Lady Jaina Proudmoore Strategy Guide in Battle of Dazar'alor Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Lady Jaina Proudmoore, a Horde-only encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat Lady Jaina Proudmoore.

1. Disclaimer

The information contained on this page will most likely change a great deal within the coming weeks. It is based on the current PTR build, meaning tuning fixes are extremely likely, as well as abilities being changed. A full guide will be released in the future.

2. Fight Overview

The Jaina fight looks to be, as expected of the final boss the Horde will face, a long and complicated fight.

With multiple phase changes and ability swaps, the fight will rely on players dodging attacks while constantly being slowed. From initial ability entries, it looks like Jaina will punish players very harshly when they do not move out of abilities.

As of current PTR builds, there are minor hints towards what the arena for Jaina's fight looks like, with ability descriptions discussing a massive amount of ice, which could be the water surrounding the city. It will likely see the first phase on a ship, followed by Jaina pushing the raid off the ship onto the ice eventually.

3. Lady Jaina Proudmoore Abilities

3.1. Ice Shard

A single-target spell that deals Physical damage to the target.

3.2. Time Warp

Jaina grants herself and any allies 30% inceased Haste for 40 seconds, also applying the same debuff that players receive, which prevents the targets receiving any similar effects for 10 minutes.

3.3. Avalanche

Jaina throws pieces of ice at a target, dealing Frost damage each second, for 5 seconds. The damage is dealt in a 7-yard radius and knocks back any enemies hit.

3.4. Ring of Frost

This ability lays a ring on the ground, causing any enemies within 10 yards to take Frost damage and be frozen for 30 seconds. If enemies are more than 10 yards away, they will receive ticking Frost damage every second and will be rooted for 10 seconds. If you are rooted, you will also gain a stack of Chilling Touch.

3.4.1. Chilling Touch

This is a stacking debuff that reduces the movement speed and Haste of targets by 5%, while also dealing damage every 5 seconds. When a player receives 20 stacks, they will be frozen and stunned for 30 seconds.

3.5. Grasp of Frost

Players will be rooted and stacks of Chilling Touch Icon Chilling Touch will be applied every second, for 3 seconds..

3.6. Freezing Blast

Jaina sends out a wave of ice in a line in front of her, dealing Frost damage to any enemies standing in it.

4. Phase One: "Burning Seas" Abilities

4.1. Kul Tiran Marine

This add will be spawned in Phase One and will randomly focus on enemies, which we can assume means it cannot be tanked.

4.1.1. Set Charge

The Marine places barrels on the ground that have a 40-second timer until detonation. If they are not thrown over the side of the ship (speculation, unable to confirm on PTR), they will deal Fire damage to all enemies. This explosion might deal damage to NPCs as well, but this is impossible to confirm currently.

4.2. Bombard

Other ships will attack the deck of the ship, causing Fire damage to all on-board. When the bombardment happens, there will also be pools of fire left behind that deal Fire damage each second when touching them.

5. Intermission: "Howling Winds" Abilities

5.1. Howling Winds

Winds will surround players, causing them to lose the ability to target allies or enemies that are more than 8 yards away. Players will also have to dodge icicles that deal Frost damage to the first person they hit, as well as freezing them. It is currently unclear if these blocks are on a duration-timer or can be killed.

5.2. Blistering Tornado

This ability deals Frost damage and knocks back any enemies it touches.

6. Phase Two: "Frozen Wrath" Abilities

6.1. Frozen Seas

The seas themselves will aid Jaina in the battle, causing players to gain stacks of Chilling Touch Icon Chilling Touch periodically. It also has two more effects in this phase.

6.1.1. Arctic Ground

Jaina's spells (it is currently unclear which) will cause patches of ice to appear on the ground. When players stand on these patches, they will gain stacks of Chilling Touch Icon Chilling Touch at a higher rate.

6.1.2. Unexploded Ordinance

There are barrels stuck within the ice that take 99% reduced damage from players and can only be brought out when they are struck by Broadside Icon Broadside.

6.2. Proudmoore Flagship

The Proudmoore family's flagship hovers above the fight and has 2 abilities it will cast throughout this phase.

6.2.1. Broadside

The cannons will fire at players, dealing Fire damage to everything within a 10-yard radius. This must be used to break the ice surrounding the barrels in this phase.

6.2.2. Siegebreaker Blast

A player will be marked and targeted by the ship, which will send a blast of Arcane damage that will deal damage to all players struck by it and knock them back. Distance from the impact point will reduce the damage taken by players.

6.3. Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina will still cast Ice Shard Icon Ice Shard and Avalanche Icon Avalanche from the first phase, but has 3 new abilities.

6.3.1. Hand of Frost

A player will be rooted for 8 seconds and they will take Frost damage when it is applied. It is stated that claws will shoot out from the player that can also apply the debuff, but it is unclear how often this is done and when.

6.3.2. Glacial Ray

A ray of Frost damage is channelled that deals Frost damage every 0.5 seconds in a straight line.

6.3.3. Icefall

A comet falls on an area, dealing large Frost damage to any player hit by it. This comet will also cause a "frozen wave", but it is currently unclear what this is or what it does.

7. Intermission: "Flash Freeze" Abilities

There is currently no information about this phase beyond the title.

8. Phase Three: "Daughter of the Sea" Abilities

The abilities used in this phase are almost the same as in the second phase, except for a few small differences. The only ability that has been removed is Unexploded Ordinance. Other than this, there have been 2 new abilities added, both of which are used by Jaina.

8.1. Lady Jaina Proudmoore Phase Three Only Abilities

8.1.1. Orb of Frost

Jaina will target a player and send an orb towards them. If this orb hits a player, they will take Frost damage and the power within the orb will be reduced. If the orb finishes its trajectory, or is absorbed by enough players, it will detonate, dealing Frost damage to all players and applying stacks of Chilling Touch Icon Chilling Touch. The number of stacks will depend on the power remaining in the orb.

8.1.2. Shattering Lance

If any player is frozen in a block of ice, Jaina will send a lance towards them. This lance will deal Frost damage to all players struck by it, as well as dealing triple damage to the player that is frozen.

9. Strategy

This section will be updated closer to the release of the raid.

10. Changelog

  • 23 Oct. 2018: Guide added.
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