Jadefire Masters Strategy Guide in Battle of Dazar'alor Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our encounter guide for Jadefire Masters in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role followed by a detailed strategy to defeat Jadefire Masters.



Jadefire Masters is the third encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor Raid. You will face two bosses, a Monk and a Mage (and we will refer to them as Monk or Mage throughout the guide, for simplicity). The Monk boss is called Ma'ra Grimfang for Alliance players and Mestrah for Horde players, while the Mage is called Anathos Firecaller for Alliance players and Manceroy Flamefist for Horde players.

Horde: Though they began training together only recently, Manceroy and Mestrah have perfected their teamwork and now present a united front. With both fire and fists, they stand ready to strike down any who challenge the Alliance.

Alliance: To the untrained eye, Ma'ra Grimfang and Anathos Flamecaller may seem like a mismatched pair. The truth, however is that their coordination is second to none. Their combined assault is powerful enough to level the most formidable foes.


Fight Overview

The aim is to DPS the two bosses together and make sure the Mage's Health does not fall below the Monk's Health. Be sure to have at least one melee assigned to stick to the Monk boss like glue to break them out of Whirling Jade Storm Icon Whirling Jade Storm as soon as possible. Kill Spirits of Xuen Icon Spirits of Xuen as they spawn, and be sure to kite them away from the group. At 30 Combined Power (Energy), make sure the raid stacks in the mist and DPSs down the Living Bomb. At 60 Combined Power, make sure everyone is able to cross the maze and break through the barrier. Finally, at 100 Combined Power, make sure no one is getting cleaved by the Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath, and DPS the bosses down to 0 health.





  • Making sure you are prepared for Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike is really important, which means facing each attacker. Failing to do so too often will likely result in a death.
  • After taking the Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike, be sure that you are taking the Mage, as the Tested Icon Tested debuff will make tanking the Monk very dangerous.


  • Be sure to set up an order to dispel Searing Embers Icon Searing Embers. Having multiple healers sink a global cooldown into one target can be costly, so it is best to set things up beforehand.
  • Make sure to top off players who are going to soak Magma Trap.
  • Be aware of who is fixated by the Spirits of Xuen Icon Spirits of Xuen; they will need extra attention.


  • Make sure to keep the Mage and the Monk as even as possible to minimize the power of Harmonious Spirits Icon Harmonious Spirits.
  • When the Mage is casting Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast be sure to focus damage on them in order to break their Fire Shield Icon Fire Shield, so they can be interrupted.
  • When Spirits of Xuen Icon Spirits of Xuen spawn, swap to them and kill them as fast as possible.


  • If you intend on soaking a Magma Trap, be sure you have either a personal cooldown, a slow-fall effect, or a Priest ready to Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith you back to safety.
  • If fixated by a Spirits of Xuen Icon Spirits of Xuen, kite them away from the group to avoid cleaving the damage from Pounce Icon Pounce.


  • The raid should stay loosely stacked together, cleaving the bosses at much as possible. Positioning can get a little hectic due to the bosses' propensity for jumping around.

Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

We advise you to use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism/Time Warp Icon Time Warp once the bosses reach 30 or 100 Energy. Both of these sections can be checks on the DPS and Healers, so where you choose to Bloodlust will depend on your raid group.




Ma'ra Grimfang / Mestrah, the Illuminated (Monk)


Harmonious Spirits

Harmonious Spirits Icon Harmonious Spirits will cause cause the Monk to gain a damage buff if the Mage's Health falls below theirs. The greater the difference in health pools, the stronger the buff.


Whirling Jade Storm

Whirling Jade Storm Icon Whirling Jade Storm causes moderate raid-wide Nature damage every 1 second until the Monk is struck by a melee ability.


Multi-sided Strike

Roughly every 30 seconds, the Monk will knock their current target into the air and summon 3 apparitions (4 on Heroic) to attack them. The player must face their character towards each oncoming attack in order to block it. Each failure to block will deal a very large amount of Physical damage to the player.


Successful Defense / Tested

For each successful defense against the Multi-sided Strike a player performs, they will receive a 5% damage and healing buff (Successful Defense Icon Successful Defense) for 30 seconds. However, they will also be debuffed with Tested Icon Tested for 40 seconds, increasing Physical damage taken by 100%.


Spirits of Xuen

The Monk will summon a Spirit of Xuen roughly every 30 seconds. This add will cast Stalking Icon Stalking on a random target, causing the Spirit to fixate that player until it is killed. It will also cast Tiger Paw Icon Tiger Paw on said target for moderate Nature damage, as well as cast Pounce Icon Pounce on a random target, dealing light Nature damage to all targets within 5 yards.


Anathos Fireecaller / Manceroy Flamefist (Mage)



The Mage will regularly cast Fireball Icon Fireball, dealing moderate Fire damage to their active target, as well as applying a stack of Rising Flames Icon Rising Flames.


Rising Flames

Rising Flames Icon Rising Flames is a DoT that deals minor Fire damage every 1 second for 15 seconds. Upon expiration, Rising Flames will trigger Burnout Icon Burnout, dealing moderate Fire damage, increasing for every stack of Rising Flames.



Roughly every 2 minutes, the Mage will attempt to cast Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast. This will deal enormous Fire damage, as well apply DoT dealing heavy Fire damage over 30 seconds. This can be interrupted, but the DoT cannot be dispelled.


Fire Shield

Fire Shield Icon Fire Shield will absorb a large amount of damage and prevent the caster from being interrupted while the shield holds.


Searing Embers

Every 30 seconds the Mage will apply a dispellable magic debuff called Searing Embers Icon Searing Embers to several members of the raid. This deals light Fire damage every second for 10 seconds and will deal moderate raid-wide Fire damage if it expires naturally.


Magma Trap

Roughly every 30 seconds the Mage will drop Magma Trap near a player. If anyone steps within the trap, it will detonate, dealing heavy Fire damage and knocking said player into the air. This will also apply a debuff increasing the damage of all future Magma Traps by 100%.


Combined Power

As the fight progresses the Jadefire Masters will gain Combined Power Icon Combined Power, which will allow them to cast powerful abilities as they reach certain thresholds. This Combined Power is essentially just a resource that each boss gains progressively at the same rate.


Fire from Mist

At 30 Combined Power, the Monk will summon Living Bombs shrouded in mist (Chi-Ji's Song Icon Chi-Ji's Song). The mist will block targeting to into and out of the zone it creates, while also dealing very light Nature damage every second to players within it. The Living Bomb is a targetable mob, shrouded in the in the center of the mist. It deals moderate raid damage while it is alive, and also channels Beam Icon Beam; a beam that rotates around the center of the bomb, dealing heavy Fire damage to anyone stuck by it.


A Flash of Hostility

At 60 Combined Power the Monk will teleport all players to one side of the room, and themselves to the other. In between these areas they will create a maze of Ring of Hostility Icon Ring of Hostilitys that the raid must traverse in order to continue the fight. While the raid is navigating the arena, the Mage will call down Phoenix Strike Icon Phoenix Strikes dealing damage to players within 6 yards of a random targeted area. At the end of the maze, players DPS through a barrier separating themselves from the bosses. This barrier will have 4 sections, each with a shared Health pool. On Heroic difficulty, only one section of the barrier is attackable unless a player picks up a Force Orb Icon Force Orb in order to weaken another section. Force Orbs are large teal spheres that will spawn in set locations around the room during Flash of Hostility.


The Serpent and the Phoenix

At 100 Combined Power the Monk will transform into the Jade Serpent and the Mage will transform into the Phoenix. The Mage will spawn additional Magma Traps, and the Monk will use Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike on most of the raid instead of just the Tank.


Dragon's Breath

The Jade Serpent will occasionally burn all enemies in a cone for moderately high Fire damage every 1 second for 2 seconds. On Heroic and Mythic difficulty, this will leave a trail of fire on the ground dealing heavy Fire damage every second to anyone standing in it.


Blazing Phoenix

Once the Mage has transformed into the Phoenix, the raid will take moderate Fire damage every 3 seconds for the remainder of the fight. The Phoenix will also continue to apply Burnout Icon Burnout to the active tank.




Positioning and Strategy

At the start of the fight, tank the bosses wherever your raid pleases, so long as they are in cleave range of one another. Your raid is going to need to swap between focusing the monk (as they become untargetable when they perform Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike) and focusing the Mage when they cast Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast. It is important to keep the Health of the Monk lower than that of the Mage, in order to prevent Harmonious Spirits Icon Harmonious Spirits from getting out of hand. Your goals should be to kill the Monk first, as they will frequently become untargetable in the final phase.

Mobile melee classes should be assigned to attack the Monk when they dash away to use Whirling Jade Storm Icon Whirling Jade Storm, in order to break the cast. Conversely, you can also have the Off-Tank do it, though this can be somewhat annoying for lower mobility classes like Death Knights.

On Heroic, your raid will also need to assign certain people to soak the Magma Trap so the encounter area does not become too crowded. Monks, Mages, Priests, Demon Hunters, etc. are all good choices for this, though you can also use Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith, Slow Fall Icon Slow Fall, and other similar spells to prevent falling damage.

Additionally Spirits of Xuen Icon Spirits of Xuen will spawn to chase down a random player. The raid need to quickly swap and kill these adds while keeping them stunning and slowed for the person kiting them. The person kiting should try to keep at least 5 yards away from other people so Pounce Icon Pounce does not splash.

At 30 Combined Power, your entire raid is going to need to run into each Chi-Ji's Song Icon Chi-Ji's Song cloud that spawns and kill the Living Bomb that is inside.

At 60 Combined Power, your raid will need to traverse the Ring of Hostility Icon Ring of Hostility maze and break through the barriers. Warlocks are particularly powerful for this, as the Demonic Gateway allows you to portal over the top of the Rings. Additionally, Demon Hunters can simply double jump over the rings, Monks can use Chi Torpedo Icon Chi Torpedo to clip through an area where the rings intersect, and Priests can Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith players through the rings. On Heroic difficulty, pick up the Force Orb Icon Force Orbs that spawn along the path, in order to let your raid cleave more sections of the wall.

Finally, at 100 Combined Power, your raid needs to just pop all their cooldowns and burn the boss down. Ideally the Monk will die shortly after entering this phase, so you can avoid Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike.


Tank Concerns

The only thing tanks need to be really concerned about during this encounter is the Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike. It takes some getting used to, and success at this mechanic is paramount to a successful kill. When the Monk launches you into the air, she will summon several ghosts of herself. You need to face these ghosts in the order they appear in order to defend against their attack.


Healing Concerns

Healers need to be keenly aware of people who are going to soak the Magma Traps. If they are not topped off, it is very likely that they are going to die. Equally, making sure the tank is healthy before they face Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike is just a important. Lastly, be sure to have a good rotation set up to dispel Searing Embers Icon Searing Embers quickly. Either by Weakaura, or assignment, its important that this debuff is dispelled quickly and cleanly.


Mythic Mode




Multi-sided Strike

Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike will now target everyone in the raid, except for one Healer and one Tank.


Fire from Mist

During the first intermission, the Jadefire Masters will now spawn 3 Living Bombs.


A Flash of Hostility

During the second intermission, a Spirit of Niuzao will now chase the raid along the path through created between the Rings of Hostility. The Spirit will leave behind zones that deal high physical damage to everyone inside them. Equally, none of the barrier sections at the end will be attackable until a Force Orb Icon Force Orb is placed in them.



The crux of this encounter on Mythic is the Multi-Sided Strike Icon Multi-Sided Strike. Failing more than one or two tests will likely result in lethal damage, so the raid must quickly become proficient at blocking the Monk's strikes. It is advisable to turn off your user interface (the default binding for this is Alt+Z) to remove clutter and make it easier to see the apparitions as they appear. You should be looking for a flash of colour, followed by an ethereal version of the Monk. When turning your character, the optimal way to do this is to hold down both mouse buttons and drag your mouse to turn your character. The reason for this is that holding down the right mouse button will simply turn your character's head, before turning the rest of their body. This can lead to the hit box of your character being slightly off of the "acceptable" range for the mechanic, even though it looks as though you are facing the Monk head-on. Holding down both buttons will cause your character to act as if it is running, forcing your hit box to remain centered on your camera position at all times.

Just as in Heroic, the raid should focus the Monk down as fast as possible, while cleaving onto the Mage. The goal is to kill the Monk seconds after they transform into a Dragon in the final phase, allowing your raid to take their time killing the Mage; it is not uncommon for the Mage to have Health in excess of 50% or more when the Monk dies.

During the first intermission, the raid needs to quickly kill the first Living Bomb and prepare to bait Magma Traps outside of the mist on the second Living Bomb. Once the traps have gone out, the raid needs to quickly duck into the mist to avoid the Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast the Mage casts shortly after. Some time between the first and second bombs, the raid will be afflicted with Searing Embers Icon Searing Embers. If your group runs a Mistweaver Monk, this is an ideal time to Revival Icon Revival, as it can dispel targets both in and outside of the mist.

The second intermission is the same as on Heroic, however now there is effectively a timer on how long your raid can stay in the phase. Demon Hunters, Monks, and Mages should use their movement to collect the Force Orb Icon Force Orbs quickly to allow your group to kill the barriers. Note, that you technically only need one of the orbs, however collecting more will allow your group to AoE.

Finally, when the bosses reach 100 energy, the Monk should be very close to death. Once they die, then slowly move across the room, as it fills with Magma Traps while you finish off the Mage.



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