Holy Paladin Patch 9.1 Changes Analysis

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On this page, we tell you how the Patch 9.1 changes for Holy Paladin affect the spec and what the current state of theorycrafting is.


Holy Paladin in Patch 9.1.5

For this section of the guide, we will go over all of the important changes for Holy Paladins going into Patch 9.1.5 of Shadowlands. A full list of changes to the entire Paladin class can be found on our dedicated page below. For an additional list of content that came in Patch 9.1.5, you can also check out our Patch 9.1.5 Overview page.

The brief list of Holy Paladin changes in Patch 9.1.5 is:

  • Vanquisher's Hammer Icon Vanquisher's Hammer (Necrolord ability) now generates one Holy Power and had its effectiveness increased by 25%.
  • Blessing of Spring Icon Blessing of Spring now increases healing done by 15% (was 10%) and healing received by 30% (was 20%).
  • Blessing of Winter Icon Blessing of Winter now reduces enemy movement speed by 5% (was 3%).

None of these changes will impact Holy Paladin this patch.


Holy Paladin Covenants in Patch 9.1.5

The best covenant for Holy Paladin in 9.1.5 will not change with any change. Kyrian will still be exceptional in all forms of content, however Venthyr will still be superior covenant choice due to how strong Ashen Hallow Icon Ashen Hallow remains. The buffs to both Night Fae and Necrolord are not enough to make them competitive with Kyrian or Venthyr.


Holy Paladin Talent/Playstyle Changes in 9.1.5

Holy Paladin has not received any notable changes and as a result it will play the exact same in Patch 9.1.5 as it did in Patch 9.1. To view the current best talents Holy Paladin, you can visit our page dedicated for talents below.


Holy Paladin Legendary Changes in 9.1.5

No legendaries have received buffs and as a result, you will continue to use the same legendaries in Patch 9.1.5 as you did in patch 9.1. For a list of our current strongest legendaries, you can visit the Legendary specific page below.


Paladin Covenant Legendaries from 9.1

In Patch 9.1, Paladin has four new legendaries available to craft and use. These legendaries are covenant themed and each one of them amplify the abilities of the covenant ability to make them stronger.

  • Divine Resonance Icon Divine Resonance is the new Kyrian-specific Legendary. This legendary is very bugged at the moment but it has potential to be strong once it gets fixed.
  • Seasons of Plenty Icon Seasons of Plenty is the new Night Fae-specific Legendary. By itself, this Legendary is decent but it does not add enough to Night Fae to make it a competitive Covenant choice. It will not be as strong as our current BiS Legendary, Shock Barrier Icon Shock Barrier.
  • Duty-Bound Gavel Icon Duty-Bound Gavel is the new Necrolord-specific Legendary. Unfortunately, the Legendary is significantly outclassed by many of our other Legendaries such as Shock Barrier Icon Shock Barrier. It will likely be our 5th or 6th-best Legendary as Holy Paladins.
  • Radiant Embers Icon Radiant Embers is the new Venthyr-specific Legendary. The most important thing to know about this Legendary is that once you step out of your Ashen Hallow Icon Ashen Hallow, it disappears. No matter if it was placed 3 seconds ago or 40, it will disappear. That being said, stepping out of it within the first 20-25 seconds of it being on the ground will reduce its cooldown by a significant amount. The general approach to this Legendary can vary depending on the situation but you will either want to step out of it after 20-25 seconds to lower the cooldown to approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds, or stay in the Ashen Hallow until it reaches its maximum duration of 45 seconds.

Venthyr players will want to pick up their new Covenant-specific Legendary, Radiant Embers Icon Radiant Embers. While it likely will not be used all the time, it is a strong niche Legendary that is very good in the right situations. Night Fae players could consider picking up the Seasons of Plenty Icon Seasons of Plenty if they wanted to further increase the buffs they give. This legendary will still remain inferior to Shock Barrier Icon Shock Barrier however and should not be picked up immediately, only when you have extra soul ash available to craft it.



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