Holy Paladin Healing Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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General Information

On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Holy Paladin for each boss of the following raid: Battle of Dazar'alor. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.5.


Introduction for Holy Paladin Boss Advice

In this section you will find information pertaining to each boss individually. It is recommended you follow the standard talent build found in the Builds and Talents section of the guide unless otherwise advised, on a per boss basis. As this is an upcoming raid, the current information is based on beta testing and theorycrafting using Warcraft Logs and will be updated over time.

If you have three Glimmer of Light Icon Glimmer of Light traits on your Azerite gear, we highly recommend playing a Glimmer of Light talent build instead of the standard one given below, as it will perform significantly better. However, since not all Holy Paladins will have the gear required for that build, the talent suggestions here do not assume that you have them.


Talent Cheatsheet for Holy Paladin in Battle of Dazaralor


Champion of the Light


Holy Paladin Playstyle on Champion of the Light

Be prepared to use a healing cooldown during Judgment: Reckoning Icon Judgment: Reckoning. Zealotry Icon Zealotry is a stacking tank debuff. Using Blessing of Sacrifice Icon Blessing of Sacrifice on a tank once they have swapped with their co-tank could be useful if the stacks become excessive. You can dispel Wave of Light Icon Wave of Light if anyone in your raid is hit by this ability.

Divine Mallet Icon Divine Mallet is the dangerous Mythic-only ability. It will hurl hammers outward from the boss. Avoid them and spot heal those hit by this ability.




Holy Paladin Playstyle on Grong

The key to this fight is your raid's management of Tantrum Icon Tantrum. Cooldowns, especially Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura should be used for it, particularly if it overlaps with other mechanics.

Much of the damage in this fight is physical, so a well timed Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection could save a raid member and you should be looking for good opportunities to do so.


Jadefire Masters


Holy Paladin Playstyle on Jadefire Masters

The most important thing from a healing perspective is to make sure all Searing Embers Icon Searing Embers are dispelled. You should also be ready for the explosions from the Living Bombs spawned by the Mage.

Use whatever cooldowns you have left at the end of the fight for Blazing Phoenix Icon Blazing Phoenix, which is a ticking AoE that lasts until the end of the fight.




Holy Paladin Playstyle on Opulence

Make sure to pick up either a Tailwind Sapphire Icon Tailwind Sapphire or Amethyst of the Shadow King Icon Amethyst of the Shadow King to buff or protect your raid. You may also want to dispel Hex of Lethargy Icon Hex of Lethargy from raid members and use your cooldowns during the Pulse-quickening Toxin Icon Pulse-quickening Toxin to heal through the ever increasing nature damage.

Using Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura during a Coin Shower Icon Coin Shower will greatly reduce the damage taken by the group that soaks this damage.


Conclave of the Chosen


Holy Paladin Playstyle on Conclave of the Chosen

Use Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura or Avenging Crusader Icon Avenging Crusader for Cry of the Fallen Icon Cry of the Fallen (when an Aspect dies) and/or Pa'ku's Wrath Icon Pa'ku's Wrath. Spot heal targets of Kimbul's Wrath Icon Kimbul's Wrath, a permanent damage over time debuff. Dispel players with Mind Wipe Icon Mind Wipe, preferably other healers if they are affected so that they can dispel others quickly.


King Rastakhan


Holy Paladin Playstyle on King Rastakhan

Be prepared for large amounts of damage from Scorching Detonation Icon Scorching Detonation, particularly if the tank is positioned too close to the raid. Do not heal people that are affected by Caress of Death Icon Caress of Death. Heavy healing on players targeted by Grievous Axe Icon Grievous Axe and Focused Demise Icon Focused Demise will be required. Fortunately Grievous Axe is physical damage and can be stopped by Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protectionif you cannot heal them above 90% health quickly enough.


High Tinker Mekkatorque


Holy Paladin Playstyle on High Tinker Mekkatorque

Though mostly avoidable, be prepared to spot heal players taking damage from Mekkatorque's Blast Off Icon Blast Off, Crash Down Icon Crash Down, and Sheep Shrapnel Icon Sheep Shrapnel abilities. Targets of Gigavolt Blast Icon Gigavolt Blast will take moderate ticking damage. Focus heal them as necessary before they have to run out of line of sight.

Mekkatourque's Hyperdrive Icon Hyperdrive ability functions as a soft enrage, gradually increasing the difficulty of the fight until either the boss dies or your raid does. You should coordinate your cooldown usage with your other healers for this portion of the encounter.


Stormwall Blockade


Holy Paladin Playstyle on Stormwall Blockade

Sea Swell Icon Sea Swell, and Ire of the Deep Icon Ire of the Deep are the major abilities to be concerned with. If necessary you can solo soak an Ire of the Deep with Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield.

On Mythic difficulty players will have to switch sides periodically to avoid taking too much damage from Tidal Volley Icon Tidal Volley or Jolting Volley Icon Jolting Volley. Pay closer attention to people with higher stacks of the aura debuffs and tell them to switch if necessary to avoid being one-shot.


Lady Jaina Proudmoore


Holy Paladin Playstyle on Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Make sure to dispel Grasp of Frost Icon Grasp of Frost as quickly as possible to remove the root of affected players and reduce the number of Chilling Touch Icon Chilling Touch stacks they have. Players who get 20 stacks of Chilling Touch and fall below 80% health will be Frozen Solid Icon Frozen Solid and require extra healing until the affect ends or they are broken out.

During Siegebreaker Blast Icon Siegebreaker Blast or at the end of an Orb of Frost Icon Orb of Frost is an excellent time to use Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura.



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