High Tinker Mekkatorque Strategy Guide in Battle of Dazar'alor Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our guide for High Tinker Mekkatorque, a Horde-only encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat High Tinker Mekkatorque.

1. Lore

High Tinker Mekkatorque is a three phase encounter that requires precise movement and positioning, as well as excellent communication between raiders.

Unrivaled in their ingenuity, Gelbin Mekkatorque's inventions have been instrumental to the Alliance's attack on Dazar'alor. His state-of-the-art armor is outfitted with the latest--and deadliest-- ordnance that gnomish engineering can offer.

2. TL;DR

2.1. Tanks

2.2. Healers

  • Crash Down Icon Crash Down will cause a spike of raid damage.
  • Top off players with Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge before they have to line of sight you.
  • Be prepared for high tank damage in Phase Three.

2.3. DPS

  • Ranged DPS spread out around the boss.
  • Spark Bots take 99% less damage; only attack them if you gain single target damage by doing so.

2.4. Everyone

  • Line of sight the raid using rocks or buildings before Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge expires.
  • Side-step away from Buster Cannon Icon Buster Cannon if targeted.
  • Beware of Crash Down Icon Crash Down; standing within the radius will be lethal.
  • If you become Shrunk Icon Shrunk during Phase One or Three, enter a Spark Bot and prepare to exchange shutdown codes with the other players in Spark Bots.
  • During Phase Two, avoid being near Shrunk Icon Shrunk players while dodging Explosive Sheep.

2.5. Positioning

  • During Phase One and Three, the boss should be near the center of the room and the raid should attempt to spread evenly around the boss.
  • When affected by Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge, stay within sight of healers until your debuff is close to expiring, then exit line of sight.
  • During Phase Two, Shrunk Icon Shrunk players should congregate in a separate area to avoid being Trample Icon Trampled.

2.6. Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

We advise you to use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism/Time Warp Icon Time Warp at the start of Phase Three, as there is no benefit to pushing Phase One faster, and Phase Three is harder on tanks.

3. Abilities

3.1. Phase one: For Gnomeregan!

Phase One will last until High Tinker Mekkatorque reaches 40% health.

3.1.1. Electroshock Strikes

Electroshock Strikes Icon Electroshock Strikes is an ability that makes each of Mekkatorque's melee attacks deal additional Nature damage and apply Electroshock Amplification Icon Electroshock Amplification to his target. This stacks and increases the damage of Electroshock Strikes by 15% per stack. Electroshock Amplification stacks will drop if Mekkatorque attacks a different target.

3.1.2. Buster Cannon

Mekkatorque will target a random player and fire his Buster Cannon Icon Buster Cannon at them. Buster Cannon travels in a straight line towards the target, dealing heavy damage to any players struck. Additionally, it will apply a moderate DoT and reduce the player's Haste by 100% for 8 seconds.

3.1.3. Blast Off/Crash Down

Approximately every 60 seconds, Mekkatorque targets a ranged player and begins to cast Blast Off Icon Blast Off. Blast Off has a 3 second cast time and will deal heavy damage to any player within 10 yards. Mekkatorque will then fly into the air briefly, and Crash Down Icon Crash Down on the targeted location. Crash Down will deal lethal damage to any player within the 12 yard radius, and moderate damage to all players in the raid.

3.1.4. Gigavolt Charge

Approximately every 40 seconds, Mekkatorque will apply Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge to 3 random players, dealing minor damage over 15 seconds. When Gigavolt Charge expires, it will trigger Gigavolt Blast Icon Gigavolt Blast, applying a 30-second DoT to any player in line of sight of the player with Gigavolt Charge.

3.1.5. Wormhole Generator

Wormhole Generator Icon Wormhole Generator is an ability Mekkatorque uses to mark a random player; after 5 seconds all players are teleported to the marked player.

3.1.6. World Enlarger

World Enlarger Icon World Enlarger is an ability Mekkatorque uses to shrink 3 random players for 30 seconds, allowing them to tamper with Spark Bots (more on this below).

Shrunk Icon Shrunk players deal 99% reduced damage. If a player unaffected by World Enlarger steps on a Shrunk player, the Shrunk player will be Trample Icon Trampled, suffering heavy damage and will be stunned for 1 second.

3.1.7. Deploy Spark Bot

Approximately every 20 seconds, Spark Bots will be deployed. Spark Bots move randomly while repeatedly casting Spark Pulse Icon Spark Pulse, which deals moderate damage and stuns all players within 8 yards. Additionally, Spark Pulse deals minor damage to several random players. Spark Bots do not attack and do not need to be tanked. They take 99% reduced damage, but can be tampered with by Shrunk Icon Shrunk players.

Players entering Spark Bots will need to enter the correct shutdown code in the special action bar they are provided with in order to destroy the bot. The shutdown code can not be seen by the player inside the bot, only by other players (in Heroic mode, only players in a Spark Bot can see codes of other Spark Bots, but not of their own Bot). If the shutdown code is entered incorrectly, the player will suffer Anti-Tampering Shock Icon Anti-Tampering Shock, which applies a 12-second stun and a heavy damage over time effect, also knocking the player out of the Bot.

The shutdown code is comprised of a sequence of 3 symbols (out of several on the action bar).

3.2. Phase Two: Evasive Maneuvers!

During Phase Two, Mekkatorque lifts off and assaults players from the air. During this phase, Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge and World Enlarger Icon World Enlarger will still occur. The phase ends after a certain amount of time, but we are not yet sure how long this is yet.

3.2.1. Signal Exploding Sheep

Signal Exploding Sheep Icon Signal Exploding Sheep calls down a herd of Explosive Sheep, covering the majority of the platform. The sheep begin to cast Critter Explosion Icon Critter Explosion; when the 3-second cast finishes, the sheep will deal lethal damage to any players within 8 yards. Additionally, they will fire Sheep Shrapnel Icon Sheep Shrapnel in every direction, inflicting heavy damage and applying a minor damage over time effect to any players struck.

The Sheep do not need to be tanked or killed, as they will disappear when they explode.

3.3. Phase Three: Hyperdrive!

Mekkatorque returns to the ground during this phase, and continues to use all the abilities from Phase One, as well as Signal Exploding Sheep Icon Signal Exploding Sheep, in addition to one new ability.

3.3.1. Hyperdrive

During Phase Three, Mekkatorque is consistently buffed with Hyperdrive Icon Hyperdrive, increasing his attack speed by 30% and periodically launching Hyperdrive Discharge at random players, inflicting minor damage.

4. Strategy

4.1. Phase One

During Phase One, you will want to tank the boss in the center of the play area. Ranged should attempt to spread evenly around the boss to prepare for Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge. Gigavolt Charge requires specific placements to avoid harming the rest of the group. The image below indicates where the safest placements are.

Mekkatorque Phase 1 and 3 Positioning

The brown objects are structures within the play area that can be used for line of sight. The blue circle indicates where a player could stand, and the arrows indicate where the player's explosion would affect. Generally, you will want to place them behind the rocks, as that leaves the least potential for other players to be affected.

Players targeted by Buster Cannon Icon Buster Cannon need to quickly side-step to avoid the blast. Players Shrunk Icon Shrunk by World Enlarger Icon World Enlarger will need to swiftly get inside a Spark Bot; other players should stop moving if possible to allow the Shrunk players safe passage to the Spark Bot. On Normal, difficulty any player can tell the players inside the Spark Bots which shutdown code to use. On Heroic difficulty, only the other player inside a Spark Bot can see the other Spark Bot's code. The code will appear above the Spark Bot's head, as seen below.

Mekkatorque Spark Bot Code

This example is where the player would tell this Spark Bot player to press the first keybind of the special action bar (alternatively often referred to by color, red in this case). Each Spark Bot will need to correctly enter 3 shutdown codes before shutting down.

On Normal difficulty, there will be 2 Spark Bots and any player outside of the bot can see the code. To handle this, we recommend you assign one reliable player to tell both Shrunk Icon Shrunk players what their code is from the outside. Additionally, you will want to assign one more player as a backup in case the primary caller is Shrunk.

On Heroic difficulty, there will be 3 Spark Bots and only players within other Spark Bots will be able to see shutdown codes. To handle this, we recommend assigning one player out of the three Shrunk players to call shutdown codes for both other players. One of the other players will need to call codes for the assigned player before leaving their bot.

4.2. Phase Two

During Phase Two, players will still be getting affected by World Enlarger Icon World Enlarger and will still need to shut down Spark Bots. Players need to dodge the Sheep Shrapnel Icon Sheep Shrapnel and Critter Explosion Icon Critter Explosions, while being careful not to Trample Icon Trample Shrunk Icon Shrunk players. Shrunk players should try to get into Spark Bots as soon as possible to allow regular sized players to move freely. Ideally, the raid could designate an area for the Shrunk players to go, allowing unrestricted movement for all players. Players will need to avoid the corners, as Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge will still be going out as well. The boss is immune to damage while in the air, so strictly focus on surviving during this phase.

4.3. Phase Three

During Phase Three, Shrunk Icon Shrunk players will need to move to their Spark Bots very quickly, as Signal Exploding Sheep Icon Signal Exploding Sheep occurring can force other players to move. Players will need to be very careful not to take unnecessary damage. Due to Hyperdrive Icon Hyperdrive, tanks will be taking significantly more damage, making healing much tighter.

4.4. Tank Concerns

During Phases One and Three, tanks should try to assure the boss remains near the center of the room. Tanks should ideally drop Electroshock Amplification Icon Electroshock Amplification stacks at around 10. Try not to let this get too high, as tanks can be targeted by World Enlarger Icon World Enlarger and Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge. While one tank is away, the other may need to suddenly take significantly higher stacks than normal. Because of this, you may want to consider 3 tanks for this encounter.

4.5. Healing Concerns

There will be occasional spikes of damage from Crash Down Icon Crash Down, or if a player failed to line of sight with Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge. However, the majority of damage on this boss is avoidable, so most healing output needed should be on tanks. In Phase Three especially, tanks will likely need large amounts of healing. Players with Gigavolt Charge will need to line of sight you so be sure they are topped early to prevent them from dying while behind the wall.

6. Changelog

  • 23 Jan. 2019: Updated the guide a bit following live experience, especially with regard to Spark Bots.
  • 18 Jan. 2019: Added TL;DR and Strategy sections and expanded the guide greatly.
  • 23 Oct. 2018: Guide added.
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