Demonology Warlock DPS Uldir Boss by Boss in Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.0.1

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General Information

On this page, you will find boss by boss strategies for your Demonology Warlock for current content.

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About Our Author

This guide has been written by Motoko, Warlock main since The Burning Crusade, co-admin in the Warlock Discord, and theorycrafter and contributor for LockOneStopShop.

1. Introduction for Demonology Warlock Boss Advice in Uldir

In this section you will find information pertaining to each boss individually in the Uldir raid.

The advice in this section is in a state of continual updates, as the content is still extremely fresh. As we experience the bosses in their live and properly finished states, additional tips and advanced techniques will be added.

1.1. Talent Cheatsheet for Demonology Warlock

Taloc M.O.T.H.E.R. Fetid Devourer Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth Vectis Zul, Reborn Mythrax the Unraveler G'huun

2. Taloc

Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle should be placed roughly around the center of the room, or wherever is likely to be clear of Plasma Discharge Icon Plasma Discharge. Demonology can deal solid damage on the elevator, and be sure to cleave when appropriate. In Mythic you should be able to get at least 1 Tyrant for each phase.

3. M.O.T.H.E.R.

Warlocks should be among the last to cross the Defense Grid Icon Defense Grid, as we do not have a convenient interrupt to deal with the Remnant of Corruption adds that spawn, particularly as Demonology. The Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway is a great tool for helping the raid deal with the Wind Tunnel Icon Wind Tunnel, as it allows you to get a few extra casts off for free before gating away from the danger. Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle can be placed in each chamber for a similar advantage.

Ensure you have your cooldowns ready for the third chamber, as the boss takes 100% additional damage due to Depleted Energy Icon Depleted Energy.

Due fight design Grimoire: Felguard Icon Grimoire: Felguard has the potential to produce bigger numbers than Inner Demons Icon Inner Demons.

4. Fetid Devourer

Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle is a great way to deal with the Shockwave Stomp Icon Shockwave Stomp present on Heroic, although it is not available for every knockback. Make sure to pool 5 shards and as many Core procs as possible for each add phase.

5. Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth

Try to enter every Silithid Warriors phase by pooling enough resources to allow you 2 implosion sets together with Demonic Strength Icon Demonic Strength and Grimoire: Felguard Icon Grimoire: Felguard, and adds will evaporate. Due to multiple targets being alive for more than 30 seconds, Doom Icon Doom is a viable pick here.

Make good use of Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle throughout the fight, as there are a variety of mechanics that necessitate movement. Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway is a particularly good tool for assisting with Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam or Roiling Deceit Icon Roiling Deceit. Warlocks make a great candidate for Orb of Corruption Icon Orb of Corruption due to our exceptional damage cooldowns.

6. Vectis

Add damage here is the priority: try to line up Demonic Strength Icon Demonic Strength and Grimoire: Felguard Icon Grimoire: Felguard if talented. Power Siphon Icon Power Siphon is an attractive option here, giving more upfront burst for each adds every time they spawn. Consider talenting Demon Skin Icon Demon Skin to mitigate even more damage and help your healers during later stages of the fight. Remember to use Implosion Icon Implosion on boss for maximum add damage. In Mythic, due to timings and Tyrant being used once every 2 minutes, Grimoire: Felguard Icon Grimoire: Felguard is an extremely strong option, provided your raid stacks under the boss so you can cleave with it.

7. Zul, Reborn

Boss damage is all that matters in this fight, with the occasional swap to Crusher when needed. Outside of Mythic, you can talent into more cleave, just keep in mind it is highly detrimental if your raid runs a Subtlety-centric strategy. Consider talenting Dark Pact Icon Dark Pact if you have to soak in Phase Two, so you can chain it with Unending Resolve Icon Unending Resolve. Doom Icon Doom is a competitive choice on this fight, however, if you cannot stand the playstyle then Demonic Calling Icon Demonic Calling is just as strong of an option.

8. Mythrax the Unraveler

This is another fight where Doom Icon Doom is actually a good choice, for different reasons: adds in Normal/Heroic and the Mindbender in Mythic; the added mobility tied to the talent is a plus. Consider talenting Demon Skin Icon Demon Skin due to the steady incoming damage especially at the end. In Mythic, consider pooling resources for Implosion Icon Implosion when you have to bait the adds.

9. G'huun

Demonic Circle Icon Demonic Circle and Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway proper placement is paramount here, not just for you but for the rest of raid. Demonology is the best Warlock spec to deal with Infested spawns in Mythic, and can offer Affliction a good challenge for damage in Phase Three; just remember while Demonology has more mitigation, it does not quite have the same sustain nor as much freedom of movement as Affliction.

10. Changelog

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