Radiance of Azshara Strategy Guide in The Eternal Palace Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our strategy guide for the encounter with Radiance of Azshara in The Eternal Palace raid. Here, you will first find the strategy to defeat the boss, followed by a detailed analysis of the abilities.

To familiarize yourself with the encounter, we suggest you watch this short video guide from Hazel Nutty.


Fight Overview

The fight against the Radiance of Azshara is a two-phase encounter, with the two phases cycling back and forth until the boss is killed.

In Phase One, players will have to constantly avoid moving tornadoes (Arcanado Icon Arcanado) while also dealing with a few other positioning constraints, while Phase Two will require players to navigate through a damaging Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest that also reduces visibility, in order to engage and defeat a large add and resume Phase One.


Strategy / Fight Summary

Radiance of Azshara - Phase One Radiance of Azshara during Phase One, with Arcanado Icon Arcanado tornadoes

Phase One lasts for 100 seconds (until Radiance of Azshara's energy bar reaches 100%), during which time the raid must perform a few tasks.

  • Damage the boss while staying out of the water (both around the boss as well as at the back of the room).
  • Move out of Arcanado Burst Icon Arcanado Burst areas and avoid coming into contact with any Arcanado Icon Arcanado tornadoes, and avoid these moving Arcanados throughout the phase.
  • Players debuffed by Arcane Bomb Icon Arcane Bomb should move out of the raid, to a safe location near the edge of the room, where they must be dispelled in order to drop their Arcane Bomb void zones where they will not affect anyone.
  • Tanks will have to taunt switch for the boss's Tide Fist Icon Tide Fist ability.
  • Healers will need to heal up the unavoidable damage from Unshackled Power Icon Unshackled Power.
Radiance of Azshara - Before Ancient Tempest Before Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest Radiance of Azshara - After Ancient Tempest After Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest

When Radiance of Azshara reaches 100% energy, it casts Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest and Phase Two starts. The room becomes very dark (see images above) and players must find their way to an add called Stormwraith and kill it for Phase One to restart. This phase is more difficult and players must perform the following tasks.

  • Everyone must quickly make their way to the Stormwraith, which is located in the center of the tempest (referred to as the Eye of the Storm in the dungeon journal).
    • Players will have to communicate, since the location of the Stormwraith is not fixed, and visibility is very poor due to the Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest.
  • As few of the Squall Trap Icon Squall Traps blocking access around the platform as possible should be detonated, since this deals damage and results in very disruptive Arcanado Icon Arcanados. If the raid must cross a Squall Trap line, ideally a single Squall Trap should be purposefully detonated to form a gap, as is illustrated in the following image. Radiance of Azshara - Opening in Squall Trap Line
  • The Stormwraith's Focus Power Icon Focus Power cast should be interrupted, and the Stormwraith should be focused down. Since the Stormwraith is harmless while casting this ability, we recommend interrupting it as close as possible to the end of the 15-second cast time.
  • Within the Eye of the Storm, players will need to be mindful of the frequent knock-backs caused by the Stormwraith's Gale Buffet Icon Gale Buffet (and to try not to get knocked back either into water or into the Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest).
  • The Stormlings that spawn during this phase should be crowd controlled, interrupted, and cleaved down.
  • Players affected by Arcane Bomb Icon Arcane Bomb must move to the edge of the Eye of the Storm to have their debuff dispelled.

Once the Stormwraith dies, Phase One will resume and the fight will continue this way until the boss is killed. Depending on your raid's DPS and the tuning of the fight, you may only have to endure a single Phase Two.


Tank Concerns

During Phase One, tanks only have one job, which is to taunt off one another whenever the active tank is debuffed by Tide Fist Icon Tide Fist. As the boss is stationary, the active tank must make sure to always be within range of the boss (as otherwise the boss will attack and kill other players), all while staying out of the waters around the boss.

During Phase Two, the tanks will need to quickly make their way to the Eye of the Storm to pick up the Stormwraith, and interrupt its cast of Focus Power Icon Focus Power (ideally as late as possible). From there, tanks will simply have to tank the Stormwraith within the Eye of the Storm, while also picking up and using crowd control on the Stormlings.


Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp

We recommend using Heroism Icon Heroism/Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Time Warp Icon Time Warp at the start of the fight, since no other time in the fight requires it specifically, and using it at the start allows the entire raid to take maximum advantage of their cooldowns and potions.


Summary for Tanks

  • During Phase One, perform a tank switch after each Tide Fist Icon Tide Fist cast. Make sure not to walk into the waters surrounding the boss.
  • During Phase Two, move to the Eye of the Storm and pick up the Stormwraith and Stormling adds, and tank them within the Eye of the Storm.

Summary for Healers and DPS

  • During Phase
    • Constantly be on the look-out for Arcanado Icon Arcanado tornadoes and avoid getting hit by them.
    • Stay away from the water at the center of the fighting area as well as at the back of it.
    • Move away from other players when affected by Arcane Bomb Icon Arcane Bomb, going to a safe, remote location to drop the void zone when healers dispel you.
  • During Phase Two
    • Make your way to the Eye of the Storm as quickly as possible, ideally through gaps in the Squall Trap Icon Squall Trap lines (if a gap does not exist, detonate a single Squall Trap to make room).
    • Interrupt the Stormwraith's Focus Power Icon Focus Power cast, and then DPS it and the Stormling adds down while remaining within the Eye of the Storm.
    • Beware of the frequent knockbacks that the Stormwraith will cast through Gale Buffet Icon Gale Buffet.


The fight against the Radiance of Azshara is a two-phase encounter, with the two phases alternating until the boss is defeated.

Phase One lasts 1 minute and 40 seconds (100 seconds), after which the boss enters a phase during which it cannot be damaged (Phase Two), during which time the raid must defeat an add. Once the add is killed, another Phase One (1 minute and 40 seconds long) will start, and so on.


Fighting Area

The boss is stationary throughout the fight (regardless of phase), and is located at the center of a large circular platform. In the middle of the platform, where the boss is located, there is a pool of water, which deals high Arcane damage to any players that come in contact with it and knocks them back.

Moreover, around the edges of the platform, there are other pools of water that also deal heavy damage to players who enter them (but these do not knock back).


Phase One

As stated, each Phase One lasts 1 minute and 40 seconds. During this time, the boss uses a number of abilities.


Tide Fist (Tank Debuff)

Tide Fist Icon Tide Fist is an ability that the boss uses against his current target, dealing very high Physical damage to them and debuffing them for 20 seconds to take 200% increased Physical damage.


Arcanado Burst

Arcanado Burst Icon Arcanado Burst is an ability the bosses uses regularly throughout Phase One. This targets several random raid members and marks areas around their locations. A few moments later, an Arcanado Icon Arcanado (basically a tornado) forms at each of these locations, dealing Arcane damage to anyone still standing there.

The Arcanado Icon Arcanados persist for 20 seconds, during which time they slowly move around the platform, dealing Frost damage to any players they come in contact with and knocking them back.

Given the frequency with which Arcanado Burst Icon Arcanado Burst is cast, your raid will need to deal with avoiding Arcanado Icon Arcanados practically all throughout Phase One.

You can see below what Arcanado Burst Icon Arcanado Burst and the subsequent Arcanado Icon Arcanado look like.

Radiance of Azshara - Arcanado Burst Radiance of Azshara - Arcanado Tornado

Arcane Bomb

Radiance of Azshara - Arcane Bomb

Arcane Bomb Icon Arcane Bomb is a debuff the boss places on random raid members. This is a 10-second debuff that creates a large radius around the affected player (and which moves with them). When the debuff expires, it deals high Arcane damage within that radius, also stunning any affected players for 6 seconds.

Arcane Bomb Icon Arcane Bomb can be dispelled, however, and doing so will remove it from the player and leave the area (basically now a void zone) on the ground at the location where the player was dispelled. At the end of the 10-second duration, the void zone will detonate, dealing the same high Arcane damage and stunning players for 6 seconds, exactly as if it had stayed on the original target all along and expired normally.


Unshackled Power

Unshackled Power Icon Unshackled Power is an ability the boss uses every 20 seconds, which deals raid-wide Arcane damage.


Phase Two

Whenever Phase Two starts, several things happen.

  • Radiance of Azshara stops using abilities (except for Arcane Bomb Icon Arcane Bomb) and can no longer be damaged (taking 99% reduced damage).
  • The entire fighting area is covered in an Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest, essentially a sort of dust storm that greatly reduces player visibility, which deals constant and increasing raid-wide damage, and pushes players away from a designated area on the platform where a large add, a Stormwraith, has spawned.
    • The area where the Stormwraith spawns is random, although it appears to have a preference for spawning as far away from most of the raid as possible.
    • The area around the Stormwraith (a rather large radius) is safe from the Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest.
  • Several lines of Squall Trap Icon Squall Traps will form on the platform, dividing it into quadrants all the way from the center to the outer edge. These lines actually appear a few seconds before the start of Phase Two, but we decided to treat them as a Phase Two ability.
    • If a player runs into a Squall Trap, it will detonate, dealing damage to that player and spawning an Arcanado Icon Arcanado.

Once the Stormwraith is defeated, the Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest will stop, Squall Trap Icon Squall Traps will disappear (except on Heroic and Mythic difficulties, where they persist), and Phase One will resume once again.

Below you can see an image with the Squall Trap lines, and get an idea of how they divide the space.

Radiance of Azshara - Squall Trap Lines

Stormwraith Abilities

As stated, the Stormwraith is located in a safe zone within the Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest (an area designated as the Eye of the Storm). At the beginning of Phase Two, the Stormwraith will start casting an ability called Focus Power Icon Focus Power which, if the 15-second cast is not interrupted, will boost the Stormwraith's damage by 500%.

Whenever the Stormwraith is not casting Focus Power Icon Focus Power (which it will attempt to do after the initial cast, as well), it will spam Gale Buffet Icon Gale Buffet, which deals Frost damage to all players in a 50-yard radius (essentially raid-wide, since the entire raid will want to be within the Eye of the Storm) and knocks back affected targets.

The Stormwraith will spawn Stormlings, small adds that spawn in sets of 3. These adds will regularly cast interruptible Chain Lighting-style attacks against the raid. They are susceptible to all forms of crowd control.

Finally, both the Stormwraith and the Stormlings take 99% reduced damage and heal for 10% of their maximum health every second if they are brought within the Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest (gaining a buff called Swirling Winds Icon Swirling Winds).


Heroic Difficulty Changes

The only difference from LFR/Normal to Heroic mode is that in Heroic mode, Squall Trap Icon Squall Trap lines do not despawn when the boss re-enters Phase One, meaning that your raid will have to keep dealing with them in the new Phase One.


Mythic Difficulty


Mythic Difficulty Changes

On Mythic difficulty, the difference is that during Phase Two, two Stormwraiths will spawn in different locations, apart from one another (but both rather far from where the raid is located). Each Stormwraith will have its own Eye of the Storm safe zone around them. Aside from there being two of them, the Stormwraiths work the same as on the other difficulties.

In addition to this change, the boss and the adds have more health and deal more damage than in Heroic mode.


Mythic Difficulty Strategy

The Phase One strategy of the fight remains exactly as in Heroic mode.

For Phase Two, you will need to split your raid into two groups (which you should assign ahead of time, of course). Each group should handle one of the two Stormwraiths.

Note that once a Stormwraith is killed, the safe zone around it disappears, meaning that if one group kills their Stormwraith long before the other group, these players will likely die with the safe zone gone and the Ancient Tempest Icon Ancient Tempest still going on until the other Stormwraith dies and the phase ends. As such, the two Stormwraiths should die at the same time, or as close to this as your raid can manage it.



Item> Type Slot
Monstrosity's Shipbreaker Icon Monstrosity's Shipbreaker Mace Two Hand
Bulwark of the Seaborn Avatar Icon Bulwark of the Seaborn Avatar Shield Off Hand
Handmaiden's Cowl of Sacrifice Icon Handmaiden's Cowl of Sacrifice Cloth Armor Head
Sea Sculptor's Cuffs Icon Sea Sculptor's Cuffs Cloth Armor Wrists
Gloves of Unshackled Arcana Icon Gloves of Unshackled Arcana Cloth Armor Hands
Belt of Blind Devotion Icon Belt of Blind Devotion Cloth Armor Waist
Shoulderpads of Frothing Rage Icon Shoulderpads of Frothing Rage Leather Armor Shoulders
Leggings of the Stormborn Icon Leggings of the Stormborn Leather Armor Legs
Ancient Tempest Striders Icon Ancient Tempest Striders Leather Armor Feet
Servitor's Heartguard Icon Servitor's Heartguard Mail Armor Chest
Arcanamental Bindings Icon Arcanamental Bindings Mail Armor Wrists
Grips of the Scaled Arcanist Icon Grips of the Scaled Arcanist Mail Armor Hands
Warhelm of Dread Waters Icon Warhelm of Dread Waters Plate Armor Head
Storm-Tempered Girdle Icon Storm-Tempered Girdle Plate Armor Waist
Phial of the Arcane Tempest Icon Phial of the Arcane Tempest Accessory Trinket
Aqueous Reliquary Icon Aqueous Reliquary Essence upgrades

For more information, please refer to our Eternal Palace Loot and Essence guide.



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