Guardian Druid Tank Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Guardian Druid for each boss of the following raid: Battle of Dazar'alor. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.5.



In this section you will find information and guidance for tanking each boss individually in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid as a Guardian Druid.


Talent Cheatsheet


Champion of the Light



The tank swap mechanic on this encounter is Sacred Blade Icon Sacred Blade, although you may not want to do a full tank swap, in order to keep the boss and adds separated as much as possible. Instead, you can use her long casts to move out of range and let your debuff fall off while she finishes casting and runs to you. You can also have the add tank briefly taunt the boss long enough for the debuff time out and then have the boss tank taunt back.





The tank swap mechanic on this encounter is Grong's 4-attack combo. The combo is a random sequence of either Bestial Smash Icon Bestial Smash or Rending Bite Icon Rending Bite; you cannot get more than two Bestial Smashes per combo.

During the combo, you should taunt swap in order to prevent one player from taking two Bestial Smash Icon Bestial Smash hits in the same combo. Secondarily, you should try and taunt swap so that each tank receives an equal number of Rending Bite Icon Rending Bite hits.


Jadefire Masters



The tank swap mechanic on this encounter is Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike, which teleports the Monk's target into the air and sends clones from different directions to attack. The tank is given a shield and must face the clones before they hit to block them. Once all the clones have attacked, the tank will be given the Tested Icon Tested debuff which increases their physical damage taken for 40 seconds. It is at this point the Monk tank and Mage tank should swap.

Use Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar during the Maze portion of the encounter to help your raid navigate the maze more quickly.



During Phase 1, there are no tank swaps. Indeed, the tanks will be split up into separate groups and tanking their own adds. Once this phase completes, each tank will receive a Diamond of the Unshakeable Protector Icon Diamond of the Unshakeable Protector jewel, which absorbs a large amount of damage on a 30 second recharge timer. While it is not required to swap on this fight, it is recommended that you use this jewel on cooldown, and swap whenever your it has finished recharging.

When the boss casts Spirits of Gold Icon Spirits of Gold,use Ursol's Vortex Icon Ursol's Vortex to prevent the adds from moving towards the edges of the room.


Conclave of the Chosen



Of the four Aspects, two of them have tank swap mechanics.

The first is Pa'ku, who gains a stacking haste buff Hastening Winds Icon Hastening Winds for each consecutive hit on the same target. You can either swap Aspects with your co-tank, or have a melee DPS player taunt and take a single hit to reset the stacks (in order to keep the Aspects from getting too close and buffing each other).

The second is Kimbul, who will cast Lacerating Claws Icon Lacerating Claws which applies a stacking DoT to the target. You will want to do a full tank swap with your co-tank every 3-4 stacks.

Use Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar during Pa'ku's Wrath Icon Pa'ku's Wrath to help your raid get into the safe zone quickly.

Use Typhoon Icon Typhoon (or Ursol's Vortex Icon Ursol's Vortex if talented) during Gonk's Wrath Icon Gonk's Wrath to keep the Raptors from attacking you or other players.

On Mythic difficulty, you are able to dispel Bwonsamdi's Wrath Icon Bwonsamdi's Wrath with Remove Corruption Icon Remove Corruption, however it is not ideal for you to do so as casting it requires you to drop Bear Form Icon Bear Form. If you are in a position to leave Bear Form without risking death, you can assist your raid by dispelling this curse.


King Rastakhan



In Phase 1, you should taunt swap Rastakhan and Siegebreaker Roka every time Roka casts Crushing Leap Icon Crushing Leap.

In Phase 2, the taunt swap should happen after Rastakhan casts Scorching Detonation Icon Scorching Detonation. The Rastakhan tank should use the cast to move out towards Bwonsamdi, and trade places with the Bwonsamdi tank.

In Phase 3, the Phantom of Rage casts Necrotic Smash Icon Necrotic Smash. While Druids are not able to dodge the smash, some tanks like Warriors and Monks can. If you are tanking with one, you may be able to avoid tank swapping in this phase. If not, you will want to tank swap on the Necrotic Smash casts.

In Phase 4, continue to swap on Scorching Detonation Icon Scorching Detonation as in Phase 2.


High Tinker Mekkatorque



This encounter's forced tank swap mechanic is Electroshock Amplification Icon Electroshock Amplification, which is similar to Pa'ku's Aspect's Hastening Winds Icon Hastening Winds in that it is reset when Mekkatorque hits a new target. You will want to swap at or around 8-10 stacks of this debuff.

When Mekkatorque casts Wormhole Generator Icon Wormhole Generator, use Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar to help those affected by Gigavolt Charge Icon Gigavolt Charge get out of line of sight before they detonate.

You can use Mass Entanglement Icon Mass Entanglement on the bots in order to root them in place without leaving Bear Form Icon Bear Form. If you have a Death Knight co-tank, they can additionally grip the bots into range of each other, so that Mass Entanglement will root several of them at once.


Stormwall Blockade



In Phase 1, there is no forced tank swap mechanic. Be aware that the minibosses will swap ships during the phase. When you have Sister Katherine, you can use Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar to help your raid dodge Voltaic Flash Icon Voltaic Flash.

In Phase 2, Laminaria will apply Kelp-Wrapped Icon Kelp-Wrapped to the active tank. This effect stacks and can be dispelled, applying a damage taken increase to nearby enemies. You should time your taunt swaps so that when a new Energized Storm add spawns, the tank with Kelp-Wrapped stacks is in position to be dispelled on top of them.


Lady Jaina Proudmoore



Disclaimer: there is very limited testing data on this encounter. Once the fight is live, this section will be updated with more finalized tips and advice on how to approach it as a tank.

Throughout the whole encounter, Jaina will occasionally cast Ice Shard Icon Ice Shard at the tank, giving them one stack of Chilling Touch Icon Chilling Touch and increasing the damage taken from subsequent Ice Shards. You will want to taunt swap in order to manage your Chilling Touch stacks appropriately. In addition to Ice Shard, you will gain Chilling Touch stacks from mechanics in the same manner as all other players in the raid.

In Phase 1, you will be able to clear your stacks using Searing Pitch Icon Searing Pitch pools on the ship. In Phase 2, it can be done using the Unexploded Ordnance barrels. Once you reach Phase 3, it is no longer possible to clear your stacks without becoming Frozen Solid Icon Frozen Solid, so you will need to either be broken out or use a battle res to clear your stacks.



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