Dreamweaver - Night Fae Soulbind in Shadowlands

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On this page, you will find everything about the Night Fae Soulbind Dreamweaver.



Dreamweaver is the second Soulbind available to members of the Night Fae. You must continue the Night Fae Covenant questline in Ardenweald to unlock him.

Here is how Dreamweaver's Soulbind Path looks like in the game.

You can only pick one Soulbind trait or Soulbind Conduit per row, depending on what is available.

For more details on Soulbinding in general, please, refer to our Soulbinding guide.


Unlocking Dreamweaver's Soulbind Rows

Each Soulbind has 8 rows of power that you gradually unlock at various Renown levels.

  • Renown Level 9 is required to unlock Dreamweaver's fourth row of Soulbind traits.
  • Renown Level 13 is required to unlock Dreamweaver's fifth row of Soulbind traits.
  • Renown Level 21 is required to unlock Dreamweaver's sixth row of Soulbind traits.
  • Renown Level 29 is required to unlock Dreamweaver's seventh row of Soulbind traits.
  • Renown Level 34 is required to unlock the final row of Soulbind traits.

Dreamweaver's Soulbind Path

Here are the Soulbind powers available to players who Soulbind with Dreamweaver.

  • Row 1: Podtender Icon Podtender — When you take damage that would kill you, instead rejuvenate within a wildseed, regaining 30% of health over 10 seconds. If the wildseed takes more than (Greater of 1,000% of Spell Power or 1,000% of Attack Power) damage during this time, you die. This effect may only occur once every 10 minutes.
  • Row 2: Empty Endurance and Finesse Conduit slots.
  • Row 3: Empty Potency Conduit slot.
  • Row 4:
    • Soothing Voice Icon Soothing Voice — When your roots, stuns, and incapacitating class effects expire or are dispelled, your target's movement speed is reduced by 90%, decaying rapidly over 2 seconds.
    • Social Butterfly Icon Social Butterfly — When at least 2 allies are within 8 yards, your versatility increases by 3% for 5 seconds. When this expires, 2 nearby allies gain 33% of this effect for 5 seconds before passing it back to you.
    • Empowered Chrysalis Icon Empowered Chrysalis — 10% of your overhealing received or done remains as a shield on the target up to 10% of the caster's health, lasting for 5 seconds.
  • Row 5: Empty Potency, Endurance, and Finesse Conduit slots.
  • Row 6: Empty Endurance Conduit slot.
  • Row 7:
    • Faerie Dust Icon Faerie Dust — When falling farther than 20 yards, faerie dust slows your fall for the next 30 seconds. This cannot occur more often than once per 60 seconds.
    • Somnambulist Icon Somnambulist — After spending 60 seconds in a rested area, you gain 20% increased movement speed for 30 minutes.
  • Row 8: Field of Blossoms Icon Field of Blossoms — Activating your Night Fae class ability puts flowers at your feet for 10 seconds that increase your Haste by 12% while you stand with them.

Other Soulbinds

This section contains other Soulbinds available in Shadowlands.



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