Augmentation Evoker DPS Simulations — The War Within Pre-Patch

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General Information

On this page, you will find a number of useful simulation results for your Augmentation Evokers in World of Warcraft — The War Within Pre-Patch.


Simming Yourself with Raidbots

Raidbots is an online tool that lets you simulate and compare gear, traits, talents and more for your character. In modern WoW, it is an essential tool in optimizing your performance. Every high-end and self-respecting DPS player uses Raidbots on some level to figure out what they should use. It is extremely simple to use and we have a complete guide for it that you can access with the link below.


Disclaimer Page

Simulation programs, such as Raidbots, are incredibly useful programs for World of Warcraft players. They can suggest to you what talents to use, what gear you have is best for you, or what stats you should prioritize and were used as the basis for the majority of the information in this Guide.

With recent changes to SimulationCraft, it is now possible to easily and simply sim your character using Raidbots. However, there are still many things to be aware of:

  • Augmentation Evoker sims are very very early alpha. You may receive weird results. If something seems off, come to the Evoker Discord and ask in the channel or ping me.
  • Stat Weights sims on Raidbots are not accurate and only provide Stat Weights for Augmentations Personal DPS output and completely ignores the effects it has on the group. Do not use Stat Weight Sims.
  • On Raidbots only the Top Gear and Droptimizer sim modes produce useful information. Gear Compare does not work for Augmentation Evoker due to how it is implemented but you can use Top Gear's latest feature Item Seach Instead
  • Augmentation Evoker sims produce an output as RDPS. This is referring to "Raid DPS" e.g. the damage dealt by your entire group (The Raid). This is done because Augmentation is a Support that buffs other DPS therefore they are required for it to operate. Due to this and a few other factors that will be mentioned below, sims do not output the contribution of the Augmentation Evoker and can only provide comparisons. Thankfully, comparisons are all you need to optimise gear or talent choices.
  • Due to the multiple actors and large damage numbers of Raid DPS involved Augmentation Sims the error on a sim is quite large, typically around 400 DPS (at 489) on average at 0.05% target error but could theoretically be as high as 1000. For this reason, small changes in gear can produce weird or counterintuitive results, and many items will sim as sidegrades. This is especially noticeable for Gem sims or for sims that change stats as Augmentation gains very little damage from Secondary Stats, so any change in secondary stats results in a DPS change of a few hundred typically at most.
  • During Season 4 this error is likely to rise to approximately 2000-4000 (at 528) which becomes enough to start influencing general gearing decisions such as upgrading items or swapping trinkets. User discretion is recommended when using these sims. Additionally, when Raidbots runs a sim on medium precision, the error range can be as large as ±20,000, which can cause items to incorrectly show higher or lower than they should even on the final result because the item was not re-evaluated on a higher precision to place it properly.
  • Augmentation Evoker sims on Raidbots buff Fake DPS actors by default for the sake of speed. While it is possible to buff real DPS this is complex and significantly increases sim time (~30x Slower).
  • The Fake DPS used in Augmentation Evoker sims loosely approximate real specialisations for Single Target and provide a reasonably accurate approximation for the use of ST sims; however on AOE the feature is untested and does not accurately represent real DPS. It is still usable for Dungeon Based sims but the accuracy is significantly worse.

I am working hard on continuing to improve Augmentation Evoker sims, but it is a significant endeavor and a large time commitment. For now, keep attention to this Guide and posts in the Evoker Discord to stay up to date on Augmentation.

For more information on Raidbots and how to use it, see the Guide we have here on Icy Veins. Bear in mind the things mentioned above when using it, though!



  • 23 Jul. 2024: Updated for The War Within Prepatch.
  • 07 May 2024: Reviewed for 10.2.7.
  • 22 Apr. 2024: Reviewed and updated for Dragonflight Season 4
  • 19 Jan. 2024: Reviewed for Patch 10.2.6
  • 08 Mar. 2024: Update with Information on how to sim your character
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  • 06 Nov. 2023: Reviewed for Patch 10.2
  • 04 Sep. 2023: Reviewed for Patch 10.1.7
  • 10 Jul. 2023: Page added.
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