Holy Paladin Essences — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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General Information

On this page, we go over the new Essence system in Patch 8.2 of World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth, and we tell you which are the best essences to use as Holy Paladin, both for minor and major powers. Please refer to our Patch 8.2 Guide to Essences for more information about the Essence system and where Essences can be obtained from.


Azerite Essences for Holy Paladins

Introduced in Patch 8.2, Essences are unique items that drop from various forms of content. They are activated through your Heart of Azeroth Icon Heart of Azeroth, and they buff your character in various ways, depending on the Essences that are currently active.

Our Essence Guide has a full list of all the Essences, together with their descriptions and explanations on how they work.

What follows on this page will relate directly to how Essences affect this spec, since generic information is beyond the scope of this guide.

Disclaimer: Please note that at the moment, simulations and general theorycrafting around Essences is a work in progress, and as a result, most of the recommendations made here are subject to change.


As a general guideline, assuming you are not required to use a special purpose essence for a specific encounter, your essence choices should be as follows.



Use Vision of Perfection Icon Vision of Perfection in the Major slot, and The Well of Existence Icon The Well of Existence and Conflict and Strife Icon Conflict and Strife in the Minor slots, which focuses more on passive healing, and shines in fights with constant damage.

Alternatively, you can use The Ever-Rising Tide Icon The Ever-Rising Tide in the Major slot, and The Well of Existence Icon The Well of Existence and Vision of Perfection Icon Vision of Perfection in the Minor slots. This setup focuses on cooldown management and optimisation, and works well with predictable bursts of damage.



For a balanced setup, focused on doing both healing and damage, use Vision of Perfection Icon Vision of Perfection in the Major slot, and The Crucible of Flame Icon The Crucible of Flame and Conflict and Strife Icon Conflict and Strife in the Minor slots.

Use The Well of Existence Icon The Well of Existence in the Major slot, and Vision of Perfection Icon Vision of Perfection and Conflict and Strife Icon Conflict and Strife in the Minor slots. This is specifically if you are looking to focus on heavy on-demand spothealing.


Essence Rankings for Holy Paladin


Mandatory Essences

  • Vision of Perfection Icon Vision of Perfection's major will grant us 7 seconds of Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath. On paper this looks strong, although the random nature of the proc leaves much to be desired from a healing only perspective. The minor is very nice in Mythic+, but will see play dependent on damage patterns in raid encounters.
  • The Well of Existence Icon The Well of Existence stores 15% of your overhealing, which can then be instantly released into a target every 15 seconds with the major power, or automatically released in smaller amounts with the minor power. The major is lackluster compared to some of the other choices, whereas the minor should be strong, especially with the glimmer build.
  • Conflict and Strife Icon Conflict and Strife major is good in PvP, but useless in PvE. Most raid and dungeon encounters do not predictably interrupt you, nor require that you keep healing through their interrupt effects. It might be useful for the Quaking Mythic+ affix. The minor effect is potent at Rank 2, and extremely potent at rank 3.
  • Concentrated Flame Icon Concentrated Flame is the essence of choice for DPS-oriented situations. This essence provides the best single-target DPS increase out of all the essences we can use, and looks to be the default choice for damage-focused hybrid damage dealing in raiding.

Situational Essences

  • The Ever-Rising Tide Icon The Ever-Rising Tide's major power provides an extremely powerful healing boost on a very short 30-second cooldown, with the downside of stopping your Mana regeneration while active. Its minor power is also good, granting stats, Mana, or both. Rank 2 and above will be a strong contender for default major choice in raiding, with the minor a nice added bonus. Rank 1 is quite inefficient.
  • Worldvein Resonance Icon Worldvein Resonance's minor power occasionally creates a Lifeblood Shard near you for 18s, boosting your primary stat, and that of nearby allies. This is a strong essence, which scales very well with group size, and will potentially be used as a support throughput minor slot in raids. Its major power is mostly forgettable.
  • Vitality Conduit Icon Vitality Conduit provides a Spirit Link Totem Icon Spirit Link Totem-like power, allowing you to designate a target to receive transferred life from its high health allies nearby. Unfortunately, the cooldown and transferred health numbers are too low to be good at this point. Its minor power is a more useful, as it passively activates a smaller health transfer effect, with an absorb shield tacked on top, making it a decent essence for certain encounters.
  • Artifice of Time Icon Artifice of Time provides a large absorption shield to an ally, which can come in clutch, especially in PvP. It does come with a huge 3-minute cooldown however. The minor power of granting haste (and speed, at high ranks) Could see use in a more support oriented setup.

Lacklustre Essences

These essences should only be picked if you have a real, tangible use case for them.

  • Life-Binder's Invocation Icon Life-Binder's Invocation provides a strong healing cooldown every 2.5 minutes. Its minor power provides passive bits of healing. Cooldowns are typically stronger than passive healing, making this essence a good addition to our cooldown kit. The minor does not proc from Glimmer, which makes it near useless for the glimmer build.
  • Ripple in Space Icon Ripple in Space is another PvP-focused essence. Its teleport capabilities are very useful to escape enemy focus, but you are sacrificing significant amounts of throughput from other essences for it. Its minor power is still niche, as it requires movement to activate, but could see usage on encounters requiring heavy movement.
  • Memory of Lucid Dreams Icon Memory of Lucid Dreams is a strong healer essence, but only in the minor slot, as its major power is very weak for Mana regeneration. Holy paladin, and especially glimmer paladin, currently has no Mana issues, rendering this mostly useless for us outside of encounters with extremely heavy flash of light usage.


  • 02 Oct. 2019: Updated essence ranking.
  • 21 Aug. 2019: Updated guide to reflect EP mythic progress.
  • 23 Jul. 2019: Updated the guide to reflect live experiences.
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