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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Marksmanship Hunter in World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.0.2.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Marksmanship Hunter gear and best in slot.


Gearing a Marksmanship Hunter

Welcome to our Gearing Page for Marksmanship Hunter. This section will cover everything you need to know about equipping your character correctly.

For more detailed information on Stat Priority, please visit our Stats page.

For more detailed information on Gems and Enchants, please visit our Gems and Enchants page.

We also have a page dedicated to simulations for different aspects of your character. These can be found on our Simulations page.

Marksmanship Hunter Tier Set in Dragonflight Season 1 from the Vault of the Incarnates


Simming and Raidbots as a Marksmanship Hunter

It is impossible for a guide to provide a truly accurate BiS Tier List. This is because the values of stats, procs, and so on, will depend a lot on your other gear, your character's race, and more. Everything affects everything else. Furthermore, stats are generally close together in value, enough so that Item Level becomes the most important aspect of whether you equip a new piece of gear.

For these reasons, we do not provide a "BiS List" on this guide, and would suggest that you stay clear of them. Instead, when deciding if an item is an upgrade, you should sim yourself using Raidbots. On this page, we will focus on more general and universal guidance, but it is wise to sim yourself for practically all gearing decisions.

If you are not familiar with Raidbots, you can use our Raidbots Guide to get started.


Upgrading Marksmanship Hunter Gear with Valor Points

For more information on where to get Valor from, how it works, weekly caps and more, see our Valor page.

Marksmanship Hunters should upgrade the items with Valor that will benefit the most in the moment. The easiest way to figure out what is best for your specific character is by using Raidbots' Droptimizer. You can select "+12 Weekly Chest" as a replacement for the highest item level Valor upgrade. Below is a list of item slots that you might want to upgrade first.

  • Your weapon is by far your strongest item, and should always be the top priority to upgrade.
  • Trinkets have a major impact on your DPS, particularly on-use ones.
  • Aside from this, the best scaling items tend to be Helms, Chests, and Leg items. Wrists and Cloaks are low-priority as they have relatively little Agility on them.


Many people have a tendency to overthink the distribution of their secondary stats. An important thing to remember is that a higher quantity of stats is nearly always better than a better quality of stats. Because of this, wearing higher item level gear with worse stats tends to be better than lower item level gear with great stats. Keep this in mind when considering gear. For more stats information, please refer to our dedicated page.


BiS Trinkets for Marksmanship Hunter

As mentioned above, it is highly advised that you sim yourself for all gear slots. Trinkets are different than most gear, as they are far more unique, with way more than just secondary stat distribution setting them apart from each other. For this reason, we feel confident enough to list some of the best overall Trinkets.


Best Raid Trinkets for Marksmanship Hunter

Unless otherwise noted, Raid Trinkets are the best of all simply because they go to much higher item levels than Mythic+ can offer. The situation can be different when comparing Heroic Raid Trinkets to Mythic+ ones, and you should sim your own trinket setup to find out what is optimal.

  1. Manic Grieftorch Icon Manic Grieftorch is excellent and BiS for nearly all situations, even with no deaths. But deaths are common in most forms of difficult content, making this even better.
  2. Whispering Incarnate Icon Icon Whispering Incarnate Icon is very strong, even if nobody in your party is wearing it.
  3. Storm-Eater's Boon Icon Storm-Eater's Boon deserves a mention for having amazing DPS, but it locks you from movement while using it, and requires you to go in melee. Great in theory, but not so much in practice.
  4. Controlled Current Technique Icon Controlled Current Technique is decent, but not great.
  5. Spiteful Storm Icon Spiteful Storm suffers, because no target lives long enough for it to be truly powerful. An unfortunately weak last-boss trinket.
  6. Decoration of Flame Icon Decoration of Flame suffers from its low item level, and being essentially a Melee trinket. It has a defensive benefit, which is worth noting.

Best Mythic+ Trinkets for Marksmanship Hunter

  1. Windswept Pages Icon Windswept Pages has a simple, powerful Haste proc and is great for all situations.
  2. Hunger of the Pack Icon Hunger of the Pack is a "stat-stick" Trinket that provides a ton of passive Crit. Great for all situations and with a movement speed benefit to boot.
  3. Algeth'ar Puzzle Box Icon Algeth'ar Puzzle Box has immense burst potential, but a long cooldown. It also has a 2-second cast time which can be a little inconvenient, but if you need that one, massive burst for a particular moment in a fight, this is a great trinket to have in your bags.
  4. Bottle of Spiraling Winds Icon Bottle of Spiraling Winds is a decent, but not great Agility proc trinket.
  5. Horn of Valor Icon Horn of Valor is unfortunately weak, even when paired with Trueshot Icon Trueshot, the tuning simply is not there.
  6. Ruby Whelp Shell Icon Ruby Whelp Shell is just weak and not useful.

BiS Rings and Necks for Marksmanship Hunter

We highlight Jewelry items because they have by far the biggest secondary stat pool, meaning that they can vary quite a lot between them even at the same item level.

Our main consideration here is Crit and Mastery. These are our two best stats by some margin, although that does not mean that other stats are worthless.

Below are some noteworthy Jewelry items.

  1. Jeweled Signet of Melandrus Icon Jeweled Signet of Melandrus from Court of Stars is an incredible ring, and BiS for all scenarios. This is because its effect, despite what it says, actually improves overall ability damage. The stats are decent too, making it beat even the top Mythic Raid rings.
  2. Seal of Filial Duty Icon Seal of Filial Duty is strong simply because of its high item level. We will occasionally proc its effect via our Completely Safe Rockets Icon Completely Safe Rockets Temporary Weapon Enchant for extra damage.
  3. Elemental Lariat Icon Elemental Lariat is a necklace crafted by Jewelcrafting. Its proc is moderately powerful, and it will beat other Necklaces of its item level.
  4. Other than these two special items, you should chase Critical Strike and Mastery, but other stats are fine too. Sim yourself!

BiS Weapons for Marksmanship Hunter

Weapons are just like normal armor items, in that item level nearly always wins. In fact, this is even more true for weapons, since weapon damage is such an overwhelmingly powerful stat.

One weapon stands out above all others, though, and that is Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky Icon Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky, which drops from Raszageth the Storm-Eater, the last boss of Vault of the Incarnates. On top of having a higher item level than all other weapons, its procs will improve your auto-attack speed. This effect alone is worth as much as 4%, which means that you might choose this weapon at a lower item level compared to a regular weapon. You need to sim it to be sure.


Best Dungeons to Farm as a Marksmanship Hunter

To make this list, we have looked at all viable "BiS"-tier items from Mythic Dungeons, and counted out which dungeons drop the most of them. For the most part, we have focused on finding items with both Crit and Mastery, or at least a good amount of one of them, and we have filtered down to the strongest Trinkets. When equal, we have focused on items with a higher stat budget, but we list the items that drop from the dungeons so that you can make a decision based on your own gearing situation. The baseline ranking assumes that you have none of the BiS items to start with.

We include ALL Dragonflight Dungeons in this list, including ones that are not available on Mythic+. Keep in mind that a "bad" dungeon at Mythic+ will vastly outperform any non-Mythic+ Dungeon, as item level is nearly always king.

Dungeon "BiS" Items
Halls of Valor (Mythic+ Only) Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Bracers, Gloves, Belts, Boots, 2 Rings, and Trinket
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (Mythic+ Only) Helm, Neck, Cloak, Chest, Bracers, Gloves, Belt, Boots, and Ring
Temple of the Jade Serpent (Mythic+ Only) Helm, Cloaks, Belt, and Trinket
The Nokhud Offensive Neck, Bracers, and Trinket
Halls of Infusion Helm and Weapon
The Azure Vault Shoulder, Chest, and Ring
Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Neck, Bracers, and Ring
Court of Stars (Mythic+ Only) Shoulders and Ring
Algeth'ar Academy Shoulders and Ring
Neltharus Cloak and Trinket
Ruby Life Pools Gloves
Brackenhide Hollow Neck

Preraid Crafting as a Marksmanship Hunter

There are two timegated elements to Preraid Crafting. One is Spark of Ingenuity Icon Spark of Ingenuity, which we get one of from the Dragonflight Campaign. Others come over time. This is not enough to craft more than a single piece of 392 iLvl gear by the time that the raid releases. Use it wisely!

Importantly, bosses at the end of Mythic0 Dungeons have a chance to drop Titan Training Matrix IV Icon Titan Training Matrix IV. These are used by Leatherworkers to craft blue gear up to iLvl 382, 10 iLvls higher than Mythic0 drops. You should use these wisely to craft 382 items such as Schematic: P.E.W. x2 Icon Schematic: P.E.W. x2 at a higher item level than Mythic0, to be prepared for raid. All of these items are Leatherworking-based, unless otherwise noted. You should focus on the following slots:

  1. Firstly, focus on slots that you have yet to upgrade to 372 after running all of the Mythic0 Dungeons. This is more important than slot considerations.
  2. Weapon (Schematic: P.E.W. x2 Icon Schematic: P.E.W. x2 from Engineering)
  3. Helm/Chest/Legs
  4. Shoulders/Gloves/Belt/Boots
  5. Cloak/Wrists
  6. Neck/Rings

You should really sim yourself to craft with the optimal stats, but it is difficult to go wrong with the top two stats from our Stats priority page.


Best Embellishment for Marksmanship Hunter Crafts

When you craft almost any Dragon Isles Item, you have the opportunity to add an Embellishment. You can only have 2 Embellished pieces of gear equipped at a time, and these can either be items that are already Embellished by default, such as Pattern: Acidic Hailstone Treads Icon Pattern: Acidic Hailstone Treads, or they can be any two crafted items that you have manually attached an Embellishment to while Crafting. Below, we have ranked the best Embellishments to add to your gear.

  1. Pattern: Bronzed Grip Wrappings Icon Pattern: Bronzed Grip Wrappings (Weapon Only)
  2. Potion Absorption Inhibitor Icon Potion Absorption Inhibitor
  3. Blue Silken Lining Icon Blue Silken Lining
  4. Toxified Armor Patch Icon Toxified Armor Patch (when used alongside the Decayed Pattern Embellished Boots)

Best Way To Spend Sparks of Ingenuity as a Marksmanship Hunter

Over time, you will be able to get Spark of Ingenuity Icon Spark of Ingenuity, which lets you craft special items.

Once you have obtained the recipe, which drops from the Vault of the Incarnates Raid, and if you have not had a weapon drop from the raid yet, we recommend you craft Schematic: Ol' Smoky Icon Schematic: Ol' Smoky (Engineering)/Bow of the Dragon Hunters Icon Bow of the Dragon Hunters (Leatherworking) which cost 2 Sparks.

Additional Sparks can be used to craft special Embellished Gear, which is Unique Crafted gear with special procs such as Pattern: Scale Rein Grips Icon Pattern: Scale Rein Grips. Once these can be simulated, we aim to update this page with some of the best proc items you can craft, but mostly you should focus on filling holes in your existing gear.


Best Professions for Marksmanship Hunter

Professions present an opportunity to get bonuses that are otherwise unobtainable. In Dragonflight, a few of them also provide distinct combat benefits.

That said, these advantages are subtle, and most Profession benefits are essentially to save you gold, rather than combat benefits, with a few key exceptions.


Alchemy for Marksmanship Hunter

Alchemy is the only Profession with a specific combat advantage via Decayology, a Profession Trait found in the 'Alchemical Theory' tree of the Alchemy profession. This reduces the damage taken by your Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage Icon Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage Phial, which is your highest DPS Flask and will always be used. While not gamechanging, it is an actual in-combat benefit.

Other beneficial effects include stronger healing potions, self-healing and movement speed when you use a combat potion, and others.


Engineering for Marksmanship Hunter

The main combat-related benefit of Engineering is the ability to combat ress friendly players. This is nearly useless in Raid, but highly useful in high Mythic+. This can be used by non-Engineers too, but it requires them to use Engineering Bracers that may not be optimal. By being an Engineer yourself, you save yourself this DPS loss if you need a combat ress.

For these reasons, we recommend Alchemy for most Raiding and Mythic+ content, as the benefits are always useful. The second profession matters far less, but Engineering has the combat-ress and wins here.


Alternative: Leatherworking

Leatherworking does not provide gear or benefits that are not obtainable without it, but since crafting is a bigger part of Dragonflight than previous expansions, you can save a lot of gold in the long run by crafting your own gear as a Leatherworker, rather than relying on others to do it for you.



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