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General Information

Legendary Powers are targetable, unique effects that you can imbue certain base items with through the Runecarving system. In Shadowlands, these enable you to customize your Unholy Death Knight, drastically improving your performance, and are arguably the most important aspect of your gear.

The purpose of this page is to help you pick the right legendary powers (and item slots for them) for your character, depending on the content you are interested in.


Introduction: Legendaries in Shadowlands

One of the features of Shadowlands is the ability to craft Legendaries through Runecarving. Runecarving becomes available to you as you progress through Torghast. You gain Legendary Powers through different gameplay sources, and once you obtain them you can craft your own Legendary. Each of these Legendaries will boost the power of your character in a specific way, however you can only wear 1 Legendary item at a time. This guide will go over the best Legendary effects to help you make the choice a lot easier.


Best Legendary Powers for Unholy Death Knight

Focus Legendary Best Slot Source Stats
Raiding Deadliest Coil Icon Deadliest Coil Back Sire Denathrius (Castle Nathria) Haste and Mastery
Mythic+ Frenzied Monstrosity Icon Frenzied Monstrosity Legs World Boss: Nurgash Muckformed Critical Strike and Mastery
Torghast Frenzied Monstrosity Icon Frenzied Monstrosity Legs Torghast (Layer 6+) Critical Strike and Mastery

Best Raiding Legendary

When choosing your Legendary for Raiding, you generally have two options: either Deadliest Coil Icon Deadliest Coil or Frenzied Monstrosity Icon Frenzied Monstrosity depending on situation. Deadliest Coil is your go-to Legendary, both creating value from the increased duration of Dark Transformation Icon Dark Transformation as well as the lower cost of Death Coil Icon Death Coil. The low cost allows you to cast more, leveraging our Army of the Damned Icon Army of the Damned talent more. Frenzied Monstrosity Icon Frenzied Monstrosity becomes our pick whenever there is good cleave, or when we cannot leverage the extra cooldown reduction from Deadliest Coil. For instance, if we have lots of downtime, or if the boss dies so quickly we cannot get two Armies anyway.

We must also mention Death's Certainty Icon Death's Certainty. This Legendary is part of a viable build using Night Fae with Rampant Transference Icon Rampant Transference and Defile Icon Defile. Due to the very short effective cooldown of Defile, you can keep up your Death's Due Icon Death's Due Strength buff at max stacks indefinitely. This is 20% Strength, constantly. The main negative aspect of this build is that its throughput is comparable to other options, with its versatility being much lower. Any downtime or heavy movement will break your buff, losing value. We still feel like it is good enough to be discussed as an alternative though!


Best Mythic+ Legendary

For Mythic+, we pick either Frenzied Monstrosity Icon Frenzied Monstrosity or Reanimated Shambler Icon Reanimated Shambler. Frenzied Monstrosity Icon Frenzied Monstrosity brings solid single-target and AoE, making it the versatile choice which fits all scenarios. Reanimated Shambler Icon Reanimated Shambler synergises heavily with the Infected Claws Icon Infected Claws and Bursting Sores Icon Bursting Sores build, helping to build wounds for that big burst window. The choice depends on dungeon, group, and personal preference since you do sacrifice some single-target with Shambler.


Covenant Legendaries for Unholy Death Knight

Due to the Unity Icon Unity Legendary power introduced in Patch 9.2, Unholy Death Knight has the option of using one Legendary from its current Covenant.

  • KyrianFinal Sentence Icon Final Sentence — This is mainly an AoE Legendary. It does provide some value in single-target, 4% for 15 seconds, but this is overall really weak. It does well in AoE but the lack of single target makes it an overall mediocre Legendary.
  • NecrolordAbomination's Frenzy Icon Abomination's Frenzy — One of the best Legendaries available to use. 20% damage increase every 2 minutes feeds well into our burst with Army of the Dead Icon Army of the Dead whenever we can combine these cooldowns. The extra duration is also nice, especially when you combine it with the Brutal Grasp Icon Brutal Grasp Conduit. Abomination Limb Icon Abomination Limb really becomes a powerful cooldown! This Legendary is a large reason why we recommend you to run Necrolord for Raiding in Patch 9.2.
  • Night FaeRampant Transference Icon Rampant Transference — This is a great Legendary for any AoE. The Strength buff stacks up to 20% very quickly, requiring only 1 Scourge Strike Icon Scourge Strike/Clawing Shadows Icon Clawing Shadows at 4 targets! This Legendary is a major reason why Night Fae is the recommended Mythic+ Covenant in 9.2.
  • VenthyrInsatiable Hunger Icon Insatiable Hunger — Mainly an AoE Segendary, this makes our Swarming Mist Icon Swarming Mist windows even more potent. Unfortunately, it only really shines in AoE, making it a mediocre Legendary overall.


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