Windwalker Monk DPS Uldir Raid Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Windwalker Monk for each boss of the following raid: Uldir. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.5.



This page will be a rough outline of the bosses and mechanics in the Uldir raid. This page will focus primarily on how a Windwalker Monk can optimize its performance on the raid bosses in Uldir, and not on an actual raid strategy for the bosses.


Windwalkre Monks in Uldir

Windwalker Monks are looking to be a very strong pick in Uldir, due to their overall strong DPS, their oustanding burst and the flexibility of their output. Additionally, mobility makes Windwalker Monks very efficient as a melee to deal with mechanic or react to them safely.


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Windwalker Monk Playstyle on Taloc

To best deal with Taloc's main ability, Plasma Discharge Icon Plasma Discharge, keep refreshing Transcendence Icon Transcendence near the boss. Putting it away to drop the pools quickly is not necessary, as you have plenty of time to run out of the raid. On top of that, it is easy for another player to blank your Transcendence by dropping a pool on top of it.

That very same Transcendence Icon Transcendence can also allow you to instantly cancel the knockback from Sanguine Static Icon Sanguine Static. You should still make sure you are well positioned and will not hit anyone else with the knockback if it targets you, however instantly canceling this effect will maximize your boss uptime.

At 60% health, Taloc goes immune. Make sure not to waste any large DPS cooldown right at this moment. However, as soon as Coalesced Bloods spawn, you must focus heavily on taking them down before the final phase starts.




Windwalker Monk Playstyle on M.O.T.H.E.R.

M.O.T.H.E.R is a very interesting fight as a Windwalker, as it makes the most out of all your assets. Mobility, burst DPS cooldowns, crowd control are all valuable in this fight.

Wind Tunnel Icon Wind Tunnel creates a gust of wind that pushes you towards a pool of fire. It is easy for you to keep damaging during this ability. Smart use of Roll Icon Roll will maximize your boss uptime. Purifying Flame Icon Purifying Flame can easily be moved away from as the pools spawn. You can take any blank in your rotation as an opportunity to refresh Transcendence Icon Transcendence near the boss to efficiently move back to it.

The main mechanic you actively deal with is going to be Defense Grid Icon Defense Grid. As you are sent over to the next room, you will have to efficiently deal with Remnant of Corruption. Use Leg Sweep Icon Leg Sweep when they start casting and maximize your damage and Spear Hand Strike Icon Spear Hand Strike as long as they are up.

When the boss enters the last room, she will gain a 100% damage taken debuff. This makes Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death extremely powerful. This is what makes Windwalker Monks very valuable damage wise on this boss. Depending on your raid group and the encounter difficulty, it can be interesting to use one Meridian Strikes Icon Meridian Strikes if it allows you to get an extra Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death during this last phase. If that is the case, delay your Touch of Death to be up right as you transition into Phase Three.


Fetid Devourer


Windwalker Monk Playstyle on Fetid Devourer

Fetid Devourer is a fight that allows Windwalker Monks to shine thanks to their burst cooldowns and flexibility. It is mostly a Single Target race at which Windwalker Monks are very good.

When you are affected by Malodorous Miasma Icon Malodorous Miasma, keep defensives up for when it expires, as it turns into the much scarier Putrid Paroxysm Icon Putrid Paroxysm. If you have Touch of Karma Icon Touch of Karma up for it, wait until you get damaged by Paroxysm first before using it, as the large absorb will allow your healers to get you back to full easily.

Shockwave Stomp Icon Shockwave Stomp (Heroic and up) is a very consequential knockback. However, it can be mostly negated by having Transcendence Icon Transcendence placed down and using it right after the knockback. This will save considerable boss uptime.

Two eggs will spawn periodically. They need to be killed very quickly in order to prevent Fetid Devourer from healing. Therefore, keep offensive cooldowns for them.

At 50%, the boss will enrage and take an extra 50% damage for the rest of the encounter. Due to Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust, cooldown usage, and executes, it is unlikely you will get two sets of Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death during that phase. However it remains a very powerful effect when your target is taking increased damage, make the most out of it.


Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth


Windwalker Monk Playstyle on Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth

This encounter will put the emphasis on surviving through several mechanics while efficiently killing different kinds of minions.

In Phase One, starting at 90% boss health, Silithid Warriors that fixate a target spawn. They can be stunned with Leg Sweep Icon Leg Sweep and should be focused efficiently. Try to maximize Fists of Fury Icon Fists of Fury and Whirling Dragon Punch Icon Whirling Dragon Punch on them.

At 65% boss health, he will transition into another phase without Silithid Warriors but instead Nerubian Voidweavers in a triangle. All three should be kept interrupted or stunned and killed efficiently. If you are targeted by Roiling Deceit Icon Roiling Deceit, make sure you are away from the raid group when it expires as you will drop a cloud that can be deadly to the raid if anyone enters it.

Phase Three is purely a Single Target phase with high raid-wide damage. On top of that, players will have to soak large Orb of Corruption Icon Orb of Corruptions falling down. Keep your damaging cooldowns for when you soak one, and stun and interrupt players who get mind controlled by this effect.




Windwalker Monk Playstyle on Vectis

During the main phase, the boss will cast two abilities. Contagion Icon Contagion is a small amount of damage to the raid that gets larger as the fight progresses. Gestate Icon Gestate stuns the target dealing shadow damage to all players around the target and spawns and add. It is very important you focus on killing this add quickly, specially as the fight goes on and the raid damage intake increases.

Use your mobility to soak the furthest Plague Bomb Icon Plague Bombs, which other classes could have a hard time catching. During this phase, Vectis will send out many waves that are pretty fast moving and apply Lingering Infection Icon Lingering Infection. Ensure you are not too close to the boss or you will have a hard time dodging them. Use Transcendence Icon Transcendence to reposition efficiently.


Zul, Reborn


Windwalker Monk Playstyle on Zul, Reborn

There are three sets of adds that spawn in Phase One. Nazmani Bloodhexer can be controlled through Paralysis Icon Paralysis. This can be required as they can spawn in duos and must remain separated at all times. Bloodhexer also attempts to cast Congeal Blood Icon Congeal Blood; this add has very high priority as he will heal Zul if they collide. Bloodhexers are the highest priority targets for you.

Nazmani Crusher is your second priority and Bloodthirsty Crawg are normally just burned down through passive cleave. Be aware of the Crusher doing a frontal cleave ability on the tank.

Phase Two is mostly a single target DPS race for you. Make sure to finish any adds remaining from Phase One then burst down the boss before the platform gets covered in pools of blood.


Mythrax the Unraveler


Windwalker Monk Playstyle on Mythrax the Unraveler

This fight consists of a boss phase and an intermission phase. The boss phase consists in the boss applying stacks of Annihilation Icon Annihilation whenever an ability hits you. You can reduce these stacks by picking up Existence Fragment Icon Existence Fragments.

You can free anyone caught in Oblivion Sphere Icon Oblivion Sphere by using Ring of Peace Icon Ring of Peace. As they are charmed, players become vulnerable to the knockback and this removes the charm. It comes at the cost of Good Karma Icon Good Karma but can be much more valuable.

At 75% Health, the boss moves into the middle of the room and takes 99% less damage. During the intermission, two N'raqi Destroyers spawn and must be killed to move on. Additionally, several players will be targeted by Visions of Madness Icon Visions of Madness. If your raid remains grouped, these caster adds will be bale to be stunned to interrupt their casts. Use Leg Sweep Icon Leg Sweep and, in worst cases, Ring of Peace Icon Ring of Peace, to interrupt them.




Windwalker Monk Playstyle on G'huun

G'huun is the final boss of the raid. The encounter consists of an upstairs minigame portion, as well as three downstairs phases.

Windwalker Monks are one of the very best specs for the upstairs phase, as they have access to Chi Torpedo Icon Chi Torpedo, Flying Serpent Kick Icon Flying Serpent Kick, and Transcendence Icon Transcendence to cover any amount of ground needed on the platform to deliver the Power Matrix.

Phase One is the add phase. Your focus in this phase is to cleave down all units, but have at least one target ready to be focused down. The priority is killing and interrupting Blightspreader Tendril (Heroic and up), then Cyclopean Terror, and finally Dark Young. The Dark Young add will apply Dark Bargain Icon Dark Bargain to players nearby, increasing their damage and healing done but mind controlling them at two stacks.

When you deliver the Power Matrices, G'huun stops the pahse one adds and begins another phase. Spread to reduce stacks of Putrid Blood Icon Putrid Blood applied. Your focus in Phase Two is taking down the Gibbering Horror efficiently.

Nothing in particular is dealt with differently as a Monk in the last phase. Sub-15% boss health, just keep in mind all the previous mechanics and avoid taking too much damage by being stacked on top of others.



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