items with through the Runecarving system. In Shadowlands, these enable you to customize your Enhancement Shaman, drastically improving your performance, and are arguably the most important aspect of your gear.

The purpose of this page is to help you pick the right legendary powers (and item slots for them) for your character, depending on the content you are interested in.


Introduction: Legendaries in Shadowlands

Legendary Powers are special effects affixed to items in the Shadowlands via the Runecarver within Torghast. The suite of powers include effects tailored to Enhancement, some broader Shaman options, and even universal powers available to all classes. You can take a look at our Runecarving page for more details on powers.


Legendary Crafting in Patch 9.1.5

Due to the introduction of Domination sockets, crafting legendaries in any slot that clashes with these is not advised. That means for Mail, if it can be avoided, the Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Belt, and Boot slots are off-limits if you want to make use of all 5 gems.


Best Overall Legendary for Enhancement Shaman

This is a recommendation for your ideal first legendary craft if you are a PvE player looking to do different avenues of content. This is the pick that will do best in the largest number of scenarios, and would be the default choice if you could only ever make one.

Doom Winds Icon Doom Winds adds an extra 1-minute cooldown that lasts for 12 seconds, during which time it guarantees procs of Windfury Weapon Icon Windfury Weapon on any hit that can trigger it when casting Windfury Totem Icon Windfury Totem. This adds a powerful burst cooldown into the mix, and it is also the only legendary with a strong AoE component due to Crash Lightning Icon Crash Lightning casts also triggering Windfury Weapon Icon Windfury Weapon on any target hit.

This brings some serious burst AoE damage to the table as well as being extremely competitive in single-target, and is easily the pick for most flexible first craft. This still remains the ideal first craft for any Enhancement players in most content.


Best Raiding Legendaries for Enhancement Shaman

This section goes over the best Raiding legendary powers for us.

  1. Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones Icon Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones has the highest sustained single-target potential, and making use of Hot Hand Icon Hot Hand, Elemental Spirits Icon Elemental Spirits and Magma Fist Icon Magma Fist even raises the value of Mastery, fixing one of the problems Doom Winds has. Due to our low baseline single-target damage, this therefore becomes the most valuable first craft if you are solely focused on raid content in Sanctum of Domination.
  2. Doom Winds Icon Doom Winds will not provide the highest single-target, but it will provide enough of an increase while also allowing you to deal with AoE encounters far better than other options, therefore making it an excellent all round option alongside bringing some burst to the toolkit.
  3. Deeply Rooted Elements Icon Deeply Rooted Elements has a lot of high damage potential and the procs also trigger Ascendance Icon Ascendance's on cast effect for AoE, but is extremely RNG-based, making it very hit or miss.
  4. Primal Lava Actuators Icon Primal Lava Actuators has a very small niche of multi-DoT funneling if played correctly, but these encounters rarely show up and its benefit is not pronounced enough to warrant the pick.
  5. Legacy of the Frost Witch Icon Legacy of the Frost Witch is mechanically strong for single-target, but is numerically behind and does not compete in any encounter style with alternatives, making it something to avoid.

Best Mythic+ and Torghast Legendaries for Enhancement Shaman

This section covers the best Mythic+ legendary choices. This content tends to have a leaning toward AoE, but having options that can still bring some single-target is very welcome.

  1. Doom Winds Icon Doom Winds reigns supreme here as a choice that can help both in large pulls and single-target bosses, and is hard to fault due to the benefit of on demand burst in Mythic+ scenarios.
  2. Deeply Rooted Elements Icon Deeply Rooted Elements has a lot of potential to win out with big bursts of Ascendance Icon Ascendance explosions, but again it suffers from unreliability. The potential is there, but the risk means that it never reaches the reliability of Doom Winds Icon Doom Winds.
  3. Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones Icon Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones can be reasonably good here as the cooldown reduction allows for Feral Spirit Icon Feral Spirit to be cast so much more often, smoothing out lots of pulls, but does not contribute nearly as much burst or AoE as Doom Winds Icon Doom Winds does.

Other Legendary options not listed here generally have a hard time making a meaningful impact to varied content types. Lots of them have a heavy leaning toward single-target which, while they are useful in their place they are not nearly flexible enough to warrant picks in content that shifts pace so frequently.


Covenant Specific Legendaries for Enhancement Shaman

Each Covenant also has access to one Legendary that alters the effects of the class ability granted:

  • Kyrian: Raging Vesper Vortex Icon Raging Vesper Vortex does not improve Vesper Totem Icon Vesper Totem nearly enough to warrant picking it over Doom Winds, and given it is a burst AoE-only legendary, that means it should be avoided.
  • Necrolord: Splintered Elements Icon Splintered Elements provides a tiny amount of average Haste in single-target, and not much better if multi-DoTing. This should be avoided entirely and is not worth the crafting cost.
  • Night Fae: Seeds of Rampant Growth Icon Seeds of Rampant Growth does have better performance than other Covenant choices, but it cannot quite reach the same output as Wolf Bones, while coming with downsides of relying on cooldown timers. This is an option, but a less reliable one.
  • Venthyr: Elemental Conduit Icon Elemental Conduit on the surface looks like it could enable Fire Nova Icon Fire Nova, but the long cooldown of Chain Harvest Icon Chain Harvest just means this is a gimmick rather than a strong pick, so should be avoided.

Covenant Legendaries are mostly to be ignored for Enhancement. Night Fae is the only one that has reasonable performance compared to the alternative in the same damage profile, but not enough to go out of your way to invest in it. The other 3 should be firmly ignored.


Other Legendaries for Enhancement Shaman

These are other options that are available that have not been mentioned in the above sections because they generally have no strong benefit.

  • Ancestral Reminder Icon Ancestral Reminder has no strong benefits in any situation outside of extremely short encounters, as Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust is used so infrequently and the sacrifice of losing other more, impactful options is too great.
  • Deeptremor Stone Icon Deeptremor Stone is attached to a long 5-minute cooldown spell in Earth Elemental Icon Earth Elemental, is difficult to control, and often will get itself killed for very low payoff.
  • Chains of Devastation Icon Chains of Devastation provides some off-healing utility, but costs a lot of Global Cooldowns for low payoff as none of the spells will be fully empowered by Maelstrom Weapon Icon Maelstrom Weapon, making this niche at best.
  • Echo of Eonar Icon Echo of Eonar's proc does not contribute enough of a damage increase to compete with any of the Enhancement-specific options.
  • Judgment of the Arbiter Icon Judgment of the Arbiter's proc does too little damage per proc and is reliant on allies and positioning to make use of.
  • Norgannon's Sagacity Icon Norgannon's Sagacity has no use for Enhancement as the majority of our abilities are instant.
  • Sephuz's Proclamation Icon Sephuz's Proclamation has some niche benefits and is useful in PvP, but the proc does not contribute nearly enough to our damage profile.
  • Stable Phantasma Lure Icon Stable Phantasma Lure only benefits Torghast specifically by adding more resources, so it has no use outside of there — and very limited benefits within.
  • Vitality Sacrifice Icon Vitality Sacrifice does not provide enough of a damage increase percentage to be worth it relative to the gains of what we have available, and is also contingent on getting hit frequently.
  • Maw Rattle Icon Maw Rattle deals extremely low damage and the survival aspect is not relevant enough to even make it niche.
  • Third Eye of the Jailer Icon Third Eye of the Jailer does not provide enough of a flat damage increase compared to our other options, even in perfect scenarios, so it currently is not worth crafting.


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