Fury Warrior DPS Vault of the Incarnates Raid Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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General Information

On this page, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to your Fury Warrior for each boss of the following raid: Vault of the Incarnates. All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7.



Below, you can find class and spec-specific advice for every fight in Vault of the Incarnates. If you are looking for a general overview of the Raid that is not spec-specific, check out our dedicated Vault of the Incarnates guides.

On this page, you will find Fury Warrior specific information to deal with each boss in the Vault of the Incarnates raid. These are not complete encounter guides but rather provide specific tips for doing the bosses as a Fury Warrior.

This page assumes that you already understand most of the mechanics of each encounter. These can be found on the full raid guide, so what is contained here are details specifically tailored toward Fury Warrior and what you can do to deal with each fight as best as possible.


Talent Cheatsheet

You can easily import the talent tree below into the game by clicking 'Copy Export String.'






Eranog spawns several adds from pools each time Flamerift Icon Flamerift is cast, but these are mainly burst down. Whether you prioritize a single target or multitarget build will depend on whether they live long enough to cleave them.



You cannot use Heroic Leap to run through the fiery walls spawned by the Primal Flame.

For more information, please refer to our Eranog guide.






Start with the suggested single target build, but consider taking Intervene Icon Intervene to help with movement if avoiding mechanics becomes problematic late in the fight.



Terros is a simple DPS race with a lot of ground-targeted abilities to dodge, so make liberal use of Heroic Leap Icon Heroic Leap, Charge Icon Charge, and even Intervene Icon Intervene as necessary.

The damage from Awakened Earth Icon Awakened Earth and Explosive Reaction Icon Explosive Reaction can be reflected, but doing so will not prevent debuffs.

For more information, please refer to our Terros guide.


The Primal Council




The four targets do not share health. Still, they must all die together, so prioritize the multitarget build to cleave them effectively.



Try to focus on a single target throughout the fight so that you will not lose Frenzy Icon Frenzy stacks.

Frost Spike Icon Frost Spike and Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt can be interrupted or spell reflected if they happen to target you.

For more information, please refer to our The Primal Council guide.


Sennarth, the Cold Breath




There will periodically be a Frostbreath Arachnid add to cleave alongside the boss, and several Caustic Spiderling adds throughout the fight, so prioritize the multitarget build.



Nothing on this fight can be spell reflected, but it can still be used as a general damage reduction cooldown.

Heroic Leap Icon Heroic Leap and Intervene Icon Intervene can be used to counteract the pull from Gossamer Burst Icon Gossamer Burst, while Charge Icon Charge can help prevent the knockback from Repelling Burst Icon Repelling Burst.

For more information, please refer to our Sennarth guide.


Dathea, Ascended




Fury Warriors are extremely good at dealing with burst AoE damage and should prioritize the multitarget build and be assigned to platforms to deal with adds there. Otherwise, stick with the single target build.



Raging Tempest Icon Raging Tempest can be spell reflected.

Heroic Leap Icon Heroic Leap is useful for mitigating unexpected knockbacks and getting back to the main platform in case you miss the knockback.

For more information, please refer to our Dathea guide.


Kurog Grimtotem




On lower difficulties, Kurog is a mostly single target encounter, with a few adds to cleave during intermissions. On Mythic however, it is a near-constant 2-target encounter, with more adds through, making it very well suited to multitarget builds.



Heroic Leap is extremely useful for avoiding having to run through badly placed Searing Carnage Icon Searing Carnage.

Nothing can be spell reflected, but it can still be used as a general damage reduction cooldown.

For more information, please refer to our Kurog Grimtotem guide.


Broodkeeper Diurna




This fight features constantly spawning adds that need to be controlled, so you should prioritize the multitarget build.



Timing cooldowns with add spawns is key, though it is important to note that the second group of each add set is usually bigger, so aligning cooldowns with them and whatever targets are leftover from the first group may result in higher burst damage.

Static Jolt Icon Static Jolt can be spell reflected to prevent its stun.

The final phase is full single target, with high incoming damage. Although it is dangerous, Warriors have several defensive cooldowns which can be cycled in order to increase survivability, and Defensive Stance is always a strong option.

For more information, please refer to our Broodkeeper Diurna guide.


Raszageth the Storm-Eater







Raszageth is a mostly single target encounter with only a few periods of AoE during the intermissions, so while burst AoE is important, single target damage is much more conducive to actually ending the encounter. Therefore, the Onslaught build is recommended, as it retains AoE capabilities without sacrificing single target damage.

the knockback from Hurricane Wing Icon Hurricane Wing is extremely easy for Warriors to mitigate with Charge and Heroic Leap. Because you cannot be knocked back mid-leap, using it from a long distance will maximize the "hang time" spent in air, near trivializing the mechanic.

Volatile Sparks can be interrupted with Pummel, though Mythic difficulty will require multiple stops, so Storm Bolt or potentially Intimidating Shout will be useful for interrupting subsequent casts, depending on how frequently your group needs them.

Cooldowns can be used freely until the second phase, at which point they should be saved for shields due to the enormous damage boost granted by the mechanic. This also makes Wrecking Throw Icon Wrecking Throw a very useful talent, as it already deals greatly increased damage against absorption shields.

Wrecking Throw Icon Wrecking Throw can also be used against the bigger adds during the first intermission, as they have shields which need to be broken before spawning adds.

Nothing special can be spell reflected, but it can still be used as a general defensive cooldown for most encounter mechanics.

For more information, please refer to our Raszageth guide.



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