How to Farm Cosmic Flux in Patch 9.2

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The following guide covers everything you need to know about Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux, a new currency introduced in Patch 9.2 that is used for a variety of purposes including the Creation Catalyst of Zereth Mortis.


What is Cosmic Flux?

Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux is a new Patch 9.2 currency used to empower equipment at the Creation Catalyst in Zereth Mortis or fuel the The Runecarver's Chamber in Torghast.


Why is Cosmic Flux Important?

As mentioned above, you will need Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux to upgrade Legendary items to Rank 7 and transform non-set pieces of equipment into Class Tier Set pieces in Patch 9.2. Upgrading an item to Rank 7 will take 2,000 Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux, among other things, while utilizing the Creation Catalyst has a cost that varies with the slot being transformed.

You can learn more about the upgrading process in our guide below.

Due to its similar nature, the currency can be compared to Echoes of Ny'alotha from Battle for Azeroth.


How to Farm Cosmic Flux in Patch 9.2

Cosmic Flux comes from participating in Shadowlands Season 3 and Patch 9.2 content. You can farm it from the following sources:


Cosmic Flux from Zereth Mortis Activities

You can learn more about some of these quests, treasures, and rares in our guides to Zereth Mortis and its two additional systems below.


Cosmic Flux from Torghast

A wing of Torghast provides a total of 100 Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux at Layer 16, but only Layers 13 and higher will offer any.

The Jailer's Gauntlet also gives you the following amount of Cosmic Flux:

You can learn more about the new Jailer's Gauntlet challenge wing in our guide below.


Does Cosmic Flux Have a Cap in Patch 9.2?

No, you can farm Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux repeatedly without any limitations in Eternity's End.



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