Opulence Strategy Guide in Battle of Dazar'alor Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Opulence, an Alliance-only encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat Opulence.

1. Disclaimer

It is important to take the information on this page with future updates in mind. This has been based on PTR-only information and is likely to be retuned and reworked prior to the raid releasing. As we near the actual release date, we will put up a full guide for the raid, with strategies included.

2. Fight Overview

This fight is probably the most unique of the raid, with a split-gauntlet event happening, similar to the Spoils of Pandaria fight in Siege of Orgrimmar.

The raid will be split and will have to work their way through multiple trapped rooms, while also fighting against a mini-boss. After you manage to do so, the raid will pick up The Zandalari Crown Jewels prior to engaging the boss, which will give a variety of buffs, depending on your role and the gem you pick up.

The main boss will be in a large room of its own, so there is time (still in combat) before engaging it after the mini-boss dies.

3. The Zandalari Crown Jewels

This boss fight is based around the buffs granted by the Crown Jewel gems. There are different gems for each role and they each have difference effects. Currently, these are the potential gems you can pick up, sorted by role:

3.1. Tank Gems

3.1.1. Diamond of the Unshakeable Protector

This gem will absorb 50% of the incoming damage dealt to the tank, but only up to a maximum of 50% of the tank's maximum HP. Once this cap has been broken, the Diamond will become "depleted". It will need 1 minute to recharge before it can provide the absorb again.

3.2. Healer Gems

3.2.1. Tailwind Sapphire

Any heals and absorbs you cast will trigger the Tailwinds Icon Tailwinds buff on the target. This buff increases the damage dealt by the target for 30 seconds, by 5% per stack.

3.2.2. Amethyst of the Shadow King

Whenever you heal or grant an absorb to a target, you will also grant them the Shadow-Touched Icon Shadow-Touched buff, which reduces Shadow damage taken by 90% for 1 minute.

3.3. DPS Gems

3.3.1. Ruby of the Focused Animus

Any damage dealt will plsce the Focused Animus Icon Focused Animus debuff on the target, which will increase damage taken by 1%, for 6 seconds. This will continue to stack, as long as the target is still attacked to maintain the debuff.

3.3.2. Topaz of Brilliant Sunlight

As long as there are no other players standing near you, you will gain stacks of Incandescence Icon Incandescence. If you reach 100 stacks, you will gain Brilliant Aura Icon Brilliant Aura and grant yourself and nearby allies 100% additional Critical Strike chance.

3.3.3. Emerald of Earthen Roots

As long as you remain standing still, you will gain a stacking buff which grants 1% increased damage done per stack.

3.3.4. Opal of Unleashed Rage

For each new creature that you attack, you will gain a stack of Unleashed Rage, which grants 2% increased damage done per stack.

4. Phase One: Raiding The Vault

The first phase seems to require players to essentially stay alive through a variety of traps in order to defeat two lesser guardians that will then spawn the final Treasure Guardian. It is possible to engage the final Guardian with the Lesser Guardians still alive, but you will then give the boss a 100% damage done and HP bonus for each Guardian that is still alive.

4.1. Lesser Guardian: The Hand of In'zashi

4.1.1. Crush

The lesser guardian will smash the ground around it with one of its arms, stunning everyone on that side of the boss for 4 seconds and dealing a large amount of Physical damage to all players hit.

4.1.2. Volatile Charge

A debuff will be applied to a set of players (not yet clear if this is all players or only a select few) which, after 8 seconds, will deal Nature damage to players within a 6-yard radius of the charge.

4.2. Lesser Guardian: Yalat's Bulwark

4.2.1. Crush

This ability works in exactly the same manner as for the other lesser guardian.

4.2.2. Flames of Punishment

A set of flames will appear, dealing instant Fire damage to any players hit, followed by a DoT that deals Fire damage every 2 seconds, for 8 seconds.

4.3. Traps

The traps will be found throughout the vaults, but it is currently unclear if they will be hidden/stealthed or easily visible.

4.3.1. Flame Jet

A vault that contains this trap will send out a wave of fire that deals Fire damage every 2 seconds to players standing in the way.

4.3.2. Ruby Beam

If a vault is trapped with this, it will send a beam that follows a player, leaving behind pools of Scorching Ground Icon Scorching Ground, which deal Physical damage every 2 seconds while standing in them.

4.3.3. Pulse-Quickening Toxin

This toxin will deal increasing amounts of Nature damage, but can buff players under the right circumstances. If you take damage from the toxin while under 50% HP, you will gain increased secondary stats for 10 seconds.

4.3.4. Time Bomb

This will apply a Time Bomb to players (not clear if this is a single player, a set of players or all players), which will detonate when dispelled or after 10 seconds, whichever comes first. The detonation will deal damage to the raid, but it is not clear what type of damage is inflicted.

5. Phase Two: Toppling The Guardian

5.1. Draw Power

This ability is the reason why the other Guardians need to be dead before you engage the final one. Draw Power Icon Draw Power grants the boss a massive damage done and HP boost for each one that is still alive.

5.2. Liquid Gold

Players will be targeted and coated in Liquid Gold Icon Liquid Gold, which causes a DoT effect that deals Fire damage every 3 seconds, for 12 seconds. After it wears off, the player will create a pile of Molten Gold Icon Molten Gold, which deals Fire damage to players every 3 seconds. It is not clear if this is only dealt if you stand in the pile or if it targets players regardless of their distance.

5.3. Spirit of Gold

The spirits will move to the edges of the platform and channel Channel Gold Icon Channel Gold, which causes Gold Burst Icon Gold Burst to fly onto the platform and deal damage to players within 5 yards of where each piece lands.

5.4. Coin Shower

A player will be targeted by this attack and will receive a large amount of Physical damage after 10 seconds, within a 7-yard radius. The damage is split between all players within that radius, evenly.

5.5. Wall of Greed

All players will take Shadow damage every 2 seconds, for 10 seconds, while this is being channelled. The damage will ramp up gradually over the duration of the cast and, once finished, it will grant the boss a stack of Greed Icon Greed. This grants the boss a stacking buff that increases damage dealt by 25%.

5.6. Coin Sweep

This is a frontal-cone attack that deals Physical damage to all players in the cone. It also increases Physical damage received by 100% if a player is hit by it.

6. Strategy

This section will be updated closer to the release of the raid.

7. Changelog

  • 23 Oct. 2018: Guide added.
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