Nazjatar Zone Guide: Quests, Achievements, Essences, Rewards, Rares Battle for Azeroth (BfA )

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General Information

Welcome to the Nazjatar Zone guide, where we go over the new zone to be introduced in Patch 8.2.

Read on to find out about everything this zone holds in store for both Alliance and Horde players, including quests, rewards, and exploration.

1. Introduction

All the information contained in this guide is based on 8.2 PTR testing and we will keep updating the guide as testing continues. When Patch 8.2 is released, we will remove PTR-specific mentions.

2. Questing in Nazjatar

As the amount of questing you can do in Nazjatar is extensive, we will split this section over a few "chapters" for added ease of reading / goal-setting. The vast majority of Nazjatar questlines are perfectly mirrored between Alliance and Horde, down to the name of the quests (but with different NPCs), thus unless explicitly stated otherwise the quest listings and descriptions below apply to both factions even though they are mostly described from a Horde player's point of view.

2.1. Getting to Nazjatar

Once you log in to Patch 8.2, you will be called down to your ship, in The Warchief's Order and asked to perform a dangerous mission at sea in Send the Fleet. After pulling yourself together from Azshara's ambush, start off by checking up on Oculeth in Upheaval, and enlist his help to ensure a safe Descent from the waterfall. Lor'themar will ask you to find and help The First Arcanist, Thalyssra. Once you find her, crush the nearby Naga in Disruption of Power, Ritual of Tides, and Fortunate Souls and move on to In Deep. Next, you will be made aware of Lady Ashvane's fate since her breakout in Up Against It, and meet your Nazjatar faction allies, as well as Queen Azshara herself in Stay Low, Stay Fast!. Help Oculeth open a portal to your BfA capital in A Way Home and you are done with the introduction.

2.2. Learning about Essences

Magni appears close to where you finished the previous section, and sends you towards the new Chamber of the Heart (accessed through the BfA capital's portal to Silithus, as usual) in Essential Empowerment. Once there, pick up MOTHER Knows Best and enjoy the introduction to Essences, the new Heart of Azeroth system, which will be further explained in its own guide in the future. When you are ready, pick up A Disturbance Beneath the Earth and ask MOTHER to teleport you to Highmountain. Meet up with Spiritwalker Ebonhorn and search for your first Essence in Take my Hand, followed up by Calming the Spine and Dominating the Indomitable. Return to the Chamber in A Friendly Face and unlock the Essence system and your first major power, Concentrated Flame, in The Heart Forge. Finally, return to your Nazjatar faction hub in Back Out to Sea and proceed to the next chapter.

2.3. Bodyguards / Guardians

Before you begin questing in Nazjatar properly, you should recruit a guardian to help you. To make them available, you need to continue questing from where you left off in the previous section in Scouting the Palace and Settling In. Once you are done with these, find the scouts in Scouting the Pens and Save a Friend before returning to the hub. Once you do, you can recruit a bodyguard to accompany you in Nazjatar from then on.

Alliance players get to choose between:

  • Bladesman Inowari;
  • Farseer Ori;
  • Hunter Akana.

Horde players get to choose between:

  • Neri Sharpfin;
  • Poen Gillbrack;
  • Vim Brineheart.

All of these guardians have helpful abilities that are unlocked / increase in power as they rank up, and we will try to rank them by usefulness as PTR testing moves along.

Your chosen guardian will level up and increase its rank as both of you adventure through Nazjatar. If you ever wish to change your guardian you can do so instantly, at no cost, in the main hub. Keep in mind that, at least for now on the PTR, whenever you leave Nazjatar, once you return you need to choose your guardian again, for him to accompany you.

Also of note, once you choose a guardian, you are able to pick a bounty quest from the nearby bounty board, such as WANTED: Braxicus, which will grant experience towards your guardian's next rank when completed.

2.4. Faction Hub Quests

Within the area you arrive to, besides a big array of World Quests spread all over the map, there are a few quests available:

While not technically picked up at the Nazjatar hub, but instead from your faction's mission table ship helmsman, The Missing Crew is completed in Nazjatar and rewards the aforementioned helmsman as a new mission table follower. Because the lost crew members are spread all over Nazjatar, you should aim to complete this quest as you venture close to each one while completing the storyline quests.

Down into Nazjatar will allow you to get your second Essence, Pearl of Lucid Dreams, after you unlock your bodyguard.

Payment in Kind for Alliance players / Visions of Danger for Horde players leads to the continuation of Baine Bloodhoof's storyline.

There are also a few PvP-related quests you can pick at the Nazjatar hub: Drowning the Horde / Drowning the Alliance require you to kill enemy faction players on Nazjatar, while Call to Arms quests rotate weekly and require you to kill enemy faction players on a specific location of the world.

There is also a new system of daily quests which is unlocked after you complete Desperate Need and its follow-up quest The Needs of the People. From then on you can pick up to three daily quests at the hub, such as Bounty a Few Snapdragons.

2.5. Nazjatar Storyline Part I: Lady Ashvane's Azerite Weapons

In the starting faction hub of Nazjatar, Insight Into Our Enemies starts the Nazjatar's PTR storyline, and leads into The Price is Death and Deteriorating Knowledge, which in turn lead into Ancient Technology (picked up at the previous quests' location) and What We Know of the Naga, which is a storyline breadcrumb that leads into Scouting Undercover.

This quest will have you work for the Naga while undercover in Sating Snapdragons and Working With Purpose. Completing these quests allows you to pick up We Can't Have Dull Weapons, which will in turn lead to Stealing the Naga's Secrets and a daring escape from the Naga. Once you deliver the Azerite Weapon to Lor'themar, a plot is devised to steal the Naga Azerite Weapon cache and you are sent off again by Oculeth to complete Coveted Crystals and Sea Slug Liquidation, which will lead into Let the Residue Lead You.

While following the residue, you might want to pick up A Safer Place along the way (look for the yellow "!" on the map after you cross the bridge with the talking giant). Turn the quest in at the cache in front of the cavern and prepare to go inside for Clearing Out The Cache, where you will face a gauntlet of enemies lead by a familiar face. These can be easily defeated by combining the buff gained from standing in an Azerite pool with the buff gained from looting the completed Azerite weapons nearby. Once you are done, return to the faction hub and pick up Down But Not Out from Lor'themar which will require you to finish world quests and finish this "chapter" of the storyline.

Of special note is that turning in Ancient Technology allows you to start gathering Abyssal Shards for An Abyssal Opportunity. Also, turning in A Safer Place will add Murloc traders to the encampment, with whom you can barter to complete the follow-up quest (No Backs) and for extra rewards from a not yet fully implemented trading game.

2.6. Nazjatar Storyline Part II: Queen Azshara and the Javelin of Suramar

After completing Down But Not Out, Lor'themar will ask you to go to the ruins of Azshara's capital, Zin-Azshari, with Thalyssra, in To Zin-Azshari. Once arriving and turning in the quest, you will be asked to search for magical relics in Making The Connection. While doing this, it is likely that you will find Collector Kojo, who asks for your help with Legacy of Naranan and Snap Back. Once you are done with these two quests, you can get The Fate Of Professor Elryna from him, the completion of which finishes this small sub-plot on how snapdragons were created.

Once you find all the items and return to Thalyssra, you will witness a short scene with Azshara herself and be assigned to clean up Terrors in the Deep. Once you do so (and assuming you did not go mad from the whispers), turn in the quest further north, where Azshara will make another appearance. Pick up Secrets of Telemancy and Speak with the Dead: completing these quests will inform you about the Javelin of Suramar, which will be needed to pierce Azshara's Tidestone-powered shield around her palace. Once you return to Thalyssra, some more conversation will ensue, and all that remains is to hunt down the Javelin in The Handmaidens Tale, and return to the faction hub with it, in We'll Poke Their Eye Out.

2.7. Nazjatar Storyline Part III: Recovering the Tidestone and Opening the Raid

Start the final stretch by picking up The Tide Turns and ordering the combined Horde/Alliance assault to start. Enjoy all the fighting and cutscenes, and finish by picking up The Eternal Palace Queens Gambit, which will require you to enter The Eternal Palace raid and finish things with Azshara.

2.8. Beyond the Storyline: Additional Zin-Azshari questing

After you complete the previous chapter, you can accept City of Drowned Friends from Thalyssra, who can be found around the entrance of Zin-Azshari. Help her get through The Ever Drowning and witness the Warbringer cinematic in The Warbringer. Finally, accept They Made Their Choice and face Abyssal Commander Sivara to finish this additional questline.

Also, in the upper part of Zin-Azshari you can find Kelya Moonfall, who can be unlocked as a flight master if you complete her short questline: The High Life, Saving Corin, and On Ghostly Wings.

Finally, keep an eye out for the odd quest in the field, such as A Curious Discovery. These are generally simple to complete and reward unique toys and pets.

3. Exploring Nazjatar

3.1. The Laboratory of Mardivas

While questing through Nazjatar, you might find mysterious items, such as Strange Volcanic Rock, which are meant to be used at a specific arcanocrystal, which depends on the nature of the item. These arcanocrystals can be found inside Mardivas's Laboratory, which is located here:

Once inside the cave, you can accept the quest The Laboratory of Mardivas and activate the Elemental Essence Amalgamator to fight a mini-boss that can drop Prismatic Manapearl when killed. The amount of manapearls you get per kill scales with the amount of arcanocrystals you activated before using the amalgamator. This event can only be completed once per day.

3.2. Treasure Hunting in Nazjatar

By completing the Scrying Stones quest, you learn how to detect hidden treasures in Nazjatar, and can from then on buy Scrying Stone from the vendor, which give you a 30-minute buff that allows you to detect hidden treasure chests in most of the Nazjatar zones. Make sure to be on the lookout for when the scrying secondary button appears!

Rarely, when looting these hidden chests, you can loot Silver Knife which will start Strange Silver Knife, which leads into Preserved Clues. After completing this quest, you can continue searching for clues in Diaries of the Dead, culminating in Enchanted Lock, which asks you to solve a very simple match-3 puzzle, after which you return to your faction hub to turn in Treasure Tale and finish this quest chain, unlocking new types of World Quests in the process.

3.3. Rare Creature Hunting in Nazjatar

There are plenty of rare creatures in Nazjatar, such as Sandclaw Stoneshell, and killing them all completes the I Thought You Said They'd Be Rare achievement. Besides the usual small chunk of Azerite drop, these can also drop special zone items, such as the What Will It Lure — starting chum in the case of the rare creature aforementioned. Once you complete this quest, you can loot and throw more chum into the water around Nazjatar for extra rewards. Another example of this is picking up Germinating Seed, which leads to What Will It Grow, a fun little side quest that unlocks the possibility of looting further seeds to plant in Nazjatar.

3.4. Pet Battles in Nazjatar

There are level 25 wild pets spread all over the zone, usually inside small caves, such as Ravenous Scalespawn and Giant Opaline Conch.

3.5. World PvP in Nazjatar

There is a PvP event happening periodically the zone: Battle for Nazjatar. While this event is active, there will be five zones marked in the zone map and available to be captured and controlled by Alliance or Horde players, as well as NPCs from both factions fighting over them. The event ends after 45 minutes or once a faction reaches 1000 points, which can be obtained by controlling points and killing other faction NPCs / players.

The reward for doing the event is Nazjatar Battle Commendation currency and some Conquest Points. Even if your faction loses, you still get a small amount of these as long as you are in the zone when the event ends.

3.6. World Bosses in Nazjatar

There is at least one World Boss present in Nazjatar, Ulmath; its loot table is empty as of right now, but he is expected to drop 430 item level gear, which is the same as heroic 8.2 raid gear.

4. Nazjatar Rewards

There are multiple vendors with all kinds of items in the Nazjatar hub, as well as multiple rewards available throughout the zone. We will try to detail as many of these as possible based on our PTR experience; expect this section to suffer changes as testing expands and the release date gets closer.

4.1. Professions in Nazjatar

You can train any profession in your Nazjatar hub by talking to the profession trainer NPCs. These not only teach multiple professions each, but also sell the required tools for using each of the professions, such as Crystal Vial for alchemists.

In addition to the new recipes learned at the trainers, there are multiple new reputation-bound vendor recipes, which teach crafters how to create stronger PvP starter gear / the contract with your hub's faction / rank 3 of the new potions and ring enchants.

Special mention to the Troop Requisition item at revered reputation, which allows you to recruit Ankoan Tidehunters / Unshackled Mercenaries troops able to counter the new mission threat, Deep Sea.

4.2. Nazjatar Benthic Items (Catch-up Gear)

Artisan Itanu (Alliance) / Finder Palta (Horde) are the vendors of Benthic items, where you can buy 385 item level gear for every slot, except weapons and trinkets. You can also buy account-bound item level upgrade tokens, which increase the item level of the 385 tokens by 5 / 15, depending on which you buy, up to a maximum of 430.

We have a post up with more information on these items and their gear-catchup mechanics.

4.3. Nazjatar Mounts / Pets / Toys

There are multiple new pets and toys available to be bought from various Nazjatar hub vendors, such as Inkscale Deepseeker, Prismatic Softshell, and Alliance War Standard.

4.4. Nazjatar Essences

The Time-Lost Battlefield Memento rank one Essence unlocks the Ripple in Space major power and Reality Shift minor power for your Heart of Azeroth, and is obtained by completing the quest Drowning the Horde / Drowning the Alliance. These powers can be upgraded through the hub's PvP vendor, with the legendary version being awarded from hunting War Mode bounty targets in Nazjatar.

The Pearl of Lucid Dreams essence is obtained by completing the quest Down into Nazjatar. You can obtain stronger versions of this essence by buying them from the hub's PvE vendor, but they require you to have the following achievements: Tour of the Depths (rare essence), Nautical Battlefield Training (epic essence) and the Nazjatar zone meta-achievement (legendary essence).

The The Unbound Force (damage), The Ever-Rising Tide (healing) and Aegis of the Deep (tanking) essences are obtained by raising your reputation with your Nazjatar allied faction to honored. You can obtain upgraded versions by increasing your reputation, with the epic version coming from exalted. The legendary version of these essences comes in the paragon reputation supply caches with this faction.

5. Changelog

  • 18 May 2019: Added the quest line that leads you to Nazjatar and a storyline that is available once you finish the main quests.
  • 12 May 2019: Guide added.
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