Windwalker Monk Torghast Guide and Best Anima Powers — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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General Information

On this page, we tell you all you need to know to prepare your Windwalker Monk before entering Torghast and then how to pick up the right Anima Powers once you are inside!


Torghast as a Windwalker Monk

This page will guide you on how to get the most out of your Windwalker Monk in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. For more information about Torghast, check out our dedicated pages below.


Best Windwalker Monk Setup for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

You can easily import the talent tree below into the game with the following string:


Best Windwalker Monk Anima Powers

Throughout Torghast, you will be met with a ton of different choices when it comes to Anima Powers. Choosing the right one can be difficult, so we have made a Tier List below that should help you make the decision on the fly. This Tier List assumes that the powers are the same level.

Do not follow this list blindly, though, as there is a lot of personal choice and preference involved in choosing your Anima Powers. If you never use Tar Trap Icon Tar Trap in your playstyle, it would be silly to pick an Anima Power that increases its radius, for example.

Torghast is meant to be flexible and fun, so do not feel like you NEED to use these recommendations or you will not be able to complete your run.

For a complete list of Anima Powers, please refer to the two pages below.


Corrosive Dosage: Top Anima Power for Windwalker Monk

It may not make a lot of sense but Corrosive Dosage Icon Corrosive Dosage is probably the strongest Anima Power that Windwalker has access to. Rather unexpectedly this power results in an insane amount of damage while you just stand and heal yourself. Use it at any point chance you can get it.


Great Anima Powers for Windwalker Monk

  • 36 Pressure Point Technique Icon 36 Pressure Point Technique
  • Balance of the Ox Icon Balance of the Ox
  • Caught by the Dropkicks Icon Caught by the Dropkicks
  • Constellation Star-Chart Icon Constellation Star-Chart
  • Fatal Flying Guillotine Icon Fatal Flying Guillotine
  • Feathers of a Hundred Flocks Icon Feathers of a Hundred Flocks
  • Flowing Chi Rolls Icon Flowing Chi Rolls
  • Hit Scheme Icon Hit Scheme
  • Stroke of Elegance Icon Stroke of Elegance (Up to 3 stacks)
  • Balancing Stave Icon Balancing Stave
  • Celestial Weapon-Chains Icon Celestial Weapon-Chains
  • Haven's Breath Icon Haven's Breath
  • Scales of Order Icon Scales of Order
  • Fading Memory Shards Icon Fading Memory Shards

Good Anima Powers for Windwalker Monk

  • Amplified Samples Icon Amplified Samples
  • Bad Karma Icon Bad Karma
  • Celestial Lasso Icon Celestial Lasso
  • Deathtouched Brew Icon Deathtouched Brew
  • Shadowboxing Treads Icon Shadowboxing Treads
  • Technique of the Rushing Tiger Icon Technique of the Rushing Tiger
  • Tiger and Crane Figurines Icon Tiger and Crane Figurines
  • Whirling Stormgem Icon Whirling Stormgem
  • Wrist Wraps of the Zen Master Icon Wrist Wraps of the Zen Master
  • Grandmaster's Cypher Icon Grandmaster's Cypher
  • Grandmaster's Lesson Icon Grandmaster's Lesson
  • Grandmaster's Mythos Icon Grandmaster's Mythos
  • Anima-Tinged Weapon Oil Icon Anima-Tinged Weapon Oil
  • Maw-Darkened Slippers Icon Maw-Darkened Slippers
  • Deep Reflection Icon Deep Reflection
  • Bulging Brew Icon Bulging Brew
  • Corrosive Carbonation Icon Corrosive Carbonation
  • Unfiltered Bone Broth Icon Unfiltered Bone Broth
  • Staggered Stomps Icon Staggered Stomps

Bad Anima Powers for Windwalker Monk

  • Stroke of Elegance Icon Stroke of Elegance (After 3 stacks)
  • Grandmaster's Ultimatum Icon Grandmaster's Ultimatum
  • Dowsing Rod Icon Dowsing Rod
  • Fae Aftershock Icon Fae Aftershock
  • Fae Footwraps Icon Fae Footwraps

Non-DPS Increasing Anima Powers for Windwalker Monk

Some of the powers in Torghast do not provide direct increases to your DPS but are there entirely for enjoyment and flavor.

  • Grandmaster's Gift Icon Grandmaster's Gift
  • Grandmaster's Invocation Icon Grandmaster's Invocation
  • Grandmaster's Legacy Icon Grandmaster's Legacy
  • Forgotten Armor of Order Icon Forgotten Armor of Order
  • Cloud of Feathers Icon Cloud of Feathers
  • Ever-tumbling Stone Icon Ever-tumbling Stone
  • Fortified Leg Braces Icon Fortified Leg Braces
  • Katamawri Icon Katamawri
  • Rolling Tigers Icon Rolling Tigers
  • Tumbling Rollstone Icon Tumbling Rollstone
  • Bottled Wind Icon Bottled Wind
  • Shadowy Essence Icon Shadowy Essence

If an Anima Power is not in the Tier List above, it is either because we have been unable to test it or find information about its tuning. It will be populated over time as we learn more about them.


Phantasma Anima Powers for Windwalker Monk

Occasionally you will be offered the ability to get Phantasma instead of an Anima Power, or increases to your Phantasma generation. It is hard to evaluate these, but we recommend choosing them when there is no "good" or higher alternative Anima Power.


Windwalker Monk Playstyle for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Inherently, Windwalker should be pretty strong for Torghast, but it can absolutely be viable and to help you achieve this, we have some tips below.

  • Pay attention to how much you pull when you first start, do not pull too much.
  • Afterlife Icon Afterlife is your absolute best friend when it comes to self-healing. Creative and intelligent use of these orbs can make you nigh invincible.
  • Windwalker has a lot of tools to control targets, like Leg Sweep Icon Leg Sweep and Ring of Peace Icon Ring of Peace, so use them liberally to manage the enemies that you pull.
  • Although many packs will be AOE focused, do not shy away from saving a large target for a single pull to use your single target focused abilities.
  • Several Anima Powers increase the strength or frequency of your defensive abilities pay attention to what you can use more often than usual and make use of the extra uses.


  • 25 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight pre-patch.
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