Windwalker Monk DPS Vault of the Incarnates Raid Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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General Information

On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Windwalker Monk for each boss of the following raid: Vault of the Incarnates. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7.



On this page, you will find Windwalker-Monk-specific information to deal with each boss in the Vault of the Incarnates raid.

This page assumes that you already understand most of the mechanics of each encounter. These can be found on the full raid guide, so what is contained here are details specifically tailored toward Windwalker Monks and what you can do to deal with each fight as best as possible.


Resetting Encounters with Transcendence

All Monk specializations — but especially Brewmasters — are capable of resetting most boss encounters with the use of Transcendence Icon Transcendence and Transcendence: Transfer Icon Transcendence: Transfer. This can be especially useful in a progression environment to save on repair costs and allow players to keep their consumable buffs, such as food from a Hoard of Draconic Delicacies Icon Hoard of Draconic Delicacies. All you have to do as a Monk is place your Transcendence spirit beyond the area that will normally be closed off after engaging the boss. Then, if you would like to reset the encounter, get the boss's attention with Provoke Icon Provoke and teleport outside the encounter area with Transcendence: Transfer. If done successfully, the boss will follow you outside and despawn.

Unless otherwise used during an encounter or mentioned in its tips section, it is highly recommended getting into the habit of setting up this form of fight reset. However, you should never feel forced to do so if there is a point in an encounter that you prefer having access to one of your most powerful mobility tools.


Talent Cheatsheet

The following talent tree is recommended for general use in raid encounters. Be aware that you may switch some points to gain specific utility against certain mechanics, which we will mention on specific bosses where relevant. Remember that you can also easily import the talent tree below into the game with either of the two "Copy Export String" buttons:


This is the generic-single target build.


This is the generic-AOE build.




Talent Adjustments

For this fight, use the generic AOE build linked above; your role will most likely be to eradicate the adds when they spawn. You'll do this better than almost anyone else.



  • The tank will be moving Eranog around the room to reclaim space that has been taken up by the many Lava Flow Icon Lava Flows and Molten Spikes Icon Molten Spikes.
  • Make use of Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death against whichever Primal Flames your raid is choosing to destroy during each Army of Flame Icon Army of Flame
  • Save cooldowns and/or Dance of Chi-Ji Icon Dance of Chi-Ji procs for add spawns from Flamerifts
  • You can use Transcendence Icon Transcendence to avoid the Army of Flame Icon Army of Flame's fire link, but ideally, it should be used on your group so that you can teleport back to them after DPSing Eranog in the intermission to avoid the explosion they do when they reach him.

For more information, please refer to our Eranog guide.




Talent Adjustments

For this fight, you may avoid Skyreach Icon Skyreach as it can easily kill you if you move slightly out of melee range. Other than that, you can use the above single target talent build.



  • Place Transcendence Icon Transcendence where the group is so you can get back easily after dropping a pillar if you are selected
  • Be careful not to fall into the center of the room where Terros is while avoiding mechanics like Shattering Impact Icon Shattering Impact or Resonating Annihilation Icon Resonating Annihilation.

For more information, please refer to our Terros guide.


The Primal Council


Talent Adjustments

For this fight, you will want to focus on dealing more AoE damage due to fighting four targets for most of the encounter. The generic AOE build above will otherwise be fine.



  • Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death can be incredibly useful against any player trapped in a Frost Tomb Icon Frost Tomb.
  • You can place Transcendence Icon Transcendence in the middle of a Scorched Ground before Primal Blizzard happens to clear your debuff easier.
  • Make sure you are talented into Spear Hand Strike Icon Spear Hand Strike and use it often on Frost Spike and Lightning Bolt

For more information, please refer to our The Primal Council guide.


Sennarth, the Cold Breath


Talent Adjustments

For this fight, you will want to focus on dealing more AoE damage due to fighting multiple targets for most of the encounter. The generic AOE build above will be fine.



  • You can use both Transcendence Icon Transcendence and specific parts of the terrain to avoid death from Gossamer Burst Icon Gossamer Burst rather than needing to stand in any Sticky Webbing Icon Sticky Webbing. Alternatively, Tiger's Lust Icon Tiger's Lust can be used to remove the Sticky Webbing debuff before you or another player are Wrapped in Webs Icon Wrapped in Webs.
  • Potentially avoid using Skyreach Icon Skyreach as it can be dangerous if it dashes you over Icy Ground
  • Use Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death to cleave its damage from smaller adds onto larger adds/boss
  • Use Transcendence Icon Transcendence or Flying Serpent Kick Icon Flying Serpent Kick to avoid falling off the platform from Gossamer Burst
  • Be aware the sliding effect of Icy Ground Icon Icy Ground, it also will change how Roll Icon Roll and other movement abilities moves your character drastically.

For more information, please refer to our Sennarth guide.


Dathea, Ascended


Talent Adjustments

The generic single-target build will be sufficient for this fight. However, as you will mostly be simultaneously fighting one or two targets, you may perform better with the Cleave/AOE build above if your group needs more AOE damage.



  • When Dathea reaches full Energy and summons Volatile Infusers and Stormcallers, locate which platform they are on and ensure that the Volatile Infuser next to Dathea is defeated near it.
  • Save your cooldowns for when you go over to the add platforms
  • Interrupt Diverted Essence Icon Diverted Essence from the Volatile Infusers as soon as possible to limit Dathea's strength.
  • Transcendence Icon Transcendence can be useful to avoid falling off of the encounter's platform due to how many knockback effects are present.
  • You can use Ring of Peace Icon Ring of Peace to knock one of the far adds on the platform closer to the middle for easier grouping.

For more information, please refer to our Dathea guide.


Kurog Grimtotem


Talent Adjustments

This fight features all sorts of damage and target counts. However, the generic AOE build will likely be best, as that is what Windwalker is best at.



  • Make sure to have your cooldowns available when the adds are spawning to help burst them down as quickly as possible.

For more information, please refer to our Kurog Grimtotem guide.


Broodkeeper Diurna


Talent Adjustments

For this fight, you will want to focus on dealing more AoE damage due to fighting many targets for most of the encounter. The generic AOE build above will be fine.



  • Be mindful of any Tarasek Earthweaver adds, as the hard-to-see ground effect of Tremors Icon Tremors will stun you for four seconds!
  • Stay at least five yards away from other players if affected by a Drakonid Stormbringer's Ionizing Charge Icon Ionizing Charge
  • Be careful with your burst on the mobs as they spawn, so keep a defensive ready in case you get agro.

For more information, please refer to our Broodkeeper Diurna guide.


Raszageth the Storm-Eater


Talent Adjustments

For Raszageth, most of the damage is single target. However, your biggest contribution is likely to get through the side (blue and red) platforms as quickly as possible and controlling Volatile Spark. Adjust the above build for more AOE damage if your group needs it.



  • DropĀ Ring of Peace Icon Ring of Peace to cover yourself and as many others as you can before Volatile Spark come out so they disappear immediately.
  • Save cooldowns for when the boss hasĀ Stormsurge.
  • Windwalker has plenty of movement and defensives to handle nearly every ability, use them.

For more information, please refer to our Raszageth guide.



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