Preservation Evoker Healing Spec, Builds, and Talents — Dragonflight 10.1

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General Information

On this page, you will find out the best talents for each tier for your Preservation Evoker in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.1. We also have default talent lists for various types of content, such as raiding or Mythic+. If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well.


Talent Cheat Sheets for Preservation Evokers

The talent tree displayed above is a generic build you can take into any form of content and get the job done. That being said, there are some other unique builds, and Mythic+-specific builds that you will want to consider using instead of this build. These builds will be discussed on this page as well as some information regarding them.

If you are interested in how your talents and playstyle might change in Mythic+, you can visit our the Preservation Evoker Mythic+ Page:


Raiding - Emerald Blossom


This specific build focuses on using Emerald Blossom Icon Emerald Blossom frequently with many talents that help to increase its power. This build can be quite a mana-intensive, so you will need to be extra careful with using Temporal Anomaly Icon Temporal Anomaly due to the high cost. That being said, it is potent, meaning you will still want to use the ability consistently.


Raiding - Spiritbloom


To play this build, it will require you to have the Evoker Preservation 10.1 Class Set 2pc Icon Evoker Preservation 10.1 Class Set 2pc. Without it, you should play an emerald blossom or reversion-focused build. The reversion build plays similarly to this but focuses on consuming Echo Icon Echo with Reversion Icon Reversion rather than with Spiritbloom Icon Spiritbloom. With the new tier set, consuming echo with Spiritbloom becomes a very strong choice, and this build focuses on doing exactly that.




This Mythic+ build takes more damage, crowd control abilities, and some utility options in the class tree that will help it to excel. This build aims to give you a default talent tree that you can take into any key and be successful. Still, there is debate about potential swaps that can be made depending on the dungeon and affixes. For example, if you find yourself needing a lot of healing, you can sacrifice Life-Giver's Flame Icon Life-Giver's Flame and Lifeforce Mender Icon Lifeforce Mender to get points to put into something like Spiritual Clarity Icon Spiritual Clarity.


Class Talents

Before we discuss Preservation-specific talents, we will start by looking at some of the class tree talents we are talenting into and some alternatives that are worth considering depending on your preferred form of content.

It is essential to note that we will not discuss every talent; if you are interested in reading about each one, please visit our spells page:


Rows 1-4

The first four rows of talents for Preservation Evoker are fairly standard, as the only real decision you will have to make is if you want to tune into an interrupt by selecting Quell Icon Quell. The other talents in the row simply give you core abilities or increase your damage, healing, or survivability.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Scarlet Adaptation Icon Scarlet Adaptation This ability stores 20% of your effective healing, causing your next Living Flame Icon Living Flame to consume the stored healing. This is a passive DPS increase that you do not need to actively think about.
Obsidian Bulwark Icon Obsidian Bulwark With this talent, Evoker becomes one of the tankier classes in the game, having two charges of powerful defensive ability.
Cauterizing Flame Icon Cauterizing Flame While not being impactful in every situation, it is a necessity in order to unlock healing increases. It is also the only dispel in the game that can remove bleed effects, making it incredibly powerful to have as a healer.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Quell Icon Quell When fighting a boss with a lot of interrupts, or in Mythic+, having an extra interrupt can be very strong. If your group could ever benefit from it, it is quite easy to take based on its location in the class tree.
Landslide Icon Landslide Most raid encounters will not be made easier by having a root in your toolkit, but there are some rare situations where it can be useful and is always worth considering that it is easy to select a location.

Rows 5-7

These rows are where the talent tree starts to split up even more, depending on what type of content you are doing. There are some fairly standard selections to increase your healing and damage output.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Tip the Scales Icon Tip the Scales Selecting this talent provides you with a decent cooldown. Preservation struggles primarily with getting long casts off; this cooldown helps with that issue by allowing you to get off empower casts instantly.
Extended Flight Icon Extended Flight While Evoker generally does not struggle with mobility, having the ability to cast while moving for a long duration can help make tough situations much more manageable.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Source of Magic Icon Source of Magic Despite taking this talent, it is not extremely strong as it provides a a minimal amount of mana return for one of your co-healers. If you ever find yourself in need of more points, this will be one of the easiest places to gain an extra point by unselecting.
Bountiful Bloom Icon Bountiful Bloom Any Emerald Blossom Icon Emerald Blossom build will want to select this talent as hitting extra targets is always beneficial. That being said, when you are not casting this ability then, Bountiful Bloom will lose a lot of value, and you can get better value out of other talents.

Rows 8-10

The final row of talents has a lot of utility options that are situational and can be selected if you ever find yourself needing them. As always, there are still some standard throughput increases you will want to select.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Rescue Icon Rescue Despite being a utility option, this talent can save lives whenever someone is in a bad position. Think of it similar to Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith, where you have the ability to save an ally.
Aerial Mastery Icon Aerial Mastery Having an extra charge of Hover Icon Hover is extremely important as this ability not only allows you to cast while moving, but it is also your main form of mobility, allowing you to move around quickly and reposition. Having two charges just further increases your overall mobility.
Leaping Flames Icon Leaping Flames Arguably your most important talent in these rows, this will turn Fire Breath Icon Fire Breath into a mini cooldown. It can be used for both healing or damage, and you will almost always generate a Essence Burst Icon Essence Burst proc whenever consuming the leaping flames buff. When playing Echo Icon Echo builds, it can sometimes accidentally consume the buffs on living flames, which is not ideal; if this is happening, then you can decide to take another talent instead.
Zephyr Icon Zephyr Despite only hitting 5 targets, being able to reduce the damage you and your allies take is incredibly useful in most situations. Just keep in mind this does not reduce all your damage taken, only area-of-effect damage.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Terror of the Skies Icon Terror of the Skies While not always useful, there are plenty of situations where having a stun can be useful; this talent will add a stun onto Deep Breath Icon Deep Breath.
Overawe Icon Overawe This ability enhances Oppressing Roar Icon Oppressing Roar, causing it to remove enrage effects from enemies. Using it on raging weeks or during a boss that has enrages can be very helpful to your group.
Time Spiral Icon Time Spiral Most classes will not ever need an extra movement speed cooldown, even those who are very slow. There are plenty of ways to increase movement speed that you will rarely ever take this talent unless your group is lacking druids who can provide Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar. In those rare situations, this ability can function as a budget roar.
Twin Guardian Icon Twin Guardian This talent gives you and your target of Rescue Icon Rescue a very strong shield. That being said, you do not often cast Rescue, making the value of the talent fairly low outside of situations you are making frequent use of Rescue.

Spec Talents

While the Evoker class tree has many similarities, there are many differences in the Preservation spec tree. Once again, visit either the Mythic+ or Raiding page to see specific trees for those forms of content. Either way, we will still break down the talent choices below:


Rows 1-4

Every ability at the start of the talent tree is powerful. Regardless of what content you are doing, you will select every talent in these rows.

The only talent in these rows that you would ever consider not taking is Essence Attunement Icon Essence Attunement as you may not always be generating 2 Essence Burst Icon Essence Burst at one time, making the ability to hold 2 wasted.


Rows 5-7

In the middle rows of the spec tree, most of your decisions will come down to the focus of your build. Due to the talents in these rows also being extremely strong, you will more often than not overspend in these rows, sacrificing points later on in the tree.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Temporal Anomaly Icon Temporal Anomaly This ability combined with Resonating Sphere Icon Resonating Sphere is extremely powerful. In a vacuum, these two talents would make up your highest potential HPS combination. That being said, temporal anomaly costs are very high, so you may need to watch your mana more than usual.
Emerald Communion Icon Emerald Communion Preservation Evoker struggles a lot with mana, being able to regen some of it through this ability can help a lot when facing long encounters. It also allows for some crazy combinations with Lifebind Icon Lifebind.
Punctuality Icon Punctuality Reversion Icon Reversion benefits a lot from the new tier set and also from the talent Golden Hour Icon Golden Hour, which can make up a decent amount of your healing by itself. Having access to 2 charges of reversion allows you to get more consistent value from these talents and synergies.
Call of Ysera Icon Call of Ysera One of the most important procs in the evoker kit, this provides a huge buff to Dream Breath Icon Dream Breath and Living Flame Icon Living Flame. You will ideally want always to have this buff active before casting dream breath. It is less important to have it up for living flame casts.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Field of Dreams Icon Field of Dreams This talent, as well as the one above it, Fluttering Seedlings Icon Fluttering Seedlings, increase the strength of Emerald Blossom Icon Emerald Blossom, which is the main way you will be spending your essence in emerald blossom builds. Echo Icon Echo builds will not take this talent, making it niche.
Life-Giver's Flame Icon Life-Giver's Flame This ability, combined with the talent node under it, Lifeforce Mender Icon Lifeforce Mender will provide you with the largest DPS increase out of any talent. That being said, it is often difficult to fit them into your build as you are stretched for talent points. If you do find yourself having extra points laying around or wanting to deal more damage, this is your way to go.
Time Lord Icon Time Lord The strength of time lord depends on what type of build you are playing. When playing a Echo Icon Echo build, these points become mandatory. When you are instead playing a Emerald Blossom Icon Emerald Blossom build, you will want to take Field of Dreams Icon Field of Dreams and Fluttering Seedlings Icon Fluttering Seedlings.
Flow State Icon Flow State This ability is not quite simple to understand as the tooltip is not great at explaining what it does. In most cases, it is a decent DPS increase and slight hps increase, but often not impactful enough to be considered. If you were interested in a full DPS build, you would, however, want to put 2 points into this talent.

Rows 8-10

The main differences in the final row of talents come down to the capstone selections. Overall, every capstone is viable. You will want to select each of them on a fight-by-fight basis, always opting for what will give you the most value on any given encounter.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Dream Flight Icon Dream Flight This end talent changes the least. Where other talents may require certain damage patterns or fights to be strong in, this talent will almost always get the same value. That being said, it can struggle in very spread fights.
Spark of Insight Icon Spark of Insight Whenever you are casting a lot of bronze spells such as Echo Icon Echo and Reversion Icon Reversion, you will gain a lot of benefits from Temporal Compression Icon Temporal Compression, making this talent fairly high value.
Stasis Icon Stasis As said previously, in situations where Cycle of Life Icon Cycle of Life is getting low value, you will want to talent into this instead. When using stasis, you will want to fill up the stasis with your strongest abilities.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Power Nexus Icon Power Nexus Almost essential for Evoker, having 6 essences allows you to use Emerald Blossom Icon Emerald Blossom (3 essence) and Echo Icon Echo (2 essence) much more smoothly.
Cycle of Life Icon Cycle of Life This talent's value solely depends on your build. When playing Emerald Blossom Icon Emerald Blossom you will want to take this talent. Otherwise, you will want to ignore it completely.
Font of Magic Icon Font of Magic Font of Magic suffers in raid as you do not want to cast Dream Breath Icon Dream Breath to max rank. This means that 1/3rd of your empowered abilities are not benefitting from the talent.
Energy Loop Icon Energy Loop While mana is a concern, this talent does not provide enough to really considering using. The damage increase is meaningless as the ability barely does more damage than Living Flame Icon Living Flame while costing a large amount of essence that could be instead spent on healing spells.


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