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Feral Druid DPS Gear, Legendaries, and Best in Slot (Legion 7.3.2)

Last updated on Oct 25, 2017 at 14:42 by Wordup 280 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

This page is a gear reference for Feral Druids. It lists your best items and Legendaries, gives you gearing advice, and shows you how you will be competing for loot with other classes.

The other pages of our Feral Druid guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author and Reviewer

This guide has been written by Wordup, a frequent theorycrafter involved in a number of class communities. He is also an experienced player who has been in the world top 100 since the days of Sunwell, currently raiding in Echoes. You can also follow him on Twitter.

This guide has been reviewed and approved by Xanzara, a top-ranking Feral Druid, who sometimes streams on YouTube.

1. Best in Slot List

Bear in mind that all of this is subject to change based on Warforging and Titanforging happening on gear, so this is absolutely a guideline and not a rule. Note that it is also just dealing with gear from raid environments, so this could change if you are spending a large amount of time in Mythic+ and gaining different, rarer pieces.

Slot Item Source
Helm Shadow-Scarred Headcover Icon Shadow-Scarred Headcover Kil'Jaeden
Neck Locket of Splintered Souls Icon Locket of Splintered Souls The Desolate Host
Shoulders Stormheart Mantle Icon Stormheart Mantle Fallen Avatar
Cloak Stormheart Drape Icon Stormheart Drape The Desolate Host
Chest Stormheart Tunic Icon Stormheart Tunic Maiden of Vigilance
Wrists Sinew-Stitched Wristguards Icon Sinew-Stitched Wristguards Demonic Inquisition
Gloves Stormheart Gloves Icon Stormheart Gloves Harjatan
Belt Cinch of Sizzling Flesh Icon Cinch of Sizzling Flesh Goroth
Legs Bonespur Studded Legwraps Icon Bonespur Studded Legwraps Demonic Inquisition
Boots Felscape Pathfinders Icon Felscape Pathfinders Fallen Avatar
Ring #1 Band of Rescinded Truths Icon Band of Rescinded Truths Maiden of Vigilance
Ring #2 Yathae's Thumb Ring Icon Yathae's Thumb Ring Sisters of the Moon
Trinket #1 Specter of Betrayal Icon Specter of Betrayal Kil'Jaeden
Trinket #2 Engine of Eradication Icon Engine of Eradication Maiden of Vigilance

1.1. Trinkets

With the trinkets listed, this assumes that you are comparing against equal item level pieces, therefore in some cases due to the scaling effect, this list can be inaccurate. This also assumes Tomb of Sargeras Heroic level gear with the Tier 20 4-piece factored in. Due to that, there is a simulation of all trinkets against each other listed here:

Trinket Simulations

There are some solid new trinkets added in Tomb of Sargeras so your choices from the new raid are quite varied. Specter of Betrayal Icon Specter of Betrayal is great, assuming the fight allows you to play into the positioning requirement, otherwise pick up Vial of Ceaseless Toxins Icon Vial of Ceaseless Toxins. Alongside that Umbral Moonglaives Icon Umbral Moonglaives is a fantastic burst AoE trinket if you would rather have that option, as the other two are single-target oriented. For an accompanying trinket Engine of Eradication Icon Engine of Eradication serves perfectly and is relatively reliable with its uptime.

Convergence of Fates Icon Convergence of Fates will still have uses if it allows you to pick up an extra use of Berserk Icon Berserk and assuming you have one of equivalent item level. When using Incarnation: King of the Jungle Icon Incarnation: King of the Jungle however, even at lower item levels this can sometimes remain very competitive so keep it in mind. This is still relevant even after the 7.3.2 change to the cooldown reduction effectiveness.

This was all simulated using the stock SimulationCraft Tier 20 Mythic Feral profile, which is generally balanced with a slight weight toward Mastery due to gear available in Tomb of Sargeras.

1.2. Tier 19 & 20 Bonus Combinations

The Feral Tier 19 2-piece bonus, given how strong the Tomb of Sargeras bonus is, should not be actively maintained if you have a choice. The Tier 19 4-piece also can compete with the Tier 20 4-piece assuming high Titanforging. This makes the Nighthold 2-piece relatively unimportant to consider in gearing, especially due to it clashing with powerful legendary options (Head/Gloves).

1.3. Evaluating Upgrades with dynamic Item Levels

Due to the Warforging/Titanforging system, having a full comprehensive list of gear ranked against each other would be far too elaborate and confusing to compile, and as such it is recommended instead to evaluate upscaled items using rough stat weights. As always with weights, they can change depending on your gear and to get them perfectly accurate for your character, it is always advised to simulate it yourself, however for the purpose of this I will use example Feral stat weights:

These were calculated with a Jagged Wounds build with Tier 20 Heroic gear, the Tier 20 4-piece bonus and a 52 point Artifact. Note these are here as an example, you should be generating your own stat weights due to how different results can be with different gearsets:

  • Agility: 1
  • Mastery: 0.95
  • Critical Strike: 0.90
  • Versatility: 0.86
  • Haste: 0.55

If we then compare two gloves, we can get a rough evaluation of which to use. Starting with Gloves of Synchronus Elements Icon Gloves of Synchronus Elements, comes with 1705 Agility, 523 Critical Strike, and 740 Mastery, so we can use this to calculate a relative value:

523×0.90 + 740×0.95 + 1705×1 = 2878.7

Then comparing to Temporally Displaced Gloves Icon Temporally Displaced Gloves, this comes with 1705 Agility, 460 Haste, and 779 Mastery, which can be evaluated in a similar way:

460×0.56 + 779×0.73 + 1705×1 = 2698.05

Through this we can see that the value of Gloves of Synchronus Elements Icon Gloves of Synchronus Elements is higher than Temporally Displaced Gloves Icon Temporally Displaced Gloves, and is the better choice to use. As said though, these weights can differ depending on the content you are doing, your talent selections, and the other gear you are currently wearing, as many stats synergise with others and scale exponentially, increasing their value. This is especially true for Feral given that stats are so close in value.

2. Racial Bonuses

Racial Simulations

Racial bonuses are quite minimal for most classes currently, for Feral however if Alliance, Night Elf has a strong showing if you capitalise correctly on extra stealth uses through Shadowmeld Icon Shadowmeld. Whilst this image shows rough estimations for each Race, there are always extra factors that can push some Races above the more passive ones, so I would recommend playing whichever you like the most as the difference can be so minor. Note this is done with a full set of 915 item level Tomb of Sargeras gear.

3. Legendary Items

Legendary items have a high item level of 970, which makes them extremely strong. They are so strong, in fact, that a legendary item is always going to be worth equipping over any other item you might have in that slot.

However, there is a limitation on the number of legendary items you can have equipped at any one time (by default 1, but by now most players should be able to equip 2). Since some legendary items are better than others, if you have more items than the limit, you will have to choose which ones to equip.

Below, we will do our best to guide you through this process, as well as provide any other relevant information.

Chatoyant Signet Icon Chatoyant Signet increases your Energy by 100 and Energy generation by 5%, allowing for more flexibility in resource management. This allows for more pooling and management over when you expend your Energy, along with a small boost to resource regeneration. Whilst using it you want to maintain a bank of Energy of around 150 until you need to burst a target, or gain additional on demand Combo points such as needing to refresh Savage Roar Icon Savage Roar or Rip Icon Rip in starved situations.

The Wildshaper's Clutch Icon The Wildshaper's Clutch has a lot of power in multiple target situations as it can trigger from Rake Icon Rake, Rip Icon Rip and Thrash Icon Thrash, so has a lot of benefits in Mythic+ Dungeons, whilst being a modest boost in single target. Whilst using this, you will want to alter your Combo Point management, opting instead to pool energy at 3 following a finisher instead of 5, so as to prevent any wasted from your DoT ticks generating them. You will then expend energy either when you need to refresh bleeds, or cap out your Combo Points from procs.

Luffa Wrappings Icon Luffa Wrappings has benefits in large scale AoE when you are maintaning Thrash Icon Thrash on a large amount of targets. However, both The Wildshaper's Clutch Icon The Wildshaper's Clutch and Ailuro Pouncers Icon Ailuro Pouncers do a better job of enhancing this, so it should not be a targeted item to equip.

Ailuro Pouncers Icon Ailuro Pouncers only has a direct impact on your DPS if using Bloodtalons Icon Bloodtalons (which is recommended). It not only increases the frequency of Predatory Swiftness Icon Predatory Swiftness by granting free charges every 15 seconds, but allows it to stack up to 3. With this equipped, you should alter your rotation to always aim to cast Finishing Moves with Bloodtalons Icon Bloodtalons active, and also refreshing Rake Icon Rake with it active. It is also advised to burn off some charges if you are about to reach the cap, usually with buffed Shred Icon Shred casts.

Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds Icon Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds has some fringe uses when coupled with the three affinity talents, increasing your range, flat damage reduction or passive healing output. With additional secondaries on its budget, it is a solid and versatile choice but not something to aim for.

Cinidaria, the Symbiote Icon Cinidaria, the Symbiote can be reduced down to a passive damage increase averaging out at around 3% increase over the course of a fight. It has some circumstances where bosses do not go through the entire Health pool (such as Odyn or Helya) where it shines even brighter. Note that the bonus damage it deals, whilst Physical, bypasses the targets armor and directly replicates 30% of the damage the triggering attack dealt. Its benefit however is limited to the first 10% on targets, so in some fights it can be a very minimal bonus.

Sephuz's Secret Icon Sephuz's Secret has some fringe bonuses for extra mobility and an extra Haste proc activating after crowd control effects, such as Maim Icon Maim, unfortunately this has a long cooldown and requires targets vulnerable to Stuns. 7.1.5 has also extended this to interrupts, opening up the use much wider. There are also talent options that can improve the uptime, so in situations where you can actively trigger this it serves as a short Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust effect and can be quite strong.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Icon Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus could have some powerful survivability uses to survive large bursts of raid damage if it syncs up with the recharge time and avoiding damage is possible, but it is too specific to recommend until more is known about the texture of the upcoming raids.

3.1. 7.1.5 Legendaries

7.1.5 introduces a new pair of legendary legs for Feral, Fiery Red Maimers Icon Fiery Red Maimers. These have since had their issue fixed and work on stun immune targets, and are a strong single target and low cleave choice. The 7.2 change to remove the Energy cost however is largely inconsequential, as the investment is mostly in the Combo Points.

Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish Icon Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish is a newly added trinket, providing significant passive Agility and secondary stats, alongside a powerful on use AoE effect on a 1.15-minute cooldown. This can be very useful for timed AoE burst that Feral can sometimes be lacking, but as it scales with no secondaries may be relegated to specific situations rather than an auto-equip given how powerful alternative trinkets are.

3.2. 7.2 Legendaries

7.2 only adds one new legendary in the form of the crafted item The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge Icon The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge. These boots come with ideal stats and 3 sockets to add additional items in, but mostly serve as a utility item for the out of combat speed increase, so is not an ideal choice for raiding and group content.

3.3. 7.2.5 Legendaries

Behemoth Headdress Icon Behemoth Headdress is a new headpiece that causes finishing moves cast during Tiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury to extend its duration by 0.5 seconds per combo point spent. Is currently a very powerful choice for single target, and also keeping up in multiple target situations too. You do not need to play around the effect very much, just make sure to aim for having 5 combo points ready when you activate Tiger's Fury to immediately capitalise on extending it.

Soul of the Archdruid Icon Soul of the Archdruid grants you the Soul of the Forest Icon Soul of the Forest talent when equipped, allowing you to take another option alongside it on the Level 75 talent tier — either Incarnation: King of the Jungle Icon Incarnation: King of the Jungle or Jagged Wounds Icon Jagged Wounds. This is a great legendary in all situations, and synergises well with most other choices so is very desirable, whilst also making the rotation much smoother and forgiving. When using this you will need to pool Energy much less, and find much more room to cast Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite with the extra Energy and Combo Points you will be generating.

3.4. Recommended Choices

Generally, you cannot choose which legendary you get but now, as the expansion moves on, people have a much wider choice of items to choose from. If you find yourself wondering what to use, some good choices are as follows (in no particular order):

Single Target:

Multiple Target:

4. Loot Competition

Regarding the loot you will get from raid or dungeon bosses, you will compete with other classes in the following cases:

Item Type Competing Classes
Tier Tokens Death Knights, Balance/Guardian/Restoration Druids, Mages, and Rogues
Leather Armor Demon Hunters, Balance/Guardian/Restoration Druids, Monks, and Rogues
  • Amulets
  • Cloaks
  • Rings
Trinkets Havoc Demon Hunters, Windwalker Monks, Hunters, Rogues, and Enhancement Shamans

5. ChangeLog

+ show all entries - show only 10 entries
  • 25 Oct. 2017: Added note to indicate Convergence of Fates is still relevant after 7.3.2.
  • 21 Oct. 2017: Updated the Soul of the Archdruid discussion slightly.
  • 17 Oct. 2017: Updated gear list to lean toward Versatility instead of Mastery.
  • 09 Oct. 2017: Updated Trinket sims to reflect Brutal Slash & Incarnation builds.
  • 29 Aug. 2017: Added note regarding Convergence of Fates for Incarnation builds in 7.3.
  • 16 Jun. 2017: Updated 4pc/2pc combinations following Tier 20 set bonus nerfs.
  • 14 Jun. 2017: Added note regarding Tier 19/20 2/4pc combinations.
  • 12 Jun. 2017: Updated with Tomb of Sargeras gear and 7.2.5 Legendaries.
  • 27 Mar. 2017: Updated for 7.2 with new Legendary changes.
  • 05 Mar. 2017: Updated note on Fiery Red Maimers to indicate they are no longer bugged.
  • 10 Jan. 2017: Added trinkets.
  • 09 Jan. 2017: Updated gearlist for Nighthold - Trinkets pending.
  • 25 Nov. 2016: Updated trinket simulations.
  • 25 Oct. 2016: Added Karazhan trinket to the trinket simulations.
  • 29 Aug. 2016: Updated for Legion's launch.
  • 18 Jul. 2016: Updated for the Legion pre-patch.
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