Hunter Class Changes in Patch 9.1

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On this page, you will find a list of all Hunter class changes introduced in Patch 9.1.


General Hunter Changes

  • Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram (Necrolord Ability) can now properly bounce to targets that are not directly in front of the hunter.

In Patch 9.1, a Legendary Bow drops from Sylvanas Windrunner in the Sanctum of Domination raid. It grants Hunters access to the Wailing Arrow Icon Wailing Arrow ability that is directly added to their spellbook.

  • Wailing Arrow Icon Wailing Arrow — Fire an enchanted arrow, dealing (277.5% of Attack Power) Shadow damage to your target and an additional (75% of Attack Power) Shadow damage to all enemies within 8 yards of your target. Targets struck by Wailing Arrow are silenced for until canceled. (2-second cast, Costs 15 Focus, 40-yard range, 1-minute cooldown)

Hunter Class Guides Updated for Patch 9.1

Below, you will find out Hunter class guides, which have all been updated for Patch 9.1.


Survival Hunter Changes


Hunter Pet Changes

  • Mammoth Family: Trample is now instant cast (was 6 second channel).
  • Pterrordax Family: Updraft Icon Updraft (New Pet Ability) — Your pet beats its powerful wings, slowing the fall speed of both itself and the Hunter for 30 seconds.
  • Classic pterrordax pets and Mists of Pandaria pythons are now larger in size.

New Hunter Legendary Powers

In this section, we list all the new Hunter Legendary Powers added in Patch 9.1.

  • Bag of Munitions Icon Bag of Munitions (Head/Wrist) — Up to 2 targets hit by your Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram are also hit by Explosive Shot Icon Explosive Shot.
  • Fragments of the Elder Antlers Icon Fragments of the Elder Antlers (Neck/Chest) — When Wild Spirits Icon Wild Spirits hits fewer than 5 targets, there is a 35% chance to cause Wild Spirits damage a second time.
  • Pact of the Soulstalkers Icon Pact of the Soulstalkers (Hands/Waist) — When your Resonating Arrow Icon Resonating Arrow deals damage to a target, your party gains 10% increased critical strike chance for 10 seconds.
  • Pouch of Razor Fragments Icon Pouch of Razor Fragments (Legs/Feet) — Bonus Kill Shot Icon Kill Shots from Flayed Shot Icon Flayed Shot cause 6 targets within 8 yards to bleed for 35% of the damage dealt by Kill Shot over 6 seconds.

Hunter PvP Changes

  • New PvP Talent: Tranquilizing Darts Icon Tranquilizing Darts added. Interrupting or removing effects with Tranquilizing Shot Icon Tranquilizing Shot, Muzzle Icon Muzzle, or Counter Shot Icon Counter Shot releases 8 darts at nearby enemies, each reducing the duration of a beneficial Magic effect by 4 seconds.
  • New PvP Talent: Chimaeral Sting Icon Chimaeral Sting added. Stings the target, dealing Nature damage and initiating a series of venoms. Each lasts 3 seconds and applies the next effect after the previous one ends.
    • Scorpid Venom reduces movement speed by 90%.
    • Spider Venom silences the target.
    • Viper Venom reduces damage and healing by 20%.
  • New PvP Talent: Wild Kingdom Icon Wild Kingdom added. Call in help from one of your dismissed Cunning pets for 10 seconds. Your current pet is dismissed to rest and heal 30% of maximum health.
  • Hunting Pack Icon Hunting Pack (PvP Talent) now grants the entire Aspect of the Cheetah Icon Aspect of the Cheetah effect to allies within 15 yards (was only 3 seconds of 90% increased movement speed).
  • Steady Shot Icon Steady Shot now deals 40% more damage in PvP combat (was 10% more damage).
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Mind Control Icon Mind Control to prevent Spider Sting Icon Spider Sting’s (PvP Talent) application and effect.
  • Scorpid Sting, Spider Sting, and Viper Sting (PvP Talents) have been removed.

Beast Mastery Hunter PvP Changes

  • New PvP Talent: Kindred Beasts Icon Kindred Beasts added. Command Pet Icon Command Pet's unique ability cooldown reduced by 50%, and gains additional effects.
  • New PvP Talent: The Beast Within Icon The Beast Within added. You and all allied pets within 40 yards gain 15% Attack Speed, and immunity to Fear and Horror effects.
  • Wild Protector (PvP Talent) has been removed.

Marksmanship Hunter PvP Changes

  • New PvP Talent: Consecutive Concussion Icon Consecutive Concussion added. Concussive Shot Icon Concussive Shot slows movement by an additional 20%. Using Steady Shot Icon Steady Shot 3 times on a concussed enemy stuns them for 4 seconds.

More Patch 9.1 Class Changes

You can find other Patch 9.1 class changes linked below.



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