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Havoc Demon Hunter DPS Artifact Talents/Traits and Relics (Legion 7.2)

Last updated on Mar 28, 2017 at 00:16 by Wordup 426 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

This page shows you how to level up the Artifact and how to choose the right Relics for your Havoc Demon Hunters. It is updated for World of Warcraft Legion 7.2.

The other pages of our Havoc Demon Hunter guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author

This guide has been written by Wordup, a frequent theorycrafter involved in a number of class communities. He is also an experienced player who has been in the world top 100 since the days of Sunwell, currently raiding in Echoes. You can also follow him on Twitter.

1. Artifact Progression

There are a multitude of ways to build your Twinblades of the Deceiver, as the paths move out in two separate directions from your first trait. Whilst this flexibility is there, only one real path is available to optimise output, as a large amount of survivability perks are mandatory on the way.

1.1. Early Progression

Artifact Progression

This path will focus on the path to the biggest gains with each trait, increasing your Single Target moderately whilst granting massive AoE damage gains.

The optimal path is quite disjointed and is not linear, instead opting to go straight for specific traits then taking advantage of the varying paths to avoid some of the low impact or mechanically niche tools. This build does assume you're running the recommended group talent build.

  1.  Icon Fury of the Illidari
  2.  Icon Warglaives of Chaos
  3.  Icon Sharpened Glaives
  4.  Icon Balanced Blades
  5.  Icon Unleashed Demons
  6.  Icon Demon Speed
  7.  Icon Illidari Knowledge
  8.  Icon Rage of the Illidari
  9.  Icon Critical Chaos
  10.  Icon Chaos Vision
  11.  Icon Anguish of the Deceiver
  12.  Icon Feast on the Souls
  13.  Icon Deceiver's Fury
  14.  Icon Inner Demons
  15.  Icon Demon Rage
  16.  Icon Contained Fury
  17.  Icon Overwhelming Power
  18.  Icon Chaos Burn

This covers the most important aspects of the Artifact as early as possible, hitting  Icon Balanced Blades right at the start alongside  Icon Sharpened Glaives to further empower Bloodlet Icon Bloodlet's strength. Following that the first gold trait is taken, being  Icon Rage of the Illidari due to its huge power spike in dungeons early on. This path also avoidstaking any particularly weak traits such as  Icon Deceiver's Fury and  Icon Overwhelming Power until you have to get them.

1.2. Patch 7.2 Post 35 Trait Path

Artifact Progression Above Level 35

Following Patch 7.2 additional traits have been added upon reaching 35 traits in your current Artifact. This includes 4 additional new traits, a 4th rank in each of the previous Relic traits, and finally a new Paragon trait in Concordance of the Legionfall Icon Concordance of the Legionfall which all additional Artifact Power will be spent on.

The Havoc path is entirely focused on rushing to the new golden trait Chaotic Onslaught Icon Chaotic Onslaught, as it provides a significant increase to your Chaos Strike Icon Chaos Strike damage via both increased damage and increased Fury generation. There are no other Relic traits within the tree that are comparable in terms of raw increase to make it worthwhile investing in early.

  1. Illidari Ferocity Icon Illidari Ferocity
  2. Four points in Wide Eyes Icon Wide Eyes
  3. Bladedancer's Grace Icon Bladedancer's Grace
  4. Chaotic Onslaught Icon Chaotic Onslaught
  5. Fourth rank of  Icon Critical Chaos
  6. Fourth rank of  Icon Demon Rage
  7. Fourth rank of  Icon Chaos Vision
  8. Fourth rank of  Icon Sharpened Glaives
  9. Fourth rank of  Icon Contained Fury
  10. Fourth rank of  Icon Unleashed Demons
  11. Personal choice filling out  Icon Illidari Knowledge,  Icon Overwhelming Power and  Icon Deceiver's Fury
  12. Concordance of the Legionfall Icon Concordance of the Legionfall

2. Artifact Ability

The Twinblades begin with the active ability,  Icon Fury of the Illidari, dealing high Chaos damage over 3 targets to all targets within the area on a 1 minute cooldown, at no cost. This is a fantastic tool in AoE, dealing enormous burst damage in the area you place it, and even in Single Target is very much worth the Global, especially coupled with Momentum Icon Momentum windows. This is only enhanced further by the golden trait  Icon Rage of the Illidari.

3. Relic Choice

As with many classes when deciding on Relics, Item Level is the most important in your decision, and going for the highest regardless of trait will generally serve as the best rule as Weapon Damage is hugely important for Havoc. If you have two Relics that share the exact same Item Level, the following traits are ideally ones to look for:

  1.  Icon Critical Chaos
  2.  Icon Sharpened Glaives with Bloodlet Icon Bloodlet
  3.  Icon Unleashed Demons

 Icon Unleashed Demons is mentioned here solely because if you can capitalise upon extra CDR, it is extremely powerful. In many situations however, it will not provide a significant increase, so be very aware of this.

3.1. AoE Specific:

 Icon Chaos Vision

 Icon Chaos Vision has a lot of power in dungeon situations where you can capitalize on a lot of Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam casts.

4. ChangeLog

  • 28 Mar. 2017: Updated for 7.2 with new trait paths.
  • 10 Jan. 2017: Updated for 7.1.5 for new Relic recommendations.
  • 22 Sep. 2016: Updated Artifact path.
  • 29 Aug. 2016: Added.
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