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Subtlety Rogue DPS Spell Summary (Legion 7.3.5)

Last updated on Jun 24, 2017 at 14:12 by Furty 382 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

On this page, we list the spells that you will often use as a Subtlety Rogue.

The other pages of our Subtlety Rogue guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author and Reviewer

This guide has been written by Furty, who has an illustrious history in the World of Warcraft raiding scene and race for World First. He has been a member of guilds such as Serenity, Midwinter, and many more, and is currently raiding in Future. He plays most classes at the highest level. You can follow him on Twitter and watch him play on Twitch.

This guide has been reviewed and approved by Gray_Hound, a Subtlety Rogue and theorycrafter who raids in Strawberry Puppy Kisses. You can find him on Twitch and Twitter.

1. Subtlety Rogue Spell Summary

If you are new to Subtlety, it is recommended you read this before proceeding! In this section we will discuss what abilities you have, what they are used for within the specialization, and how they interact with important cooldowns. If you have played this spec before or have already achieved a level of comfort playing this spec in a practical environment, it is recommended you skip this section and move on to the rest of the guide.

2. Main Resources for Subtlety Rogue

Energy is the main resource of Subtlety Rogues. Energy is generated passively, the rate of which can be increased by Haste, active abilities, talents, and procs.

Combo Points are another primary resource utilized by Subtlety Rogues. Some of your abilities generate Combo Points, while finishing moves spend them, dealing increased damage per Combo Point.

Cooldowns such as Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance and Vanish Icon Vanish also function as rotational "resources" for Subtlety, as they enable to use unique abilities that can only be activated in Stealth Icon Stealth. Keeping careful track of these abilities, which will be discussed at greater length later in the guide, is just as important as managing your Energy and Combo Points.

3. Basic Abilities for Subtlety Rogue

3.1. Standard Abilities

These abilities are available no matter what talents you chose, and form the bread and butter of this specialization.

Backstab Icon Backstab is your main filler and Combo Point generator. It generates a single Combo Point per cast and deals 15% extra damage if your target is afflicted with Nightblade Icon Nightblade.

Eviscerate Icon Eviscerate is your main finisher, and deals increased damage per Combo Point consumed.

Nightblade Icon Nightblade is a finishing move that applies a damage over time effect that deals shadow damage, and lasts longer per Combo Point consumed. It also makes the target take 15% more damage from you. This should be maintained on your primary target at all times.

Shuriken Storm Icon Shuriken Storm deals damage to all targets within 10 yards, and generates 1 Combo Point per enemy hit. Shuriken Storm Icon Shuriken Storm deals 100% increased damage if you are in Stealth Icon Stealth or Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance. You should use this as your primary Combo Point generator on 2 or more targets, and only on 3 or more targets in Stealth Icon Stealth.

3.2. Stealth Exclusive Abilities

Some of your abilities can only be used in Stealth Icon Stealth, or while your Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance is active.

Shadowstrike Icon Shadowstrike is your main filler when Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance is active. Shadowstrike generates 2 Combo Points.

You should still spend Combo Points if you cap while Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance is active. Eviscerate Icon Eviscerate is usable at all times.

4. Important Procs

Deepening Shadows Icon Deepening Shadows causes your finishers to reduce the cooldown of Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance by 1.5 seconds per Combo Point spent.

Shadow Techniques Icon Shadow Techniques grants your auto attacks a chance to generate a Combo Point.

Relentless Strikes Icon Relentless Strikes guarantees an Energy refund of 6 Energy per Combo Point spent on finishers.

5. DPS Cooldowns for Subtlety Rogue

Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance is your main DPS cooldown. It allows you to shift into a state of Stealth Icon Stealth, accessing unique abilities. It has 3 charges with a 60-second recharge time. This ability is used strategically to maintain Symbols of Death Icon Symbols of Death. You should keep careful track of your Energy and Combo Points before entering Shadow Dance so you can maximize the short time available to you.

Symbols of Death Icon Symbols of Death generates 40 Energy and increases damage done by 15% for 10 seconds, on a 30-second cooldown. This is one of our primary cooldowns, and we like to pair it with a Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance when possible.

Shadow Blades Icon Shadow Blades is a powerful cooldown that causes your auto attacks to deal shadow damage and causes abilities that generate Combo Points to generate an additional Combo Point. This lasts for 25 seconds, and has a lengthy 3-minute cooldown. This ability does not need to be thought about too much and can safely be used on cooldown.

Vanish Icon Vanish instantly puts you in Stealth Icon Stealth. This is essentially a poor man's Shadow Dance Icon Shadow Dance and can be used to get an extra Shadowstrike Icon Shadowstrike.

6. ChangeLog

  • 24 Jun. 2017: Updated some spell descriptions to match 7.2.5 changes.
  • 14 Jun. 2017: Page reviewed and deemed updated for 7.2.5.
  • 29 Aug. 2016: Updated for Legion's launch.
  • 18 Jul. 2016: Updated for the Legion pre-patch.
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