Champion of the Light Strategy Guide in Battle of Dazar'alor Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our encounter guide for Champion of the Light in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat Champion of the Light.

1. Disclaimer

Please note that all the information on this page can change drastically before the raid releases. This is all based on PTR information and the Dungeon Journal entries, meaning that they are still subject to Blizzard's tuning. We will be releasing a full guide for the raid, with strategies included, when we are closer to the release dates.

2. Fight Overview

This fight consists of two "phases" that are determined by the currently active Seal on the boss. If Seal of Reckoning Icon Seal of Reckoning is active, the add phase is active, meaning the adds must be killed. If Seal of Retribution Icon Seal of Retribution is active, then the boss phase is active, meaning adds cannot be killed without buffing the boss.

The raid will balance their damage on the boss and adds depending on the Seal that is active, while making sure to dodge the abilities of all enemies.

3. Champion of the Light Abilities

3.1. Zealotry

Zealotry Icon Zealotry is the main stacking damage mechanic of the fight and acts as a soft enrage timer. It grants 2% increased Holy damage to the boss whenever one of the following conditions are met:

3.2. Crusader's Seals

When the fight begins, the boss will select one of two possible seals and gain a different set of abilities. Upon reaching 100 Energy, the boss will cast Release Seal Icon Release Seal, which depletes the Energy bar and swaps to the other seal. This only happens after causing an effect based on the seal that was active.

3.2.1. Seal of Retribution

Once Seal of Retribution Icon Seal of Retribution is active, the boss increases the damage and healing done of all nearby adds by 15%, as well as increasing Holy damage dealt by the boss itself. Once any of the adds dies, the boss will gain a stack of Zealotry Icon Zealotry.

When this seal is released, the boss will buff a nearby add to deal 200% increased damage and 150% increased healing with Judgment: Reckoning Icon Judgment: Reckoning.

3.2.2. Seal of Reckoning

When the boss swaps to Seal of Reckoning Icon Seal of Reckoning, they will gain a stack of Zealotry Icon Zealotry for every attack against them. The boss also gains deals Holy damage to a single target, normally the tank.

After releasing this seal, the boss will do a large AoE attack that deals Holy damage to any nearby enemies.

It is important to note that the interaction between Seal of Reckoning Icon Seal of Reckoning and Zealotry Icon Zealotry does not apply to tanks. If they are affected by Sacred Blade Icon Sacred Blade, they can attack the boss freely.

3.3. Sacred Blade

Sacred Blade Icon Sacred Blade is one of the main tank focus-points of the fight; it makes melee attacks deal additional Holy damage to the target, ticking every 2 seconds and stacking.

3.4. Wave of Light

Wave of Light Icon Wave of Light is important to focus on in the fight, regardless of your role. The boss will fire a pulse of Holy magic at an enemy and deal damage to them; it also regenerates 5% of their maximum health each second. If no adds are alive, then it will target an enemy instead.

3.5. Call to Arms

The boss will periodically call for adds to join the fight. The name will be different depending on your faction, but they will have the same abilities. The Horde will fight 1 Darkforged Crusader and 2 Anointed Disciples each cast, while the Alliance will fight 1 Zandalari Crusader and 2 Rezani Disciples.

3.5.1. Darkforged Crusader / Zandalari Crusader

The Crusader is the melee add and has 3 abilities that are worth noting.

The first is their Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike, which deals single-target Holy damage to their target.

The second and most dangerous ability is Blinding Faith Icon Blinding Faith, which causes a wave of light to disorient everyone that is facing the Crusader for 5 seconds.

The last ability the Crusader uses is Consecration Icon Consecration, which creates a pool of damaging holy light on the ground under the add. On top of the damage to players, it also reduces the damage taken by the Crusader while standing inside it by 50%.

3.5.2. Anointed Disciple / Rezani Disciple

The Disciple is the ranged/healing add and, once again, has 3 abilities to pay attention to.

Divine Burst Icon Divine Burst is the stronger, ranged version of the Crusader's Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike and deals single-target Holy damage to a target.

Penance Icon Penance is a single-target ability that can either damage enemies or heal allies. It deals a similar amount of damage to Divine Burst Icon Divine Burst, but does so over 5 seconds. If used on an ally, it will heal them for a total of 10% of their maximum HP, over 5 seconds.

The last ability for the Disciples is Heal Icon Heal, which is a single-target heal.

3.6. Avenging Wrath

Once the boss hits 30% remaining HP, they will cast Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath, which is essentially the execute-phase enrage. It will increase all their damage by 30%.

4. Strategy

This section will be updated closer to the release of the raid.

5. Changelog

  • 23 Oct. 2018: Guide added.
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