Restoration Druid Essences — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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On this page, we go over the new Essence system in Patch 8.2 of World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth, and we tell you which are the best essences to use as Restoration Druid, both for minor and major powers. Please refer to our Patch 8.2 Guide to Essences for more information about the Essence system and where Essences can be obtained from.


Azerite Essences for Restoration Druids

Introduced in Patch 8.2, Essences are unique items that drop from various forms of content. They are activated through your Heart of Azeroth Icon Heart of Azeroth, and they buff your character in various ways, depending on the Essences that are currently active.

Our Essence Guide has a full list of all the Essences, together with their descriptions and explanations on how they work.

What follows on this page will relate directly to how Essences affect this spec, since generic information is beyond the scope of this guide.

Disclaimer: Please note that at the moment, simulations and general theorycrafting around Essences is a work in progress, and as a result, most of the recommendations made here are subject to change.


Raiding Essence Usage Recommendations

For your Major slot, use The Ever-Rising Tide Icon The Ever-Rising Tide or Memory of Lucid Dreams Icon Memory of Lucid Dreams. You will generally only use The Ever-Rising Tide if there are clear burst windows you need to heal through with very little sustained raid damage. Otherwise you will default to Memory of Lucid Dreams. Also, keep in mind that The Ever-Rising Tide effect at Rank 1 (Overcharge Mana Icon Overcharge Mana) is very bad. Until you get higher ranks, you should never be using this essence in the Major slot.

For your first Minor slot, use either Memory of Lucid Dreams Icon Memory of Lucid Dreams or The Well of Existence Icon The Well of Existence, whichever you did not pick for the Major slot.

For your second Minor slot, The Well of Existence Icon The Well of Existence is a solid pick up for any situation. You might want to consider using Vision of Perfection Icon Vision of Perfection for encounters where lining up Tranquility Icon Tranquility cooldowns is extremely important. Worldvein Resonance Icon Worldvein Resonance can be used to increase buff uptimes for your raid's damage dealers.


Mythic+ Essence Usage Recommendations

For your Major slot, use The Ever-Rising Tide Icon The Ever-Rising Tide. Mana is almost never a concern for dungeon content and the extra burst this essence provides can be really strong. You can also proc 2 stacks of the effect by casting Regrowth Icon Regrowth with the Rampant Growth Icon Rampant Growth Azerite trait on any target that does not have Lifebloom Icon Lifebloom.

For your first Minor slot, you should use The Well of Existence Icon The Well of Existence as it provides a steady and strong healing increase on targets that need it.

For your second Minor slot, you can use Concentrated Flame Icon Concentrated Flame for extra damage or Conflict and Strife Icon Conflict and Strife for a bit of extra healing and damage mitigation.


Mandatory Essence Powers for Restoration Druids

  • The Ever-Rising Tide — Both the Major effect (Overcharge Mana Icon Overcharge Mana) and Minor effect (The Ever-Rising Tide Icon The Ever-Rising Tide) are extremely strong, especially at Rank 3. The cost of each use is 6400 Mana. The on-use effect buff has two parts. The first part is ramp, which lasts 8 seconds. The second part starts right after the ramp, you get to keep all the stacks you acquired while ramping, but do not gain any more. Rank 1 is really bad and should never be used.
  • Memory of Lucid Dreams — Both Major and Minor parts of this essence are only good for raid healing (Memory of Lucid Dreams Icon Memory of Lucid Dreams and Lucid Dreams Icon Lucid Dreams). On-use effect regenerates 9600 Mana at Rank 1 and 12000 Mana at Ranks 2 and 3. You should aim to use it on cooldown and as many times as possible. Minor portion of Lucid Dreams is essential for your Mana sustainability when you are using the The Ever-Rising Tide Icon The Ever-Rising Tide Major.
  • The Well of Existence — The Major part (Refreshment Icon Refreshment) is fairly mediocre for total throughput, but can provide useful spot healing when needed. However, the Minor part (The Well of Existence Icon The Well of Existence) is incredibly strong for any type of PvE content. The higher your HPS is, the better it becomes.
  • Conflict and Strife — Major effect provides you with the Overgrowth Icon Overgrowth spell, which is bad for any type of PvE content. It does low healing for a lot of Mana. However, the Minor effect (Strife Icon Strife) is incredible for both raids and dungeons. It is not very good at Rank 2, but at Rank 3 it is probably the best Minor essence for all PvE content.

Situational Essence Powers for Restoration Druids

  • The Crucible of Flame — Both Major (Concentrated Flame Icon Concentrated Flame) and Minor (Ancient Flame Icon Ancient Flame) parts of are pretty bad for actual healing. You might consider using it for damage only. This essence can be considered for Mythic+ in a third slot.
  • Vision of Perfection — Another essence with a bad Major effect (Vision of Perfection Icon Vision of Perfection), which gives you a chance to get one Tranquility Icon Tranquility tick randomly. It has a very low proc chance and does mediocre healing. Minor effect (Strive for Perfection Icon Strive for Perfection) provides you with an opportunity to reduce Tranquility cooldown to fit certain encounter timings or your healing setup.
  • Worldvein Resonance — Yet another bad Major effect (Worldvein Resonance Icon Worldvein Resonance), but situationally useful Minor effect (Lifeblood Icon Lifeblood). You might consider using it to increase uptime of the Lifeblood Shards for your DPS players.

Lackluster Essence Powers for Restoration Druids

  • Life-Binder's Invocation — This is a pretty mediocre trait, both as a Major (Life-Binder's Invocation Icon Life-Binder's Invocation) and Minor (Seed of Eonar Icon Seed of Eonar). The Major effect is a worse version of The Ever-Rising Tide's Major Overcharge Mana Icon Overcharge Mana and Minor effect is strictly worse than The Well of Existence Icon The Well of Existence.
  • Ripple in Space — An absolutely useless Major power (Ripple in Space Icon Ripple in Space) unless you need a blink to handle a very specific mechanic. The Minor effect (Reality Shift Icon Reality Shift) is very bad due to the very harsh movement requirement. It will only proc if you are 25 yards away from the spot you started running from, not counting your movement in circles or anything that's not a straight line, making it extremely hard and inefficient to proc.
  • Artifice of Time — Both Major (Standstill Icon Standstill) and Minor (Artifice of Time Icon Artifice of Time) effects are extremely weak for any realistic PvE scenario. While Major suffers from having too long of a cooldown for the quality of the effect, Minor portion has very low proc chance and, due to the large portion of our healing going to the tanks, providing them with extra Haste has almost no value.
  • Vitality Conduit — This is yet another Essence with a pretty bad Major (Vitality Conduit Icon Vitality Conduit). Minor effect (Transference Icon Transference) can be situationally useful, but it does almost no actual healing.


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