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Affliction Warlock DPS Uldir Boss by Boss in Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.0.1

Last updated on Sep 07, 2018 at 07:00 by Furty 87 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

On this page, you will find boss by boss strategies for your Affliction Warlock for current content.

The other pages of our Affliction Warlock guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author

This guide has been written by Furty, who has an illustrious history in the World of Warcraft raiding scene and race for World First. He has been a member of guilds such as Serenity, Midwinter, and many more, and is currently raiding in Tabula Rasa. He plays most classes at the highest level. You can follow him on Twitter and watch him play on Twitch.

1. Introduction for Affliction Warlock Boss Advice in Uldir

In this section you will find information pertaining to each boss individually in the Uldir raid.

The advice in this section is in a state of continual updates, as the content is still extremely fresh. As we experience the bosses in their live and properly finished states, additional tips and advanced techniques will be added.

1.1. Talent Cheatsheet for Affliction Warlock

Taloc M.O.T.H.E.R. Fetid Devourer Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth Vectis Zul, Reborn Mythrax the Unraveler G'huun

2. Taloc

Due to the elevator downtime in this fight, Dark Soul: Misery Icon Dark Soul: Misery can really shine, as you can use it right at the beginning of both active phases. Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle should be placed roughly around the center of the room, or wherever is likely to be clear of Plasma Discharge Icon Plasma Discharge.

3. M.O.T.H.E.R.

Warlocks should be among the last to cross the Defense Grid Icon Defense Grid, as we do not have a convenient interrupt to deal with the Remnant of Corruption adds that spawn, and our single target boss damage is high. The Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway is a great tool for helping the raid deal with the Wind Tunnel Icon Wind Tunnel, as it allows you to get a few extra casts off for free before gating away from the danger. Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle can be placed in each chamber for a similar advantage.

Dark Soul: Misery Icon Dark Soul: Misery is a great talent for this boss, as you can really pump out serious numbers for the final chamber.

Ensure you have your cooldowns ready for the third chamber, as the boss takes 100% additional damage due to Depleted Energy Icon Depleted Energy.

4. Fetid Devourer

Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle is a great way to deal with the Shockwave Stomp Icon Shockwave Stomp present on Heroic, although it is not available for every knockback. Be sure to maximize movement during this encounter, as the room is very large, and pressuring the adds properly is important to maximizing both the strategy and overall damage.

5. Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth

Zek'voz can be approached in a few different ways, depending on your strategy and composition. For example, if your group is not crowd controlling the Nerubian Voidweavers, you will likely want to talent more heavily into cleave damage. Depending on the amount of add damage you require, you will want to talent into Absolute Corruption Icon Absolute Corruption, and then Creeping Death Icon Creeping Death. If you absolutely need more cleave, Grimoire of Sacrifice Icon Grimoire of Sacrifice is an option as well.

Make good use of Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle throughout the fight, as there are a variety of mechanics that necessitate movement. Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway is a particularly good tool for assisting with Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam or Roiling Deceit Icon Roiling Deceit. Warlocks make a great candidate for Orb of Corruption Icon Orb of Corruption due to our exceptional damage cooldowns.

6. Vectis

This is more or less a Patchwerk style fight, so focus on maximizing your damage output. Dark Soul: Misery Icon Dark Soul: Misery is also great on this fight, due to the amount of downtime in the intermission.

7. Zul, Reborn

Zul is an interesting fight, however, most optimizations come from minimizing movement and maximizing single target and priority damage.

8. Mythrax the Unraveler

Warlocks are great for this fight, due to our high cleave and single target pressure. Pay careful attention to your timers before using cooldowns, however, as there are a lot of difficult mechanical overlaps that might force you to movement for extended periods.

9. G'huun

Cleave is at a premium on G'huun, and as such, we recommend swapping over to Absolute Corruption Icon Absolute Corruption and Creeping Death Icon Creeping Death for most raid groups. Haunt Icon Haunt is still recommended, however, for the additional priority target damage and extra resets available during the fight.

10. Changelog

  • 07 Sep. 2018: Updated for Uldir.
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