Discipline Priest Healing Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Guide — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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General Information

On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Discipline Priest for each boss of the following raid: Battle of Dazar'alor. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.


Discipline Priest Boss Advice: Battle of Dazar'alor

In this section, you will find information pertaining to each boss individually in the Battle of Dazar'alor Raid. It is recommended that you follow the standard talent build found in the Builds and Talents section of the guide unless otherwise advised, on a per-boss basis. All information is based on theorycrafting using Warcraft Logs, information present in the dungeon journal, as well as personal experience within the raid itself.


Battle of Dazar'alor Talent Cheatsheet for Discipline Priest

Champion of the Light Grong Jadefire Masters Opulence Conclave of the Chosen King Rastakhan High Tinker Mekkatorque Stormwall Blockade Lady Jaina Proudmoore

We advise to use the following talents on Champion of the Light.

We advise to use the following talents on Grong.

We advise to use the following talents on Jadefire Masters.

We advise to use the following talents on Opulence.

We advise to use the following talents on Conclave of the Chosen.

We advise to use the following talents on King Rastakhan.

We advise to use the following talents on High Tinker Mekkatorque.

We advise to use the following talents on Stormwall Blockade.

We advise to use the following talents on Lady Jaina Proudmoore.


Champion of the Light

We advise you to use the following talents against Champion of the Light.


General Tips


Healing Tips


Mythic Tips

  • Divine Mallet Icon Divine Mallet will fire hammers outward from the boss. Avoid these and be ready to spot heal those who may take damage from this ability.


We advise you to use the following talents against Grong, the Revenant / Grong, the JungleLord.


General Tips


Healing Tips

  • Plan Evangelism Icon Evangelism for overlapping Tantrum Icon Tantrums and Bestial Impact Icon Bestial Impacts, approximately every 1 minute. This means you would cover every other time these two abilities overlap.
  • Additional tank healing may be needed if Bestial Combo Icon Bestial Combo stacks are not managed properly.
  • Bestial Throw Icon Bestial Throw (Heroic) will throw its target. Anyone who receives damage upon the subsequent Bestial Impact Icon Bestial Impact will need to be spot healed.

Mythic Tips

  • Timings from Heroic to Mythic will be much tighter due to faster cast times on several abilities, as well as different durations on certain debuffs.

Jadefire Masters

We advise you to use the following talents against Jadefire Masters.


General Tips

  • All Phases — When targeted by the Monk's Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike (Heroic), be ready to face the direction that the visions are coming from to avoid taking damage. This will only target a handful of players in Heroic Difficulty. In LFR and Normal this ability only focuses the Tank.
  • Phase 1 — During this phase (begins at 30 Energy), stand inside one Chi-ji's Song cloud with the rest of your raid to prevent line of sight issues.
  • Phase 2 — During this phase (begins at 60 Energy), make your way through the maze while avoiding Phoenix Strike Icon Phoenix Strike circles on the ground.
  • Phase 3 — During this phase (begins at 100 Energy), avoid taking damage from the Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath.

Healing Tips

  • All Phases — Plan your Evangelism Icon Evangelism for when Rising Flames Icon Rising Flames debuffs expire on the Tanks. Burnout Icon Burnout will deal a large amount of the damage to the raid.
  • All Phases — When the Tank or other players are being targeted by Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike, they will be out of line of sight.
  • All Phases — Dispel players with the lowest duration Searing Embers Icon Searing Embers debuff first.
  • Phase 1 — Plan to use Evangelism Icon Evangelism once during this phase for Living Bombs.
  • Phase 3 — Constant ticking damage will occur during this phase, conserving Mana before going into this phase is recommended.

Mythic Tips

  • All PhasesMulti-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike will target 15 players in your raid. In addition to more players needing to know the mechanic, it is also less forgiving dealing substantially more damage.


We advise you to use the following talents against Opulence.


General Tips

  • Phase 1Flame Jet Icon Flame Jets need to be dodged. If Ruby Beam Icon Ruby Beam targets you, it will need to be kited.

Healing Tips


Mythic Tips

  • Chaotic Displacement Icon Chaotic Displacement will target two players (one from each path) and swap their locations. This will require pre-planned positioning to ensure players will not be teleported into a bad mechanic.

Conclave of the Chosen

We advise you to use the following talents against Conclave of the Chosen.


General Tips


Healing Tips

  • Use Evangelism Icon Evangelism during Pa'ku's Wrath Icon Pa'ku's Wrath, which occurs every 1:10. This means you will need to alternate your Evangelism casts with another ability, Cry of the Fallen Icon Cry of the Fallen. Keep in mind the priority here is Pa'ku's Wrath since it is substantially more damage to heal compared to Cry of the Fallen.
  • Keep an eye on players with Kimbul's Wrath Icon Kimbul's Wrath as it leaves a permanent DoT.
  • Dispel players with Mind Wipe Icon Mind Wipe as quickly as possible, making other healers a priority.

Mythic Tips

  • Bwonsamdi's Wrath Icon Bwonsamdi's Wrath will apply a permanent curse debuff to players that will make them immune to healing.
  • Things like Spirit Link Totem and absorbs do work on targets with Bwonsamdi's Wrath Icon Bwonsamdi's Wrath
  • Once dispelled, Bwonsamdi's Wrath Icon Bwonsamdi's Wrath will jump to the closest player not yet afflicted by the debuff.
  • Healers need to ensure that Bwonsamdi's Wrath Icon Bwonsamdi's Wrath is dispelled when targets need healing.

King Rastakhan

We advise you to use the following talents against King Rastakhan.


General Tips


Healing Tips


Mythic Tips

  • More targets will be hit by the Grievous Axe Icon Grievous Axe debuff (up from 1 to 3). These targets will need healing during its duration.
  • During Aura of Death Icon Aura of Death healers will gain stacks, if healing the Bwonsamdi tank. This will require healers to rotate that responsibility.

High Tinker Mekkatorque

We advise you to use the following talents against High Tinker Mekkatorque.


General Tips

  • Line of sight yourself from other players when you are debuffed with Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge.
  • When Shrunk Icon Shrunk, enter a Spark Bot. Players will need to enter a code only their allies can see.

Healing Tips


Mythic Tips

  • Enormous Icon Enormous players can run over Shrunk Icon Shrunk players and Trample Icon Trample will likely 1 shot the Shrunk player. Players need to be careful to not run over their friends.
  • Dispel polymorphs caused by Discombobulation Icon Discombobulation.
  • Three targets will be Shrunk Icon Shrunk, so Shrunk players will need to communicate as they only have a limited amount of time to input their codes.

Stormwall Blockade

We advise you to use the following talents against Stormwall Blockade.


General Tips


Healing Tips

  • Use Evangelism Icon Evangelism to counter Ire of the Deep Icon Ire of the Deep damage in Phase 2. Phase one usage of the cooldown will be limited due to the split nature of the encounter. Once there is more information on this fight this section will be updated as Lenience Icon Lenience might be worth considering if the raid damage is minimal.

Mythic Tips

  • This section will be updated once more information is available after the raid is released.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore

We advise you to use the following talents against Lady Jaina Proudmoore.


General Tips


Healing Tips


Mythic Tips

  • All Phases — Periodically, Gathering Blizzard Icon Gathering Blizzard will require your raid to be located within 10 yards of another player to prevent Freezing Blood Icon Freezing Blood. Players who receive Freezing Blood will need to have one player move near them to clear the debuff. The number of players required to remove Freezing Blood will increase throughout the encounter; at 50 energy it requires 3 players, at 75 energy it requires 5, and at full energy all players will lose all visibility and line of sight to one another.
  • Phase 1Frozen Siege Icon Frozen Siege will disable a random Ballista making it not able to be controlled, but the ice can be destroyed.
  • First Intermission — Icebound Images will spawn around Jaina. The images need to be killed as they will buff Jaina with Arctic Armor Icon Arctic Armor making Howling Winds Icon Howling Winds uninterruptable.
  • Second Intermission — Tide Elementals will have Splitting Frost Icon Splitting Frost which makes it split into more elementals upon death.
  • Phase 3 — Information in the dungeon journal is missing for this phase but it is guaranteed to have several mechanics as other final bosses have had in their final phases, making that phase much more difficult from lower difficulties. More information will be added here for this phase.


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