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General Information

Legendary Powers are targetable, unique effects that you can imbue certain base items with through the Runecarving system. In Shadowlands, these enable you to customize your Holy Paladin, drastically improving your performance, and are arguably the most important aspect of your gear.

The purpose of this page is to help you pick the right legendary powers (and item slots for them) for your character, depending on the content you are interested in.


Introduction: Legendaries in Shadowlands

Legendaries have returned in Shadowlands in the form of craftable items through the Runecarving system. You will have powers that are spec-specific, as well as powers that are generic to your class. In this page we will break down the best Legendaries for whatever form of content you are interested in, whether that be raiding or Mythic+. If you would like a list of all the Legendaries available to Paladin, you can visit our page for it below. If you are looking for information about Runecarving and how these powers work, you can visit that page, also linked below.


Holy Paladin Covenant Specific Legendaries

In Patch 9.1, Paladin gained four new Legendaries available to craft and use. These Legendaries are Covenant themed and each one of them amplify the abilities of the Covenant ability to make them stronger. In Patch 9.2, you gain the ability to use two Legendaries through the Unity Icon Unity power. However, double Legendaries require you to use your Covenant-specific Legendary in combination with another Legendary of your choosing. The covenant-specific Legendaries are:

  • KyrianDivine Resonance Icon Divine Resonance — casts an extra Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock every 5 seconds for 15 seconds.
  • VenthyrRadiant Embers Icon Radiant Embers — extends the duration of Ashen Hallow Icon Ashen Hallow while also reducing the cooldown of it if you were to cancel the ability early.
  • NecrolordDuty-Bound Gavel Icon Duty-Bound Gavel — provides an additional charge of the Covenant ability Vanquisher's Hammer Icon Vanquisher's Hammer and makes another Word of Glory Icon Word of Glory trigger Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn with each use.
  • Night FaeSeasons of Plenty Icon Seasons of Plenty — increases the effectiveness of Blessing of Summer Icon Blessing of Summer, Blessing of Spring Icon Blessing of Spring, Blessing of Winter Icon Blessing of Winter, and Blessing of Autumn Icon Blessing of Autumn by 100% for part of each blessing's duration.

Divine Resonance Icon Divine Resonance is not very noteworthy, but it does provide a nice emergency heal and extra holy power every minute. It is not as strong as Shock Barrier Icon Shock Barrier but will be a decent second Legendary for Kyrian players.

Radiant Embers Icon Radiant Embers is the most unique of these Legendaries but it is also one of the weakest. In most cases, you will want to allow your Ashen Hallow Icon Ashen Hallow to be extended to the full 45-second duration from the Legendary. In extremely rare situations, it will be worthwhile to cancel your Ashen Hallow early to place it on a reduced cooldown so that it comes off cooldown quicker. When this is worthwhile will come down to fight design, whether or not your raid is moving away from it, or you want it off cooldown quicker for an upcoming pull in Mythic+. It should be noted that in M+ Ashen Hallow should be cancelled as soon as mobs are dead to maximize the uptime on the ability. Normally this Legendary would never be used due to it taking the place of another Legendary, but thanks to the Unity Icon Unity power, you can equip it for free without loss.

Duty-Bound Gavel Icon Duty-Bound Gavel is extremely strong and should be used in every situation as Necrolord players.

If you were playing Night Fae, the reasoning would be for the buffs it provides. Seasons of Plenty Icon Seasons of Plenty just increases the value of these buffs even more, making it extremely desirable when the goal is to increase your party members' effectiveness.


Best Generic Legendary for Holy Paladin

Regardless of Covenant choice, Shock Barrier Icon Shock Barrier will perform well in every form of content and is generally going to be the Legendary you will want to craft first if you are unsure what Covenant you will play or what content you are primarily doing. If you opt into playing Necrolord, then you would instead want to get your Covenant-specific Legendary Duty-Bound Gavel Icon Duty-Bound Gavel first.

The best stats for your Legendary will be Haste and Versatility as they provide you with a well-rounded setup that can excel in every form of content the game has to offer. Mastery is a viable choice instead of Versatility if you want to prioritize healing, but it unfortunately provides 0 increase to our DPS making it less preferable.


Best Raiding Legendaries for Holy Paladin

  1. Shock Barrier Icon Shock Barrier is the base Legendary for Raiding. It is one of our highest HPS Legendaries and has amazing synergy with our Kyrian ability Divine Toll Icon Divine Toll, as well our Glimmer of Light Icon Glimmer of Light talent. For Kyrian players, this Legendary will almost never change. It is your staple Legendary that will allow you to excel in every form of content. Even as Venthyr this Legendary is still extremely strong option if there is not a heavy need for spot healing.
  2. Maraad's Dying Breath Icon Maraad's Dying Breath is one of the strongest if not the strongest Legendary available to Holy Paladin. While it does put you in more danger, your Light of the Martyr Icon Light of the Martyr casts become too strong to pass up whenever fights require single-target healing or increased tank healing. If you were to use this Legendary, you could also consider running the Beacon of Faith Icon Beacon of Faith talent. Given the Legendary causes your Light of the Martyr to transfer healing to your Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light target, running Faith will give you two targets to heal instead. The Legendary will also cause a minor shift in playstyle where you will no longer want to cast Word of Glory Icon Word of Glory and instead want to only use Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn with your Holy Power. The buffed Light of the Martyr casts will now serve as your Word of Glory, meaning it is your new extremely-strong single-target heal. Any time you have two Holy Paladins in the raid, this Legendary will lose value as you cannot use Beacon of Faith Icon Beacon of Faith and get the most out of it like you could with one Holy Paladin. Word of Glory should only be used if one of your group members will die before you have the time to cast Light of Dawn and then Light of the Martyr. In most cases, your decision to use this Legendary will come down to what type of healing your raid needs. When tanks are taking a lot of damage, there is a high need for spot healing, or you are underhealing fights, this Legendary will be extremely strong. In cases where you are unable to make use of the very strong spot heal or your tanks are not taking enough damage, the Legendary will lose value.
  3. Duty-Bound Gavel Icon Duty-Bound Gavel is the Necrolord-specific Legendary. This gives you an extra charge of Vanquisher's Hammer Icon Vanquisher's Hammer. In most cases, this Legendary is extremely competitive with the best options Holy Paladin has to offer and you will want to craft it as one of your first.
  4. The Mad Paragon Icon The Mad Paragon increases your damage done by Hammer of Wrath Icon Hammer of Wrath which makes this Legendary fairly strong any time you do not need any healing. In raiding you will almost never want to use this when progressing on fights. In Mythic+ it becomes significantly more viable as the need for maximizing your healing output is lessened.
  5. Of Dusk and Dawn Icon Of Dusk and Dawn is not a bad Legendary by any means. It provides a static increase to your overall healing, but not by a margin large enough to warrant taking it over other Legendaries.
  6. Shadowbreaker, Dawn of the Sun Icon Shadowbreaker, Dawn of the Sun is an incredibly niche Legendary as its main value comes in the form of extending your Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn range. In situations where you are unable to reach maximum targets and are very spread out, this Legendary is good. Any situation where this is not the case this Legendary will be outperformed.
  7. Inflorescence of the Sunwell Icon Inflorescence of the Sunwell has very little use to us as it requires you to cast Holy Light Icon Holy Light or Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light which is rarely done due to the inefficiency of these abilities.

Best Mythic+ Legendaries for Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin lacks many interesting choices when it comes to selecting our best Mythic+ Legendary. Most of the Holy-specific Legendaries perform very poorly in Mythic+ and will not have much use.

  1. Shock Barrier Icon Shock Barrier is a strong Legendary in Mythic+, as it will provide you with constant shields on your party members, as you should be able to maintain the buff on all of them.
  2. The Mad Paragon Icon The Mad Paragon is one of the Paladin generic Legendaries that will increase the damage of Hammer of Wrath Icon Hammer of Wrath as well as causing it to increase the duration of Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath by 1 second.
  3. Vanguard's Momentum Icon Vanguard's Momentum is another strong legendary choice of you are looking to increase your total damage output while sacrificing some healing power.

Best Torghast Legendaries for Holy Paladin

If you plan on running Torghast with a group of people, consider referring to the Mythic+ recommendations if your group is large enough that you have to heal for most of the time. Otherwise you can swap to a more damage focus Legendary as you will not need to be healing your party members as often.

  1. Stable Phantasma Lure Icon Stable Phantasma Lure will improve the amount of Torghast specific currency you get per run, allowing you to potentially purchase more powers than normal. Given the strength of powers in Torghast, having access to more of them will provide a large boost to your overall character strength.
  2. The Mad Paragon Icon The Mad Paragon will increase your Hammer of Wrath Icon Hammer of Wrath damage and allow for increased uptime on your Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath.
  3. Vanguard's Momentum Icon Vanguard's Momentum similarly to Mad Paragon, this Legendary will work to increase our overall damage by giving us more access to Hammer of Wrath Icon Hammer of Wrath through the extra charge. Vanguards also increases the Holy damage you deal when you use Hammer of Wrath. On bosses and elite enemies, you should be able to safely maintain 100% uptime on this buff, giving you a strong damage boost.

Legendary Crafting Guide

Below we will list which slot you should craft some of the relevant Legendaries on.

  1. Shock Barrier Icon Shock Barrier — Feet
  2. Radiant Embers Icon Radiant Embers — Back
  3. Maraad's Dying Breath Icon Maraad's Dying Breath — Ring
  4. The Mad Paragon Icon The Mad Paragon — Waist/Feet
  5. Divine Resonance Icon Divine Resonance — Waist
  6. Duty-Bound Gavel Icon Duty-Bound Gavel — Ring

Unity Icon Unity should be generally crafted on slots where you have weak points in your gear. If you have a bad ring, crafting the Legendary here would make sense, same with any other slot. This of course assumes you are fine with paying the extra cost to recraft the Legendary as your gear changes. If the gold cost is too much of a concern, crafting on the Ring slot will almost always be a safe option.

As always, you will want to craft your Legendaries with Haste and then choose between Versatility or Mastery for your second stat. Versatility is the most commonly picked second stat is as it performs well in every form of content, but Mastery will the best second stat for pure healing.



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  • 24 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight pre-patch.
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