Preservation Evoker Healing Stat Priority — Dragonflight 10.0.2


The Basics of Stats for Preservation Evoker

The stat priority for a Preservation Evoker varies based on your spell selection or fight duration, your proximity to your healing targets, and your talents. We will give the general stat priority, then explain how each of these can change it for you. Having said that, our secondary stats are so close in value, and Intellect is so strong at current gear levels, that an item level upgrade will usually be worth equipping. You should use the information on this page to help you decide if one similar item level piece of gear is superior to another.


Preservation Evoker Mastery

Preservation Evoker's Mastery: Life-Binder Icon Mastery: Life-Binder increases your healing done when your max health percentage is higher than whoever you are attempting to heal. While this stat is quite good by itself, it is important to remember that it provides no damage increase which can hurt its value in content where damage output is important. Every other secondary stat increases your damage even if it is only slightly above 0, Mastery does not.


Talent Choices and Stats

Evoker talents do not massively impact stats outside of Reversion Icon Reversion. Given that this ability has an extra effect when you critically strike, the value of crit does increase when playing into a Reversion-heavy build. That being said, Reversion-focused builds are not nearly as strong as other builds and you need a significant amount of Critical Strike for this to really matter. For that reason you should not add Haste more than you would normally with the goal of obtaining this concept of infinite Reversions. It will not be possible until you reach the point of over 50-60% crit.


Raiding Stat Priority

The stat priority for raiding is as follows:

  1. Intellect;
  2. Critical Strike;
  3. Mastery;
  4. Versatility;
  5. Haste.

Mythic+ Stat Priority

Within Mythic+, your stat priority shifts slightly:

  1. Intellect;
  2. Critical Strike;
  3. Versatility;
  4. Haste;
  5. Mastery.

If you are interested in minmaxing your stats to gain the highest amount of HPS possible, you can visit QuestionablyEpic, a website dedicated to healer theorycrafting. This website will compare your stats based on gear and logs to tell you which items in your bags you should equip to make your character as strong as possible.


A Word About Leech

Although tertiary stats such as Speed, Leech, or Avoidance only appear as a bonus on gear at random, the Leech stat is so valuable for healers that it deserves to be mentioned. Any Leech on your gear is free healing that allows you to focus on other people rather than healing yourself. Its value will vary a bit based on how much damage you are taking in an encounter, but it is typically at least as valuable as your other secondary stats and often more valuable. You should keep this in mind when comparing lower item level gear with Leech to higher item level replacements without it.


Gems, Enchants, and Consumables

The gems, enchants, and consumables you will use are directly derived from your stat priority and you can find our advice on this topic in our dedicated page.


Getting a Better Understanding of Preservation Evoker Stats


Statistics Explanations

Intellect is your primary stat. You should look for this stat in all of your upgrades. It provides you with Spell Power, which increases the power of your heals.

Critical Strike increases your chance to critically hit with all spells and abilities.

Haste lowers your global cooldown and your cast time.

Mastery (Mastery: Life-Binder Icon Mastery: Life-Binder) causes healing you do to be increased as long as their health percentage is lower than your own. The actual increase depends on the amount of Mastery you have.

Versatility increases all your damage and healing done, and decreases all damage taken.