Conclave of the Chosen Strategy Guide in Battle of Dazar'alor Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Conclave of the Chosen, an Alliance-only encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat Conclave of the Chosen.

1. Disclaimer

The information found on this page will likely change within the weeks until release. It is based on the current PTR information available, meaning tuning passes are likely to happen, as well as fight mechanics being changed. A full raid strategy guide will be released prior to the raid opening date.

2. Fight Overview

In this fight, your raid will have to fight the 4 different aspects of the Loa: Paku, Gonk, Kimbul, and Akunda. You will always be fighting two aspects, with a new Loa taking the place of the fallen. The only exception to this is after you have killed 3 aspects and are killing the final one.

Each aspect has different abilities and will need to be handled differently, especially with the different combinations of abilities that can occur depending on your kill order.

It is also important to remember that, as the fight goes on, the aspects will be buffed to deal 15% more damage and healed to full health each time one of them dies. The aspects also cannot be stacked up and cleaved down, so the final part of the fight will be the most challenging, as the last 2 bosses will be dealing 45% increased damage.

3. Conclave of the Chosen General Abilities

This section contains the abilities that apply to all 4 of the Loa bosses.

3.1. Loa's Pact

When the champions are stacked up, they buff each other to deal 75% more damage and receive 90% less damage.

3.2. Loa's Wrath

When a champion dies, they buff the others, healing them to full health and increasing their damage dealt by 15%. This will continue to buff them, to a maximum of 45% increase on the final champion to be killed.

3.3. Cry of the Fallen

After the death of one of the champions, players will receive a DoT that deals Nature damage every 0.5 seconds, for 6 seconds.

4. Loa Council — Paku Abilities

4.1. Gift of Wind

Upon reaching full energy, Paku will buff his allies, granting 45% Haste and 75% movement speed, for 15 seconds.

4.2. Hastening Winds

When Paku attacks the same target multiple times, he gains a buff for each successive attack. The buff grans him 8% attack speed per stack.

4.3. Paku's Wrath

Paku deals damage to all players, with the impact depending on the distance between the boss and the player. If the player is within a 10-yard radius, they will receive a ticking Nature damage debuff, that deals damage every second, for 8 seconds. If they are farther than 10 yards, they will take a larger hit of Nature damage, but receive no DoT.

5. Loa Council — Gonk Abilities

5.1. Crawling Hex

Once he reaches full energy, Gonk will curse a player so that they cannot attack or cast for 5 seconds. This curse will continue to spread upon expiration in an 8-yard radius.

5.2. Raptor Form

Gonk becomes a raptor, allowing him to cast Wild Maul Icon Wild Maul, which deals Physical damage in a frontal-cone that spans 9 yards. Damage will be dealt every 0.3 seconds, or until the cast is cancelled. It is currently unknown if this can be interrupted or if the boss cancels it.

5.3. Gonk's Wrath

Raptors are summoned that focus players at random, which will cast Pack Hunter Icon Pack Hunter. This causes them to be immune to crowd control and gain increased movement speed when they are stacked up.

6. Loa Council — Kimbul Abilities

6.1. Lacerating Claws

This is a cone-attack that deals Physical damage, as well as applying a stacking DoT that deals further Physical damage every second. The duration is currently unknown.

6.2. Kimbul's Wrath

Kimbul deals Physical damage to nearby targets, knocking them down and applying Bleeding Wounds Icon Bleeding Wounds.

6.2.1. Bleeding Wounds

A stacking DoT that deals Physical damage every 5.2 seconds. This is a strange number for the tick-rate, meaning it is likely to be changed.

7. Loa Council — Akunda Abilities

7.1. Thundering Storm

An AoE attack that deals Nature damage to any enemies in a 10-yard radius.

7.2. Mind Wipe

This ability is mentioned in the dungeon journal, but there is no description for what it does.

7.3. Akunda's Wrath

Akunda places a debuff on players that explodes after 6 seconds, dealing Nature damage in a 5-yard radius. Upon expiration, the debuff will also causes Static Orb Icon Static Orbs to spawn from the afflicted player. These deal Nature damage when they are touched.

8. Strategy

This section will be updated closer to the release of the raid.

9. Changelog

  • 23 Oct. 2018: Guide added.
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