Stormwall Blockade Strategy Guide in Battle of Dazar'alor Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Stormwall Blockade, a Horde-only encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat Stormwall Blockade.

1. Disclaimer

Any of the information listed on this page could potentially change before the raid releases. We have used PTR information to collect the abilities of the encounter and there are likely still many tuning and mechanic-changing passes planned. There will be a full guide released closer to the date of the raid release.

2. Fight Overview

This fight consists of two phases. In the first phase, you will fight against the two Tidepriests, who are located on two different ships. Your raid will need to split and kill the two bosses at the same time, otherwise they will heal back up. Throughout this phase, the bosses will try to damage players and thereby grant the main boss energy to instantly wipe the raid with Catastrophic Tides Icon Catastrophic Tides.

In the second phase, players will disembark from the boats and fight the main boss, Laminaria, who will once again try to reach maximum energy and wipe the raid.

3. Phase One: Storm the Ships

This phase consists of a battle against two bosses on two separate ships. The main aim is to kill both of the Tidepriests before they can give the main boss, Laminaria, enough energy (100) to cast Catastrophic Tides Icon Catastrophic Tides. If this is cast, the entire raid is killed instantly.

3.1. Translocation Pedestal

These teleportation devices allow you to swap between the two ships and, on Heroic difficulty and upwards, the bosses will also swap ships at certain HP levels using Translocate Icon Translocate.

3.2. Sister Katherine Abilities

3.2.1. Cross Stream

Katherine will send a stream of lightning across the deck of the ship, dealing Nature damage to any player hit by it.

3.2.2. Crackling Lightning

A bolt of lightning will strike at a target's location, dealing Nature damage to all players in a 6-yard radius. After the point of damage, a Thunderous Boom Icon Thunderous Boom will occur, which silences all players. The duration will depend on the distance from the area the lightning first struck.

3.2.3. Tidal Shroud

Once cast, this will grant the caster a shield that absorbs damage and makes them immune to all interrupts. This shield must be broken in order to be able to interrupt Tidal Empowerment Icon Tidal Empowerment, which is cast immediately after Tidal Shroud Icon Tidal Shroud. If this is not interrupted, it will grant Laminaria 1 Energy every 3 seconds.

3.2.4. Jolting Volley

All nearby players will be struck with lightning, dealing Nature damage.

3.2.5. Soul of the Tidepriest

If one of the Tidepriests dies before the other, the dead one's soul will appear and start to channel Greater Tidal Empowerment Icon Greater Tidal Empowerment, increasing the Energy of Laminaria by 5 every 2 seconds.

3.3. Brother Joseph Abilities

While the two Tidepriests have different sets of abilities, some are shared. Brother Joseph also uses Tidal Shroud Icon Tidal Shroud and Greater Tidal Empowerment Icon Greater Tidal Empowerment.

3.3.1. Sea Storm

Storms will appear at multiple players' locations, dealing Frost damage in a 5-yard radius. Something will be left at the location, which deals Frost damage every second, but the dungeon journal currently has no spell name listed.

3.3.2. Sea's Temptation

This will summon a Tempting Siren, which casts Tempting Song Icon Tempting Song. This makes a targeted player walk towards the edge of the ship and, if they are not stopped, they will jump off. It is currently unclear how this is prevented.

3.3.3. Tidal Volley

This works in the same way as Jolting Volley Icon Jolting Volley, but deals Frost damage instead.

4. Phase Two: Laminaria

4.1. Laminaria Abilities

4.1.1. Kelp-Wrapped Fists

When Laminaria melees the tank, it applies a DoT that deals Nature damage every second and reduces the movement speed of the target by 2%. When the DoT expires, it will spread Kelp Wrapping Icon Kelp Wrapping to all nearby allies.

4.1.2. Sea Swell

This deals Frost damage to targeted players with a 4-yard radius, as well as creating a Freezing Tidepool Icon Freezing Tidepool under each targeted player. This will deal Frost damage every second to players standing in it.

4.1.3. Ire of the Deep

This is a deadly attack that deals a large amount of Frost damage split between all players that stand in it. If there are no players in it, then it will deal Frost damage to all players and summon multiple Freezing Tidepool Icon Freezing Tidepools.

4.1.4. Storm's Wail

A player is targeted with a debuff that deals Nature damage every second for 10 seconds. While this debuff is on you, you can soak the Freezing Tidepool Icon Freezing Tidepools that are on the ground.

When it expires, it will summon an Energized Storm add, which moves towards Laminaria and casts Energizing Wake Icon Energizing Wake once it is in range, which grants 8 Energy every 2 seconds.

5. Strategy

This section will be updated closer to the release of the raid.

6. Changelog

  • 23 Oct. 2018: Guide added.
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