Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void Strategy Guide in Crucible of Storms Raid

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General Information

Welcome to our encounter guide for Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void in the Crucible of Storms raid. Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void.

1. Disclaimer

All the information contained on this page can change drastically prior to the raid release. The abilities currently listed are based on information that is available in the live and PTR dungeon journals, as well as limited PTR testing. The raid will release on 16th April, 2019, after the release of Patch 8.1.5.

2. Fight Overview

After seeing the Relics used in the last fight, it is now time for players to use them against Uu'nat. With varying effects for each role, the relics will change the way you plan your strategy for defeating this boss.

The boss features three phases, with each requiring players to deal with Uu'nat, as well as varying sets of adds depending on the phase.

3. Relics of Power

The Relics of Power that were previously used by the bosses on the Restless Cabal encounter are now available to the raid, with each one being used by a different role. Once a player picks up a relic, they will be unable to do so again until their debuff wears off.

The relics and their effects are as follows:

  • Void Stone — this relic is available to healers and can provide an absorption shield through Umbral Shell Icon Umbral Shell. This shield applies to all players and creatures. Once it is removed, it will remove the Embrace of the Void Icon Embrace of the Void debuff, which reduces all healing received by 100% for hostile and friendly targets.
  • Trident of Deep Ocean — this relic will be used by tanks and provides a bubble for the tank that uses it and their allies, which will absorb 75% of the damage taken. Once the bubble, Custody of the Deep Icon Custody of the Deep, is destroyed or expires, it will deal Frost damage to the raid.
  • Tempest Caller — the last relic is used by DPS players and provides access to the Storm of Annihilation Icon Storm of Annihilation ability. This causes Nature damage every second over 15 seconds to both players and lesser adds, while also reducing damage done by 50% for 3 seconds. If the Storm hits a target below 25%, they will instantly die, while also not triggering any "on-death" effect.

4. Undying Guardian Abilities

The Undying Guardian add is present in all 3 phases of the fight, but still has the same abilities throughout.

4.1. Sightless Bond

When within 20 yards of Uu'nat, the Guardian will make the boss take 99% less damage.

4.2. Shroud of Whispers

The Guardians cannot be brought below 1 health naturally due to Shroud of Whispers Icon Shroud of Whispers, as well as being given a damage increase based on how high their current health level is.

4.3. Unnatural Regeneration

When the Guardians reach 1 health, they will start to heal for 1% of their maximum health every second. This will continue to grow in strength over time until they reach full health, at which point they will stop healing.

5. Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void Abilities

5.1. Phase 1

5.1.1. Touch of the End

Uu'nat will deal Shadow damage to the tank and mark them for 24 seconds, with additional damage being dealt every 3 seconds for the duration. While this debuff is active, all Undying Guardians will be drawn towards the marked tank.

5.1.2. Oblivion Tear

Uu'nat will summon void zones that deal damage to any player that comes into contact with them. Upon touching the zone, the player will also be knocked back and Uu'nat will heal for 1% of its maximum health.

5.1.3. Void Crash

Similar to the Void balls that were summoned on the Cabal encounter, Uu'nat will launch energy at players with a 10-yard explosion radius. If it is not soaked, the ball will reduce in size and damage up to 2 times and then bounce again until it is soaked by a player.

5.1.4. Eyes of N'Zoth

There are 2 types of Eyes on the Uu'nat encounter and they are as follows:

  • Maddening Eyes — multiple eyes open and send lines of void energy across the room, dealing damage to any players they touch. The lines will also cause any players they touch to become hostile to other players for 8 seconds.
  • Piercing Gaze — the gaze will move across the room, dealing damage to any players hit, followed by an additional Shadow-damage DoT, which deals damage every second for 4 seconds. This effect can stack and will increase the duration of the debuff.

5.1.5. Gift of N'Zoth: Obscurity

Once the energy bar of Uu'nat fills, it will deal Shadow damage to all players, followed by a ring of Void energy that deals additional Shadow damage every 0.5 seconds.

5.2. Phase 2

In Phase 2, Uu'nat will not cast Void Crash Icon Void Crash, Maddening Eyes of N'Zoth Icon Maddening Eyes of N'Zoth, and Piercing Gaze of N'Zoth Icon Piercing Gaze of N'Zoth. Instead, it will now cast the other abilities from Phase 1, with the following new ones.

5.2.1. Gift of N'Zoth: Hysteria

In Phase 2, when reaching full energy, Uu'nat wiil deal Shadow damage to all players, followed by buffing all currently living adds to have 50% increased Haste and movement speed, as well as healing them to max health.

5.2.2. Primordial Mindbender

These new adds will cast Consume Essence Icon Consume Essence, causing Shadow damage to all players and healing them to full health. Once they die, they will summon multiple Swarming Voidspawns. These smaller adds will cause Shadow damage to all players within a 10-yard radius when they die.

5.2.3. Unknowable Terror

This add is summoned through the void, causing Shadow damage to all players within 80 yards and fearing them for 6 seconds.

5.3. Phase 3

The abilities used in Phase 3 are a mixture of those from previous phases, with new ones added in. The following abilities are unchanged and used from Phase 1 and 2:

The abilities listed below are new to Phase 3.

5.3.1. Insatiable Torment

A player is marked by a debuff that reduces all healing they receive by 100%. On top of this, they will take Shadow damage every second, as well as triggering Feed on the Unworthy Icon Feed on the Unworthy every 2 seconds. This will leech health from nearby allies and heal the afflicted player, with the healing ignoring the 100% reduction that was initially applied by the debuff.

5.3.2. Gift of N'Zoth: Lunacy

When Uu'nat reaches full energy, it will deal Shadow damage to all players and then cause all players to become hostile to each other for 5 seconds.

6. Strategy

This section will be updated closer to the release of the raid.

7. Changelog

  • 09 Mar. 2019: Updated ability values, names and information based on live information.
  • 23 Oct. 2018: Guide added.
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