Enhancement Shaman Torghast Guide and Best Anima Powers — Dragonflight 10.2.5

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General Information

On this page, we tell you all you need to know to prepare your Enhancement Shaman before entering Torghast and then how to pick up the right Anima Powers once you are inside!


Torghast as a Enhancement Shaman

This page will help give advice on navigating Torghast, Tower of the Damned as an Enhancement Shaman. For more details on Torghast itself, check our dedicated pages.


Best Enhancement Shaman Talents for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

You can easily import the talent tree below into the game with the following string:


Best Enhancement Shaman Anima Powers

Throughout your climb through Torghast, you will be offered up a variety of Anima Powers as you progress. Some of these are unique, while others can stack and making the right choice first time can be difficult. Because of that we have made a Tier List below that helps make quick decisions if you are struggling.

Remember though, do not follow the list blindly, there are a lot of different playstyles to explore within Torghast and trying things out is part of the enjoyment. None of the powers are necessary to complete a run, and picking a power that improves something you rarely use will ultimately be useless. After all, you might not run into the power that you are looking for each run!

"S" are considered ideal picks while "F" should be avoided.

For a complete list of Anima Powers available to Shamans, please refer to the pages linked just below.


S-Tier Anima Powers for Enhancement Shaman

  • Dark Armaments Icon Dark Armaments
  • Deathseer Choker Icon Deathseer Choker
  • Deathseer's Satchel Icon Deathseer's Satchel (when paired with Choker
  • Deathseer's Whip Icon Deathseer's Whip
  • Elemental Conduit Icon Elemental Conduit (Venthyr; if used with Fire Nova Icon Fire Nova)
  • Elemental Core Icon Elemental Core
  • Farseer's Invocation Icon Farseer's Invocation (switch to Hailstorm Icon Hailstorm)
  • Flowing Streams Icon Flowing Streams
  • Frostchipper Icon Frostchipper
  • Rimeblood Icon Rimeblood
  • Untaintable Waters Icon Untaintable Waters

A-Tier Anima Powers for Enhancement Shaman

  • Blackened Boulder Icon Blackened Boulder
  • Elethium Alembic Icon Elethium Alembic
  • Elethium Censer Icon Elethium Censer
  • Elethium Lantern Icon Elethium Lantern
  • Farseer's Cypher Icon Farseer's Cypher (switch to Forceful Winds Icon Forceful Winds)
  • Farseer's Ultimatum Icon Farseer's Ultimatum (switch to Ascendance Icon Ascendance
  • Finger of Frozen Fury Icon Finger of Frozen Fury
  • Frostbite Wand Icon Frostbite Wand
  • Furious Spirits Icon Furious Spirits
  • Generosity of the Winged Seer Icon Generosity of the Winged Seer (Kyrian)
  • Gift of Ardenweald Icon Gift of Ardenweald
  • Heart of the Deathseer Icon Heart of the Deathseer
  • Kyrian Blessing Icon Kyrian Blessing
  • Lightning Dust Icon Lightning Dust
  • Mask of Withering Icon Mask of Withering (Venthyr)
  • Maldraxxian Repayment Icon Maldraxxian Repayment
  • Phial of Pain Icon Phial of Pain (Kyrian)
  • Secret Spices Icon Secret Spices
  • Seeds of Rampant Growth Icon Seeds of Rampant Growth (Night Fae)
  • Spectral Oats Icon Spectral Oats
  • Subjugator's Manacles Icon Subjugator's Manacles
  • Venthyr's Gratitude Icon Venthyr's Gratitude
  • Vesperwind Bit Icon Vesperwind Bit (Kyrian)
  • Vitality Guillotine Icon Vitality Guillotine

B-Tier Anima Powers for Enhancement Shaman

  • Astral Bulwark Icon Astral Bulwark
  • Blade of the Lifetaker Icon Blade of the Lifetaker
  • Blood of Heroes Icon Blood of Heroes
  • Blood Stained Gauntlet Icon Blood Stained Gauntlet (Venthyr)
  • Bloody Thorn Stalk Icon Bloody Thorn Stalk (Night Fae)
  • Bottled Enigma Icon Bottled Enigma
  • Crystalline Leaf Icon Crystalline Leaf (Night Fae)
  • Crystallized Dreams Icon Crystallized Dreams (Night Fae)
  • Crystallized Elemental Heart Icon Crystallized Elemental Heart (Venthyr)
  • Corruption Antenna Icon Corruption Antenna
  • Deeptremor Stone Icon Deeptremor Stone
  • Diamondine Vesper Icon Diamondine Vesper (Kyrian)
  • Hourglass of Soul Dust Icon Hourglass of Soul Dust (Necrolord)
  • Irritating Moth Dust Icon Irritating Moth Dust
  • Leeching Lilypad Icon Leeching Lilypad
  • Lens of Elchaver Icon Lens of Elchaver
  • Potent Acid Gland Icon Potent Acid Gland
  • Pulsing Rot-hive Icon Pulsing Rot-hive
  • Storm Conduit Icon Storm Conduit
  • Stormcycle Peridot Icon Stormcycle Peridot
  • Vial of Soothing Waters Icon Vial of Soothing Waters
  • Watchful Lightfly Icon Watchful Lightfly

C-Tier Anima Powers for Enhancement Shaman

  • Bloating Fodder Icon Bloating Fodder
  • Chains of Devastation Icon Chains of Devastation
  • Curious Miasma Icon Curious Miasma
  • Dark Fortress Icon Dark Fortress
  • Darksight Orbs Icon Darksight Orbs (Kyrian)
  • Deadened Earth Icon Deadened Earth
  • Elethium Weights Icon Elethium Weights
  • Essence of the Ancestors Icon Essence of the Ancestors
  • Farseer's Gift Icon Farseer's Gift (switch to Hot Hand Icon Hot Hand
  • Farseer's Mythos Icon Farseer's Mythos (switch to Sundering Icon Sundering
  • Flames of the Cauldron Icon Flames of the Cauldron
  • Fossilized Bone Fragments Icon Fossilized Bone Fragments (Necrolord)
  • Murmuring Shawl Icon Murmuring Shawl (Venthyr)
  • Open Doors Icon Open Doors (Venthyr)
  • Purifier's Flame Icon Purifier's Flame
  • Phial of Light Icon Phial of Light (Kyrian)
  • Shield of Spirits Icon Shield of Spirits
  • Smuggled Wildseed Icon Smuggled Wildseed (Night Fae)
  • Splintered Elemental Rod Icon Splintered Elemental Rod (Necrolord
  • Strigidium Icon Strigidium (Kyrian)
  • Swarm Form Icon Swarm Form
  • Volatile Flesh Icon Volatile Flesh (Necrolord)
  • Wailing Winds Icon Wailing Winds
  • Yel'Shir's Powerglove Icon Yel'Shir's Powerglove

D-Tier Anima Powers for Enhancement Shaman

  • Clinging Fog Icon Clinging Fog (Night Fae)
  • Crumbling Aegis Icon Crumbling Aegis
  • Disemboweler's Hook Icon Disemboweler's Hook
  • Elethium Beacon Icon Elethium Beacon
  • Farseer's Legacy Icon Farseer's Legacy (switch to Wind Rush Totem Icon Wind Rush Totem
  • Gnarled Key Icon Gnarled Key (Venthyr)
  • Guardian's Cudgel Icon Guardian's Cudgel
  • Parliament Stone Icon Parliament Stone (Kyrian)
  • Spectral Bridle Icon Spectral Bridle
  • Spike of the Ice Guardian Icon Spike of the Ice Guardian

E-Tier Anima Powers for Enhancement Shaman

  • Elethium Muzzle Icon Elethium Muzzle
  • Elethium Teardrop Icon Elethium Teardrop
  • Farseer's Lesson Icon Farseer's Lesson (switch to Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield
  • Ghost Bone Icon Ghost Bone
  • Irresistible Cheese Icon Irresistible Cheese
  • Malevolent Stitching Icon Malevolent Stitching (Necrolord)
  • Mawrat Harness Icon Mawrat Harness
  • Mawrats on Ice Icon Mawrats on Ice
  • Mawrat Stirrups Icon Mawrat Stirrups
  • Musophobic Femur Icon Musophobic Femur (Necrolord)
  • Scroll of Elchaver Icon Scroll of Elchaver
  • Tremorbeast Tusk Icon Tremorbeast Tusk
  • Tsunami Relic Icon Tsunami Relic

F-Tier Anima Powers for Enhancement Shaman

  • Bottomless Chalice Icon Bottomless Chalice (when solo, Kyrian)
  • Edgelurker Icon Edgelurker
  • Negation Well Icon Negation Well

If an Anima Power is not in the Tier List above, it is either because we have been unable to test due to being unavailable as a pick, or information about its tuning is not complete. It will be added to the list as we find out more.


Phantasma Anima Powers for Enhancement Shaman

Occasionally, you will be offered the ability to get Phantasma instead of an Anima Power, or increases to your Phantasma generation. Judging these is more difficult because it depends on how much of each floor you are clearing. Grabbing these early on is usually a good idea so you can make use of vendors, while the later the run goes the less valuable these are.


Enhancement Shaman Playstyle for Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Surprisingly despite Enhancement's survival problems in regular gameplay, we actually have quite a good toolkit for Torghast. The suite of small utility and access to self-healing, alongside some really good high frequency defensive powers we can grab lets us tank damage while dishing it back quite effectively. Some tips for gameplay are:

  • Try to make sure you always have some Maelstrom Weapon Icon Maelstrom Weapon charges banked in case you are in need of casting Healing Surge Icon Healing Surge in a pinch.
  • Use utility totems aggressively, which means Capacitor Totem Icon Capacitor Totem to lock targets down as you engage, and Healing Stream Totem Icon Healing Stream Totem to keep you healthy during each pull.
  • Do not be afraid to kite if you feel you are in danger. You can keep targets slows while you move away in Ghost Wolf Icon Ghost Wolf to buy some time.
  • Use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust aggressively, do not hold it for the boss floors if you are running into a tough pack. Use all the tools you have as often as you can because usually they will be available again come the end of the floor.
  • Earth Elemental Icon Earth Elemental is a lifesaver. If you run into any extremely dangerous packs this can tank them for long enough to make kill the most immediate danger off, so use it early and often.
  • If a pack is preventing you from pulling smaller amounts, make use of Hex Icon Hex on the most dangerous enemy and come back to it later, crowd control is extremely valuable in Torghast.
  • Do not rush into big pulls if you have no cooldowns and are not stable. Torghast has no timer, and enemies can become very dangerous at higher floor levels so know your limits.


  • 25 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight pre-patch.
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