Stormwall Blockade Strategy Guide in Battle of Dazar'alor Raid

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Welcome to our guide for Stormwall Blockade, a Horde-only encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat Stormwall Blockade.



Brother Joseph and Sister Katherine are devout worshippers of the waves. These proud Kul Tirans would gladly risk their lives to ensure the safety of their compatriots. Their command over sea and storm is awesome to behold, as are the ancient and powerful rituals they practice.


Fight Overview

This fight consists of two phases. During Phase One, you will fight against the two Tidepriests, Sister Katherine and Brother Joseph, who are located on two different ships. Your raid will need to split up and kill the two bosses at the same time, as otherwise the spirit of the slain one will channel energy into the Phase Two boss, Laminaria. If Laminaria reaches 100 Energy, it will cast Catastrophic Tides Icon Catastrophic Tides, instantly wiping the raid.

During Phase Two, players will disembark from the ships and fight Laminaria, who will once again try to reach maximum Energy and wipe the raid.





  • When tanking Brother Joseph, move him close to the Tempting Sirens after they begin their Tempting Song Icon Tempting Song, in order to let the DPS cleave.
  • During Phase Two, taunt swap Laminaria when the Energized Storm spawns. The tank with the Kelp-Wrapped Icon Kelp-Wrapped debuff needs to run out and have it expire on the Energized Storm to debuff it with Kelp Wrapping Icon Kelp Wrapping.


  • When healing on Sister Katherine's ship, be keenly aware of where the Crackling Lightning Icon Crackling Lightning targets are, and move away from them. The more distance you put between yourself and them, the less time you will be silenced.
  • When healing on Brother Joseph's ship, be ready to focus healing into played afflicted with by Tempting Song Icon Tempting Song. They will likely be moving through Sea Storm Icon Sea Storm to slow themselves down, so they will be taking significant damage.
  • During Phase Two, top off any players who are soaking the Ire of the Deep Icon Ire of the Deep to ensure they can survive the soak.


  • Breaking Tidal Shroud Icon Tidal Shroud and Electric Shroud Icon Electric Shroud is your number one priority during Phase One.
  • When fighting on Brother Joseph's ship, quickly swap to any Tempting Sirens that spawn, to prevent them from causing your teammate to jump off the ship and drown.
  • Keep the Health of Brother Joseph and Sister Katherine even, and make sure they die at the same time.


  • Move away from other players (especially Healers) when debuffed with Crackling Lightning Icon Crackling Lightning to prevent them from being silenced for too long.
  • If targeted by Tempting Song Icon Tempting Song, position yourself so that you will run through as many Sea Storm Icon Sea Storms as possible. This will buy the DPS time to kill the Tempting Siren.
  • If afflicted with Storm's Wail Icon Storm's Wail, use all movement speed increases you can to allow yourself to run over as many patches of Freezing Tidepool Icon Freezing Tidepool as possible. Be sure to also give yourself some extra time at the end to run away from the boss so the Energized Storm that spawns has time to be killed.


  • During Phase One, keep the bosses near the center of their respective ships.
  • During Phase Two, should be tightly stacked on top of each other. Melee under the boss, and ranged at the back of the room.

Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

We advise you to use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism/Time Warp Icon Time Warp at the start of Phase Two, as soon as cooldowns are up.


Abilities in Phase One: Storm the Ships

This phase consists of a battle against two bosses on two separate ships. The main aim is to kill both of the bosses before they can give the main boss, Laminaria, enough Energy (100) to cast Catastrophic Tides Icon Catastrophic Tides. If this is cast, the entire raid is killed instantly.


Translocation Pedestal

Translocation Pedestals are devices that allow you to swap between the two ships. On Heroic and Mythic difficulty, the bosses will also swap ships at 50% health, using Translocate Icon Translocate.


Electric Shroud and Tidal / Storm's Empowerment

Electric Shroud Icon Electric Shroud is an ability that both Sister Katherine and Brother Joseph cast. It grants the caster a shield that absorbs damage and makes them immune to all interrupts. This shield must be broken in order to be able to interrupt Tidal Empowerment Icon Tidal Empowerment (cast by Katherine) and Storm's Empowerment Icon Storm's Empowerment (cast by Joseph), which is cast immediately after Electric Shroud. This grants Laminaria 2 Energy every 3 seconds until the channel is interrupted.


Soul of the Tidepriest

When one of the two bosses dies, their soul will appear and start to channel Greater Tidal Empowerment Icon Greater Tidal Empowerment, increasing the Energy of Laminaria by 5 every 2 seconds. There is no way to stop or prevent this from happening, other than killing both bosses, at which point both their souls will leave the encounter.


Sister Katherine


Voltaic Flash

Sister Katherine will send a stream of lightning across the deck of the ship, dealing heavy Nature damage to any player hit by it. This lightning comes in waves, with several different patterns.


Crackling Lightning

Crackling Lightning Icon Crackling Lightning causes a bolt of lightning to strike at a target's location, dealing Nature damage to all players in a 6-yard radius. At the point of impact, a Thunderous Boom Icon Thunderous Boom will occur, which silences all players within 12 yards. The duration will depend on the distance from the area the lightning first struck.


Jolting Volley

Jolting Volley Icon Jolting Volley causes all nearby players to be struck with lightning, dealing Nature damage.


Brother Joseph


Sea Storm

Sea Storm Icon Sea Storm causes storms to appear at multiple players' locations, dealing Frost damage in a 5-yard radius. These storms last 25 seconds, and they deal damage every second to players in them, also slowing their movement speed by 50%.


Sea's Temptation

Sea's Temptation Icon Sea's Temptation summons a Tempting Siren, which channels Tempting Song Icon Tempting Song, which makes the targeted player walk towards the edge of the ship and, if they are not stopped (by killing the Tempting Siren to stop the channel), jump off to their death.


Tidal Volley

Tidal Volley Icon Tidal Volley works in the same way as Katherine's Jolting Volley Icon Jolting Volley, but deals Frost damage instead.


Abilities in Phase Two: Laminaria

Once both Sister Katherine and Brother Joseph are killed, the raid will disembark the respective ships and face Laminaria, who is stationary, on the docks.


Kelp-Wrapped Fists

When Laminaria melees the tank, it applies a DoT called Kelp-Wrapped Fists Icon Kelp-Wrapped Fists that deals Nature damage every second and reduces the movement speed of the target by 2%. When the DoT expires, it will spread Kelp Wrapping Icon Kelp Wrapping to all nearby players and NPCs.

Kelp Wrapping Icon Kelp Wrapping is a debuff that increases damage taken by 10%. The intensity of this debuff increases based on the number of stacks of Kelp-Wrapped Fists Icon Kelp-Wrapped Fists the Tank had when it expired.


Sea Swell

Sea Swell Icon Sea Swell deals Frost damage to targeted players with a 4-yard radius, as well as creating a Freezing Tidepool Icon Freezing Tidepool under each targeted player.


Freezing Tidepools

Freezing Tidepool Icon Freezing Tidepools deal Frost damage every second to players standing in them. Unless removed by Storm's Wail Icon Storm's Wail (explained below), these void zones persist indefinitely.


Storm's Wail

Storm's Wail Icon Storm's Wail causes a player to be targeted with a debuff that deals Nature damage every second for 10 seconds. While this debuff is on active, the player can soak the Freezing Tidepool Icon Freezing Tidepools that are on the ground, removing them.

When it expires, Storm's Wail Icon Storm's Wail summons an Energized Storm add, which moves towards Laminaria and casts Energizing Wake Icon Energizing Wake once it is in range, which grants 8 Energy every 2 seconds. On Heroic and Mythic difficulty, when the Energized Storm dies, it leaves behind an Energized Remnant.


Energized Remnant

Until it is picked up by a player, the Energized Remnant will continuously cast Unbound Energy Icon Unbound Energy, sending out ripples of lightning dealing Nature damage, and applying a debuff that increases Nature damage taken by 10% per stack to all raid members. Picking up an Energized Remnant will apply Storm's Wail Icon Storm's Wail to the player, removing the Remnant.


Ire of the Deep

Ire of the Deep Icon Ire of the Deep causes an orb to spawn in a random location around the boss platform. This orb slowly descends until it reaches the ground, at which point it will deal very high Frost damage split between anyone standing underneath it. If no one is underneath it by the time it reaches the ground, it will deal heavy Frost damage to the entire raid and spawn several Freezing Tidepool Icon Freezing Tidepools.


Reaching Attack

If no one is in melee range of Laminaria, it will use Reaching Attack Icon Reaching Attack to attack its target for 50% of its melee damage, and apply a stacking debuff, increasing Frost damage taken by 25% per stack. This debuff lasts 8 seconds.




Phase One

Before the fight begins, make sure to split the raid into two even groups. Send half to fight Brother Joseph, and the other to Sister Katherine.

Both groups need to keep each boss's Health roughly equal. On Heroic difficulty, the bosses will swap platforms at 50% health, and it is ideal that they reach this threshold at the same time, as well as that they die at the same time.

We are unsure if it is possible for the entire raid to swap platforms when the bosses swap (as this was not working well on the PTR); if it is possible, then it is probably advisable to do so, so that players can keep fighting the same boss for the entire duration of Phase One.

When the bosses become protected by Tidal Shroud Icon Tidal Shroud/Electric Shroud Icon Electric Shroud, the raid needs to break them as fast as possible so Storm's Empowerment Icon Storm's Empowerment can be interrupted.


Sister Katherine

For Katherine, make sure players debuffed by Crackling Lightning Icon Crackling Lightning move away from the raid as much as possible to reduce the amount of time people are silenced. Players need to be ready to dodge Voltaic Flash Icon Voltaic Flash, so being near the center of the ship can be wise, as most patterns can be dodged from the center.


Brother Joseph

For Joseph, drop Sea Storm Icon Sea Storms in a variety of places. These need to be ready for players to use in order to slow themselves in case they are targeted by Tempting Song Icon Tempting Song. If players end up jumping off the boat, they will have brief control over their character, so they can use abilities like Transcendence: Transfer Icon Transcendence: Transfer or Vengeful Retreat Icon Vengeful Retreat in order to get back on to the boat. Equally, Priests can use Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith, or players can click a Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway.


Phase Two

When both bosses die, each group needs to click the Translocation Pedestals to be teleported in front of Laminaria. The raid needs to stack tightly on top of each other to bait Sea Swell Icon Sea Swell in the same spot. This will allow the person clearing it to do so much more quickly. Ranged should stack near the back corner, while melee stays near the front. Do your best to leave a lane down the middle clear of Sea Swell to allow Melee and Tanks to run back to the adds that spawn.

Players afflicted with Storm's Wail Icon Storm's Wail need to run around the room to clear Sea Swell patches before running to the back of the room to spawn Energized Storms. If an Energized Storm is already alive, it is best to spawn a new one of top of it, so the raid can cleave it down. When Tanks swap, the Tank debuffed with Kelp-Wrapped Icon Kelp-Wrapped needs to run to the Energized Storm, allowing his debuff to expire and afflict the add with Kelp Wrapping Icon Kelp Wrapping. Once the add dies, an assigned player (druids are particularly good for this) needs to pick up the Energized Remnant that is left behind, becoming debuffed with Storm's Wail and starting the cycle anew. Gradually more and more Storm's Wails will be active, until your raid is eventually overrun; this acts as a soft enrage on the fight.

While all that is happening, the raid needs to be on the lookout for Ire of the Deep Icon Ire of the Deep and be ready to soak it before it touches the ground. At least 3 people should soak the orb, but more or less may be required based on your raid size or the Health of the players involved.



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